Field Spaniel

Field spaniel, or field spaniel - one of the representatives of a large family of hunting breeds, possessing, like other spaniels, charming appearance, sincere devotion to the master and a number of innate skills. To date, spaniels have ceased to be exclusively working dogs, and from them excellent companions, including from the field, are obtained. In Russia, this breed is quite rare, however, if you really want to get such a four-legged friend, you can find a thoroughbred puppy.


Origin of the breed

The homeland of the field spaniels is Great Britain. Initially, the selection work was aimed at obtaining dogs with a purely black color, with an improved exterior and a stronger bone structure. But the result was not very successful - the coaches were too heavy and elongated body. This was the reason why the breed for a long time was unpopular, losing to other varieties of spaniels. Field-spaniel is worth

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fields did not belong to a separate group and were taken out together with the English cocker - individuals who possessed larger parameters were recorded as field spaniels.

But thanks to lovers of this species, in the late 40s of the 20th century a renewed pedigree standard was approved on the basis of crosses with the English Springer. Representatives of the breed do not have global popularity, however, they have spread to their homeland, as well as in Belgium and France.

Description of breed field spaniel

The appearance of the modern field spaniel is quite attractive - the dog is harmoniously complex, has a strong, muscular body, not devoid of elegance. The dog has an article, a proud posture and a muscular, lean figure. The maximum growth of males is 48 cm, body weight is from 17 to 23 kg, females are more tiny, but their weight by the standard should exceed 12 kg. Appearance:

  1. In the field-spaniel oval skull, the occipital hill is clearly visible. As for the transition from the frontal area to the muzzle, it does not have a clear expression. The muzzle of the dog is elongated, narrowed, with elegant contours, ends with a large nose lobe with wide open nostrils, there are shirts. Its shape somewhat resembles the face of a cocker. The field is equipped with a full set of strong, white teeth, small fangs. Field Spaniels
  2. The eyes have a deep landing, oval, almond-shaped, with a dark iris - kaye, dark-chested or black. The color of the eyes depends on the color of the animal.
  3. The ears are hanging, planted low, covered with long, wavy hair, which makes them visually longer.
  4. The neck has a beautiful bend, strong, muscular. The trunk of the medium-sized field spaniel is rather dense, sporty, but elegant, with a straight, strong back and a tight belly line. The thorax of the dog is clearly defined, of medium width.
  5. The tail has a low landing, in a calm state it is down, but when the dog shows dominance, it rises upwards.
  6. The limbs of the field spaniel are provided with strong muscles, like the shoulder girdle and hips. The paws of the dog are tightly assembled, there are membranes between the fingers. The pads of the paws are compacted, with short black claws, also painted black.

Coat and colors

The coat of Field Spaniels is single-layer, hair straight or has a small wave. Thanks to a decent density and length, the wool is able to protect the animal in bad weather. It is silky to the touch, glitters, does not curl, does not happen hard or felted.

In the abdomen and limbs area there are luxurious feathers, but dogs do not have excessively thick coat, especially in the area of ​​the knee tendons. There are dogs with wool of the following colors:

  • black; funny Field Spaniel
  • hepatic; Field-spaniel brown
  • golden-liver (tone from light to dark); Field-spaniel of the golden-hepatic
  • solid color or bicolor.

Spaniels with wool of color bicolor allowed the presence of chalice or piebald spotted markers. In addition, there are individuals of the above colors with markings of red color.

The nature of the field spaniels

Field-spaniel - pet not for the lazy. This is an active, positive dog, very mobile and passionate. In addition to goodwill and light temper, the fields have an external appeal, special attention is drawn to their expressive, sad eyes.

Like other representatives of hunting breeds, these dogs need regular active pursuits, otherwise, a bored pet can find entertainment on its own, and most often their consequences are very deplorable. Field-spaniel sits

Fields are very sociable animals, past them no event will pass. In addition, they are very fond of the owner and family members. Such a pet can be taken with him on trips, he perfectly tolerates travel in various transport.

The dog of this breed is calm and, in comparison with other "hunters" - restrained. He starts to bark, only if there is a reason, and his cautious attitude towards strangers, makes the dog an alert watchman.

Fields have a high intelligence, they are balanced and deprived of aggression. The dog has hunting skills, which she can successfully show in work, in the ordinary life the pet is friendly and contact. The dog gets along fairly well with himself, adores children. But other animals and birds for the spaniel will always remain a possible prey.

Owners should take into account a number of nuances - the fields are independent, independent, can sometimes be obstinate. While cautious for the first time, the dog gradually gets used to new people and animals, quickly establishing contact. Field-spaniel and man

Despite the fact that spaniels are often bred as companions, they do not cease to be hunting dogs with developed instincts. If you do not provide the dog with regular loads, the pet can begin to behave destructively and even declare a "boycott".

You can hunt with a field-spaniel in any area. While hunting game, the dog uses a special technique, without losing contact with the owner. Once the dog detects the game, he makes it rise into the air. The dog copes well with the apposition, it has prey that weighs more than the dog itself.

With the right approach from the fields, you get excellent companions, and with special training - excellent hunter assistants. Dogs with patience refer to the surrounding people and animals, which makes of dogs wonderful family pets.

Features of Education and Training

Future owners warn - that the dog does not grow timid or aggressive, he needs early socialization. Engage with him better, as soon as possible, especially, and the puppy himself will not be averse to taking part in something useful and interesting.

Field spaniels are fairly easy to learn, however, their sensitivity and subtle, nervous nature require a special approach. During training, one should not use rudeness, physical punishment or negligent treatment. The dog must take the host as a leader, trust and respect his decisions.

