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Food allergies are found not only in humans. Until recently, 1/5 of all dogs suffered from it. Often the cause of itching and redness of the skin (urticaria and eczema) of a pet is a food allergy. It must be differentiated from food intolerance, which manifests itself in the form of digestive disorders - diarrhea and vomiting. Today, the number of dogs suffering from allergic reactions to food has decreased, as manufacturers have developed hypoallergenic dog food.

Requirements for hypoallergenic feed

According to research results, the most frequent products that cause an allergic reaction in dogs are:

  • poultry meat and eggs;
  • lamb, beef;
  • freshwater fish;
  • corn;
  • soybean;
  • cereals and their derivatives;
  • milk products;
  • cabbage;
  • Tomatoes, eggplants.

The most common allergen are protein products. Protein is necessary for predatory animals, including dogs as a source of amino acids - the building material of cells of all types of tissues. dog eats

With protein deficiency, the growth of the animal slows down, its muscle mass decreases, and regeneration processes slow down. In a balanced diet of a healthy dog, protein foods, especially meat products, should occupy 66.5%.

But animal protein is thermostable and does not lose its allergenic properties even after heat treatment. Therefore, in a hypoallergenic feed, the types of meat that cause allergies are replaced with horse meat, rabbit meat, duck meat, turkey meat, or fish.

To preserve the protein that the dog needs and to eliminate the dangerous protein, hydrolyzing animal protein is used. Meat or fish is treated with digestive enzymes that "break" protein molecules into small pieces that cannot cause an allergic reaction. Hydrolyzed protein - good nutrition for dogs with allergies to meat or fish.

For active dogs, a source of energy is needed - carbohydrates. Energy metabolism provide cereal, bread, potatoes. For celiac disease (gluten intolerance), you need to choose food that does not contain wheat. When allergic to cereals and potatoes hypoallergenic food contains rice.

In high-quality hypoallergenic feed should be:

  • fiber to normalize intestinal motility and elimination of toxins;
  • immunity enhancing vitamins and minerals;
  • medicinal herbs that reduce the severity of an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic food picked up taking into account the trigger ("trigger" allergy factor), the age of the dog and breed. It is enough to choose a food in which there is no trigger, as the symptoms of food allergy disappear in a few weeks.

8 best types of hypoallergenic feed

A huge number of hypoallergenic dog food varied in composition and price require a balanced approach to the selection of the best brand. Thus, the top 8 best dry foods from world famous brands were compiled.

If we arrange them in order of increasing efficiency and safety in relation to the risks of progression of atopic allergy, we get the following list of super premium food:

8th place: Pro Plan ADULT MEDIUM Sensitive Skin OPTIDERMA Pro Plan ADULT MEDIUM Sensitive Skin OPTIDERMA

Food ProPlan with easily digestible salmon proteins and rice is intended for medium-sized dogs. Protein dehydrated fish is a building material of muscle tissue and the epidermis. Sea fish is a source of triglycerides necessary for the health of the epidermis and dog.

The lack of feed is that some of its components are potential allergens (corn, soy). Therefore, despite the declared safety, the food can be called hypoallergenic with a great stretch.

7th place: Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Response Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Response

Healing food is recommended for diet and prevention of skin diseases in dogs caused by an allergic reaction to certain types of food.

If you are allergic to poultry, beef and cereals, this food is a good choice. Instead of meat, it contains fish - fish meal and fish extract obtained from catfish. The energy of the animals gives potatoes.

Contraindicated in allergies to fish and potatoes. Do not enter into the diet of pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies. The disadvantage of feed is its high cost, not 100% hypoallergenic and sharp fishy smell.

It can be used for a long time and regularly, as it is a complete and balanced diet. Does not contain synthetic additives.

6th place: Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic

Dry food is designed for dogs of all breeds and ages. Recommended by domestic and foreign veterinarians for a regular diet of allergic dogs with individual sensitivity to animal protein, corn, soy, chicken eggs.

Instead of animal protein, food contains white fish (herring, anchovy). Carbohydrates, minerals found in cereals - oats, barley, rice. Hypoallergenic food is additionally enriched with essential vitamins and trace elements for dogs. Food is prophylactic, as it contains chondroprotectors - substances that protect and repair joints.

A significant disadvantage of the feed is that it is not intended for feeding dogs with individual intolerance to fish and grains. In the opinion of consumers, the feed is good, but hard to buy. And, besides, a disadvantage that does not affect the quality is the pronounced smell of fish.

