Why are these curly dogs sometimes called kings of terriers? Yes, they are the largest among terriers and have a royal bearing, but it's not even that. The main advantages of dogs of this breed are their aristocracy and unprecedented, even desperate, courage. This is what distinguishes Airedale from other dogs.


Origin of the breed

Its name is due to the terrain - the valley of the River Eyre in the County of Yorkshire. Here, the Airedale Terriers appeared and brought them out as hunting dogs. According to some sources, selection work began when a lot of orders came from hunters who wanted dogs that could hunt aquatic animals. At the first stages, Old English terriers and otterhounds were used. airedale terriers

Full formation of the breed occurred in 1886, at the same time it received its name. Since then, these dogs have been used for a variety of purposes, in addition to hunting - for protection, as signalers and sappers during the war, for service purposes. Modern Airedale terrier often acts as a companion and a family dog, with which it copes perfectly.

Description of the breed airedale terrier

As already noted, Airedale is the largest and tallest dog from the family of terriers. He has a compact, muscular body proportionately folded. The dog is energetic, active and hardy. The growth of males of this breed varies in the range of 58-61 cm, the average weight is 30 kg. Bitches slightly lower, their maximum height is 59 cm, and the weight is not more than 20 kg. According to the standard, thoroughbred species should look like this:

  • The head is of proportional size, the skull is narrow, elongated. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is slightly pronounced. The muzzle has the form of a rectangle, with a wide, long back of the nose and a black, large nose.
  • Lips dry, tightly fitting to jaws, characterized by characteristic power and equipped with large, white teeth, creating a scissor bite. The grasp of dogs is very strong.
  • Eyes round, planted deep. The color of the iris can be different - in a palette from black to dark brown. The eyes of the Airedale is clever, penetrating.
  • The auricles are small, triangular, half hanging, planted closely, relative to each other. airedale terrier
  • The neck is of medium thickness and length, and has developed muscles. Torso square format, with strong bones, strong, dense back and developed chest. The tail in dogs of this breed is usually docked, set high.
  • The limbs are long, with strong bones and muscles and round compact paws. Fingers tightly pressed.

Coat hard, thick, ostevoy hair is similar to wire, there is always a curl. Undercoat is dense, soft. The wool is not uniform - in some places it is short, but in some areas of medium length. A distinctive feature of the representatives of the breed are the eyebrows-bushes, mustaches and beard, which consist of guardrails.

Paint of thoroughbred dogs

There are individuals of several colors: bright red, yellow, red with yellow and brown. Small spots in the chest area are allowed by the standard, but insignificant. At birth, the Airedale Terrier puppies have a black coat, but with development and growth, it changes.

Nature of the Airelleys

Erdels, as they are affectionately called owners, are very positive and energetic dogs. They are able to invent and create various pranks that cause a smile in children and adults. However, such a dog does not suit phlegmatic, hard and harsh people.

To their owners, these dogs pripipaet wholeheartedly, and most often it is reciprocal. They have a clear division of people into their own and strangers. And from "their" they are waiting for a friendly attitude, love affection, but do not cringe. If the dog is all right with the psyche, then he tolerates loneliness well. three airedale terrier

According to the owners' reviews, the craftsmen have a pronounced hunting instinct, so that cats, small rodents and birds are often considered a dog as a prey. But with oneself, they coexist peacefully. However, there are exceptions, when the airedale terrier is happy with any communication, even with felines, if only they participated in amusing games.

Dogs of this breed, in fact, are not aggressive, and without reason will not unleash a fight, but the attacks are responded fairly harshly. In addition, they have a good memory, and if the neighbor's dog offended Airedale Terrier with a puppy, he will remember it and may show signs of hatred. Sometimes such owners are considered causeless, forgetting about past disagreements. airedale with a cane

Children like these dogs and allow them a lot. But because of the size during the activity, the pet can accidentally push or drop the baby, so it is better not to leave the small children unattended.

Care and maintenance of the airedale

Representatives of the breed are unpretentious. They can be kept as an apartment or in a private house. And if the street maintenance is supposed, it is necessary to allocate to the dog a special place where the dog can dig holes - this is the favorite occupation of the Airedale terriers. These dogs are hunters, which means they need an owner who has experience in handling such breeds. The dog will be subordinated only to a man who can become a true leader for him. airedale terrier is

The dog needs physical exertion and long walks, and it is important for him to give some freedom, otherwise he will not be able to fully enjoy the walk. In addition, the pet will seek to escape without getting what it wants. You need to unfasten the dog from the leash and periodically call, treating him with a delicacy. Naturally, it should be done in safe areas. It is important that he has his own corner, with toys and a place for feeding.

For a well-groomed look and healthy skin and coat, dogs of this breed should be combed regularly. The plus is the absence of a specific odor. And since they do not strongly molt, it is necessary to rid them of dead hair with the help of a pinch-trimming. The procedure is carried out 2-4 times a year, independently mastering the technique or by contacting a professional. When it's warm outside, the aortels shortcut, and the mustache and beard are neatly trimmed so that the dog does not lose its characteristic appearance. two pretty airedale terriers

It is necessary to inspect the mouth, eyes and ears of a dog once a week. Ears are cleaned when necessary, teeth - if plaque has formed. If the dog receives a sufficient load, the claws are not cut, since their grinding occurs in natural conditions.