The process of training should be consistent, built on trust and love. Working dogs are very talented when they are hunting, they can also participate in search activities. Field-spaniel muzzle

Field-spaniel is a very clever dog that can quickly master even complex teams. But the host should be strict and flexible in approach. It is better to start a puppy from the first day, then the owner will receive a pet, successful both in normal life and in work.

Field - the hunter, therefore can during runners to escape for past running by a cat or other small animal. Therefore, do not take risks and be sure to drive the dog on a leash.

If the owner does not like hunting, then the dog will have enough to learn a set of basic skills. But the field worker spaniel will need periodic trips to training sessions, which are conducted with the poultry. Such activities help determine the hunting qualities of the pet and reveal the existing potential of the dog.

How to maintain and care for the pet

Field-spaniel - a universal dog that is best suited for living in a country house, but if you give the dog the right load, then the dog will also live well in the apartment. The dog's coat requires simple, but regular care. It is enough to clean it 1-2 times a week, using a brush suitable for a soft, long coat.

Special attention should be paid to the ears of the dog, they should be inspected periodically, and if necessary, cleaned with a cotton disc from contamination. So that they do not get dirty during feeding, it is recommended that they be fixed in the nape of the neck. To show-class individuals long hair between the fingers, in the ear shells are sheared, and also do a haircut. Field-spaniel puppies

Some dog breeders believe that it is unacceptable to keep a working spaniel in an apartment, and that only decorative varieties are suitable for these purposes. This opinion is due to the fact that permanent residence in the apartment pampered by the animal, causing damage to its working qualities. In addition, the dog often becomes ill, and its immunity becomes weakened.

However, year-round living in street conditions is also not suitable for field-spaniel, as the coat is not able to protect the dog from fierce cold weather. It is best to provide the pet with a spacious enclosure with a warmed booth and a comfortable sunbed in the house.

How to feed a field spaniel

An adult dog needs to be fed twice a day, not forgetting to provide the pet with fresh clean water around the clock. The owner has two options - to give the dog production food or natural products.

In the first case, the diet should be of high quality - premium or super-premium class and suitable for active medium-sized dogs. In the second, the owner faces a more difficult task - to create a balanced menu, including food useful for animals. Usually when feeding "naturalka" the dog needs additional vitamin-mineral top dressing.

If the puppies require a large amount of protein to fully provide the growing body with this building material, then the adult dog is enough, on average, 30 g of this component for each kilogram of weight. Field-spaniel for a walk

The basis of the diet is meat and by-products - they should make up about 50% of the total diet. It is mixed with porridge or vegetables. Meat can be given both in boiled and raw form, and by-products require mandatory pre-cooking. Dog is recommended to give a scar - raw or scalded with boiling water.

To improve the digestion of dogs, it is recommended to add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and crushed herbs to the food. Puppy can be given milk, but in the diet of an adult dog is better to include sour-milk products - cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka, etc. But they need not be given more than 2 times a week.

The portion of adult dog food per day is calculated as follows: 50 grams per kilogram of weight. But this is an average figure, because everything depends on the quality of the products, their ratio, dog activity, age and other factors.

It is not necessary to make a diet of the pet only from meat products, it will overload the kidneys of the dog, prematurely deteriorating the body. Also, do not give the dog soup, the food should be mushy. Feed the spaniel after a walk, otherwise there is a risk of curvature.

Breeding diseases

If you compare the field spaniel with other breeds of dogs, then they have good health. However, even here it is possible to develop a number of diseases, to which the fields have a tendency:

  • dysplasia of the joints - hip or ulnar;
  • hypothyroidism - thyroid dysfunction;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system; Field-sanelchiki sit
  • ear diseases caused by infectious agents;
  • ocular pathologies;
  • oncological ailments;
  • Cushing's syndrome;
  • arthritis.

It is also possible the manifestation of an allergic reaction.

Photo of the field spaniel Field-spaniel looksField-spaniel in the forestField-spaniel is lying arounddear Field SpanielField-spaniel with tongue outnice little Field Spaniel

Video about field-spaniel

Where it is better to buy a puppy

The acquisition of the Spaniel breed dog is a serious task, and as for the field spaniel, it is becoming more complicated, since in Russia this breed is still quite rare. First of all, it is important for the future owner to decide whether he needs a working pet or whether the dog is only started as a companion. In addition, special requirements are imposed not only on hunting dogs, but also on dogs that are to participate in exhibition events.

Dog for hunting is recommended to take from working parents, these puppies have better hunting skills, they more easily learn a special program and show themselves well in work. The puppy of the show class must fully comply with the standard, because even the slightest deviation can complicate a career and reduce ratings and indicators. Field Spaniel in the water

Experts do not recommend purchasing a puppy on a flea market or from casual breeders - there is a risk of getting a mestizo, an animal with genetic diseases or unsuitable for hunting. In addition, in this case, the sellers do not give any guarantees.

It is advisable to contact a nursery or an experienced breeder who knows the specifics of breeding field spaniels and offers puppies with documents for sale. Such a seller not only cares about his own reputation, but also is able to give the new owner of the puppy the necessary recommendations. The cost of Field-Spaniel puppies with a pedigree varies from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Field-spaniel - good-natured, beautiful dog, who has all the necessary instincts of a hunter and companion. But this pet is not for everyone - the field needs an obligatory daily load to feel good not only physically, but emotionally. The master, who will find a common language with his pet, will receive a faithful friend and helper.

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