5th place: Grandorf Duck & Potato Adult All Breeds (Belgium) Grandorf Duck & Potato Adult All Breeds (Belgium)

Food Grandorf contains a significant amount (60%) of poultry meat (duck, turkey) with a minimum risk of an allergic reaction. Instead of cereals, the source of energy is the sweet potatoes. To provide nutrients, the complex includes marine crustaceans (krill).

Normalizes the digestion of flour from the fruit of the ceratonia. Contains natural antioxidants (complex extracts of grapefruit, turmeric, rosemary) and chondroprotectors. Medicinal herbs enhance the healing properties of the food, and dried apples contain pectin, which reduces the risk of allergies.

Instead of synthetic stabilizers, natural vitamin C was used, and the restoration of the damaged epidermis accelerates vitamin E contained in the green shoots of rosemary.

The main disadvantages of feed are:

  • the risk of developing atopic allergy to seafood and exotic vegetables and fruits;
  • rarely available;
  • has age restrictions - only for adult dogs.

4th place: Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice

Food Bosch for dogs of all breeds contains lamb as the main source of protein, and rice and potatoes - a source of carbohydrates. In addition, yeast provides the dog with protein.

Powder from mussels prevents the occurrence of joint pathologies and strengthens bones, is a valuable source of micro and macro elements. The intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 provides fish oil.

3rd place: Hills Prescription Diet Canine Allergen-Free

This is a high quality, premium dry food that is recommended as a therapeutic food for dogs with food allergies. Hill’s dogs produce two types of food for dogs:

  1. Canine z / d ULTRA Allergen-Free - diet food for dogs. It is recommended to apply for the initial stage of pathology diagnosis. This feed is more expensive than the second, but completely eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction to protein, as it contains its hydrolyzate. In addition, the feed does not contain synthetic additives. ULTRA Allergen-Free
  2. Canine z / d Low Allergen is a cheaper option as it contains potatoes that can cause allergies. The homogenized protein in the product is combined with non-homogenized vegetable proteins, which makes feed cheaper, but presents some risk of allergy to animals with intolerance to vegetable proteins.

As a source of protein, feed includes hydrolyzed chicken meat and chicken liver. The source of carbohydrates - refined cornmeal and potatoes. The product is produced in the form of dry and canned food for adult dogs of any breed.

This feed provides the animal with all the necessary substances, can be used for a long time, since the period of treatment and recovery can take years.

Hill's (USA) does not use chemical clarification methods, therefore the feed has a dark color. The composition of therapeutic food includes not only hypoallergenic products, but also antioxidants that help the dog's body recover faster from allergies.

2nd place: 1st Choice Sensitive Skin & Coat Adult Lumb & Fish 1st Choice Sensitive Skin & Coat Adult Lumb & Fish

1st Choice dry food for adult dogs contains young lamb, sea fish and brown brown rice. These components provide the dog's body with beneficial components and do not cause an allergic reaction.

Ginger root extract stimulates digestion and prevents increased gas formation. Gluten free, therefore suitable for animals with ciliacia. Extracts of parsley and green tea have antibacterial properties, prevent fermentation and rotting of food in the digestive tract, significantly freshen breath. Suitable as a diet for dogs of all breeds.

Disadvantage - rarely found in pet stores.

1st place: Lamb & Okanagan Apple (Canada) Lamb & Okanagan Apple (Canada)

Akana's feed contains only natural, hypoallergenic sources of protein (meat, offal of young sheep). The uniqueness of the composition of the feed lies in the fact that it contains seaweed, fresh pumpkin and apples.

Does not contain gluten, helps control the weight of the dog, as it does not contain rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes. The source of omega-3,6 fatty acids is not a potential allergy provocateur - fish, but completely hypoallergenic algae.

Pumpkin and apples normalize intestinal peristalsis, provide carotene and pectin - the necessary substances for the sensitive gastrointestinal tract of allergic dogs.

Phytocomponents - chicory root, ginger, mint leaves and melissa suppress the processes of fermentation and rotting of food gruel, normalize blood glucose levels, and suppress the development of pathogenic microflora. An important component in the normalization of the intestinal microflora are Enterococcus faecium microorganisms, which are enriched in food.

Food is prepared from fresh, environmentally friendly products without the addition of synthetic Eshek.


Fully hypoallergenic feed, taking into account all types of triggers, does not exist, so you need to choose food, taking into account the individual characteristics of animals. The best feeds are expensive, but they guarantee not only preventive, but also therapeutic effect.

As a rule, diet food for allergies should be respected for life, to prevent the recurrence of pathology. Therefore, owners of dogs with allergies choose food that can be used for a long time and at a reasonable price.

Experts recommend periodically changing the feed, so as not to provoke an allergic reaction to new triggers. The above list of the best dry food allows you to diversify the menu and choose the best option in terms of price and quality.

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