How to Train an Air Conditioner

Before acquiring such a four-legged friend, it is worth getting acquainted with the breed characteristics. For example, if you do not take them into account, you may encounter difficulties in teaching and upbringing. Usually owners without experience complain about the obstinacy of their pet. And indeed, if the dog does not want to work, it can not be forced even under pain of death.

The usual methods that work well with representatives of other breeds - encouragement or punishment, will not function here. The dog is not afraid of physical influences and can swallow all the goodies, but the work capacity in it will not wake up. muzzle of the airedale

What causes this behavior? Yes, everything is simple, the dog is frankly boring and uninteresting. And if the pet from the very first days does not interest him to get pleasure from the dressing, then later the training will become a real torture for the owner. Break the airedale, even professionals can not.

These dogs are too smart and cunning to be too obedient. They will invent new ways to not work. And how then to be? And there is no special secret here. It is important to start school as early as possible and instill love for this cause. And here, their excitement, coupled with independence, will help. With the right approach, obedience to this dog is beyond praise.

In addition, the Erdels have a wonderful memory and once mastered the material they are able to remember for life. Of course, repetition is the mother of learning, and for these dogs it is important to periodically refresh the memory, but not as often as in the case of other breeds. Another mistake of owners is a repeated, monotonous repetition of the same exercise. The performance of the already mastered team will quickly bore the dog, and she will lose interest. It is better to alternate exercises, not too caring, tired dog or not. Representatives of this breed are very hardy and tireless. beautiful airedale terrier

It is important to teach the pet to walk on a leash, but it is desirable to let go of it at the place of walking. It is important to give the burdock freedom, where it is only permissible, then he will not dream of wandering and flee from the owner at the first opportunity. Wait for the pet adult behavior should be no earlier than 2 years. The peculiarity is that it happens suddenly - yesterday's rascal suddenly becomes a sedate dog.

With the Ayrdel it is possible to take courses of protection, protective guarding training, it is able to protect and protect the family, property, territory and dwelling. If you can not find a common language with the dog immediately, you should immediately seek help from a cynologist, so as not to miss the time. To retrain an ill-bred dog of this breed is extremely difficult.

Professionals warn about the difficulties of educating the Airedale from puppyhood to adulthood. But if the owner does not make mistakes, the dog will grow up to be a true friend and protector, able to absorb the new and show its potential.

Features of feeding

Like other dogs, Airdles need a full-fledged diet. The peculiarity of the breed is that they perfectly absorb raw food, much better than the one prone to heat treatment. The list of prohibited products can include sweet, fried, smoked, salted and spiced. As a treat, the ayrdelku can be treated with fresh fruits, sweet vegetables and dried fruits. lovely airedale terriers

The digestive tract of dogs of this breed is not very good at digesting pasta, potatoes, onions and citrus. Also, do not give small and tubular bones. In the diet of the dog must be present meat and fish products. It is worth choosing low-fat varieties, pre-scalded meat with boiling water, boil a little fish, and then cleaned of bones. Byproducts are recommended to digest, it can be mixed with pieces of raw meat, but minced meat is absorbed by the gastrointestinal organs badly.

You can also give the dog porridge (best suited oatmeal, wheat), boiled and raw vegetables. Twice a week it is allowed to include in the ration of the pet boiled eggs - chicken or quail eggs. If it is enough for most breeds to develop a certain, balanced diet and give the same type of food every day, then the airedale terrier requires a variety of dishes. Even a few days of the same food can adversely affect the appetite of a pet.

Dry rations are undesirable for Airedale terrier and it's not just their monotony. This food contains a lot of salt and seasonings.

Airedale Pictures charming airedale terriersad airedale terrierbeautiful photo of the airedalehandsome Airedale TerrierAiredale terrier with a cane in the teethairedale in curtains

Videos about Airedale

How much does the Airedale Terrier puppy cost?

Owners who reasonably assess their own strengths and abilities, who decided to get such a restless friend, are interested in the price of puppies. Although this breed in recent years has lost its former popularity, but still not rare, so it's not difficult to buy a puppy.

Baby from the bird market or "with hands", which does not have evidence of its own thoroughbredness, costs from 3000 to 11000 rubles. This lottery - sometimes new owners have the opportunity to make their own documents, but in most cases, the dog does not even have vaccinations, not to mention the pedigree.

If you need a dog for the soul, then you can choose a pet-class puppy who will be healthy, vaccinated, have documents, but because of some inconsistency, the standard will not be able to participate in breeding breeding and exhibitions. Here the cost varies from 15,000 to 25,000 rubles. airedale terrier pensively lies

Another class - the breed, there are quite decent puppies that are allowed before breeding and exhibitions, but do not hold out to "future champions", the price of puppies in this class is 25,000-30000 rubles.

The best in terms of prospects are the puppies of the show class. They have an excellent exterior and eminent relatives. In addition, not all litters appear such "stars", and sometimes nurseries leave them for further work. In this segment the price starts from 40000 rubles.

Airedale terriers are ambiguous dogs, which can not be called universal. That is, they are not suitable for everyone, they require special care and approach to their own education and upbringing. If the future owner decided that this is the dog he does not have, then you can safely go in search of his curly four-legged friend.

Airedale Terriers

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