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Raccoon dogs, although they are representatives of the dog family, in behavioral habits are more like foxes, and outwardly resemble raccoons. If they are planted as pets, they require walking, like dogs, and can perfectly walk on the trays - like seals. Hand raccoon doggie - charming, charming animal, which is suitable for fans of exotic pets. But if you want to make such a funny creature, you should first know the features of the content, feeding, the nature of raccoon dogs, familiarize yourself with a number of features. Yet a raccoon, not quite an ordinary dog.


Historical Origin

Raccoon dogs are referred to a separate species of the dog family. In the natural environment of these animals can be found in the eastern Asian regions: eastern China, Korea, Japan, the north-eastern region of Indochina and in Russia's ions in the Far East. Raccoon dog sits

In the European and Asian part of our state, they appeared in the period from the 20s to the 58s of the 20th century, at this time several thousand individuals were brought here. This was done with special intent - better habitat conditions and rational nutrition should have a positive effect on the quality of the fur cover of these game animals.

Then the individuals of raccoon dogs were found in almost 8 dozen administrative entities of the Soviet Union. Some of them chose the Novosibirsk, Irkutsk regions and the Altai Territory as their habitat. But the harsh climate with long, frosty winters was not suitable for these dogs, and they could not survive here.

Today, raccoon dogs live in warmer climatic zones - the Caucasus, Moldavia, the Baltics, the western regions of Russia and other states.

Description of a raccoon dog

As already noted, raccoon dogs in the structure of the body and fur coat resemble foxes or raccoons, but still are dogs, because they belong to their detachment. The maximum length of the trunk of individuals of this species is 80 cm, and the tail can stretch to a quarter of a meter.

Raccoon dogs have thick, dense, warm fur, the length of which is 10-12 cm, the outer hair is somewhat coarse, and the undercoat is soft and fluffy. They are similar to overgrown and slightly lost form raccoons, sometimes they are compared with fur balls.

The limbs of the animals are small, covered with a woolly covering of medium length, the head is narrowed, on which are standing, black ears. As for the weight a, it varies greatly among these animals, depending on the time of the year. For example, over the summer the animal can eat up to 7 kg, and by the end of winter the weight drops to 3-4 kg. There are males that can increase their weight to 10 kg.

Raccoon-tree colors

The color of these animals is almost the same as that of raccoons. The wool on the tail is darker than on the rest of the body - dark brown or dirty-brown hues, there is a small amount of black hair. On the back is a strip of wool of dark color, slightly widening in the area of ​​the shoulder blades. cute raccoon dog

In wolves, wool changes its color throughout the year, and raccoon dogs are no exception. In winter, these animals have a long and darker fur, and in the summer it becomes lighter - a grayish hue. But the dark streak on the back remains, regardless of the season.

You can meet raccoon dogs albino, but this is not their natural color, but the result of breeding activity. Albinoes were bred to become excellent pets. By the way, there are such representatives of the species quite rare and cost an order of magnitude more expensive than their painted counterparts.

The nature of such pets

Although a raccoon dog is a predator, it does not make her brave. On the contrary, these animals are compared to cowardly rabbits. Only long-eared animals with any danger run away, and the dogs try to hide. They lay down on the ground, close their eyes and pretend to be dead. And even if such a "carcass" is taken in hand, it really seems dead - the animal and the ear will not lead. two cute raccoon dogs

To bring a raccoon dog out of a similar "dead" state will not help even a sharp, loud sound, for example, a shot - it just shudders. And if you feel pain, then quietly and plaintively begin to squeal.

When the danger passes away, the dog opens his eyes, looks around, sniffs, and if everything is quiet and does not bother her - she will quickly run away. Often, during the hunt, this behavior confuses hunting dogs and they, sniffing the litter, doubtful prey, just run away.

All this indicates that the raccoon dog is not a very aggressive animal, which does not seek conflicts. Any animal that is not clear, dangerous situation prefers to miss by pretending to be dead. From a raccoon dog you get a good pet, but with certain reservations.

A wild animal is nevertheless capable of showing aggression, but is not a dangerous animal, capable of seriously harming. Sometimes an animal can bite an offender. But, when compared with raccoons, raccoon dogs are more flexible and less biting.

These pets can get along with other animals, but still possible zavarushki. Better they get along with dogs than with cats, with dogs of the appropriate size they are even able to play. But all small living creatures, including birds, can be considered as quite a suitable catch. a raccoon dog sits on a pebble

By the way, at home - in Japan, where these animals are called tanuki, they have attracted the attention of man since ancient times. There were various cults of tanuki, composed legends and legends. At the same time raccoon dogs could often be found in Japanese homes - taking them as pets was quite natural.

How to maintain and care for a raccoon dog?

Specialists recommend purchasing a puppy in a nursery and doing it on their own. Usually the breeders begin to give the kids already on the 2nd month of life. But to take the animal, accustomed to living in the wild, should not be. Especially if there is no special need (the animal is not injured, and nothing threatens him). In this case, the dog in captivity will miss, it is very difficult to adapt, and aggressive manifestations will not be rare.

A puppy from a domestic raccoon dog can easily be trained to walk on a leash and take care of the need for a tray. Some may think that these animals are better off inhabiting the will, but with proper care such a pet can survive to 15 years, and in the wild, their age usually does not exceed 5 years. And with breeding there are no difficulties - domesticated animals multiply quite willingly and without problems. beautiful raccoon dog

Specialists do not advise to have such an animal for living in an apartment. First, in this case, regular walking will be required, and, preferably, away from the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Secondly, the raccoon dogs are very thick, dense fur, and the climate of the apartment will seem too hot for them. The stuffiness can cause the death of a furry friend. And the third, although the animal itself has a slight specific "aroma", its products of vital activity are quite "fragrant". Such a nuance of balcony content makes it problematic, and even a cat-filled tray does not save the situation.

Another important nuance faced by owners of such an exotic animal - animals of both sexes are prone to labeling the territory, and the liquid released by their glands has an even sharper smell.

Eliminate such a defect can only one way - to castrate or sterilize your pet at an early age. On this issue it is advisable to consult with the veterinarian, as soon as the puppy appears in the house, so as not to miss the right time.

It is best to keep the animal on the local territory, having arranged a spacious aviary or a booth. But always it is necessary to remember - the pet will not show benevolent attitude to extraneous people and animals. It is especially recommended to treat the arrival of other people's children.

What is required for a raccoon dog? With aviary content, all conditions are preserved, as with the maintenance of an ordinary dog. The same goes for accessories - they are selected based on the size of the animal, but usually leashes and the like are suitable for small breeds. raccoon dog in the zoo

Raccoon dogs are unpretentious in care and nutrition, do not require complicated procedures, but stand like most common breeds of dogs. They are recommended for combing during seasonal moults, and it is desirable to accustom a pet to such a procedure from an early age. In nature, this manipulation replaces friction about different parts of trees. Raccoon dogs do not need frequent bathing, usually this is done when the animal gets dirty.

In the natural environment, these animals fall into hibernation, although it is not as strong as, for example, in bears. Domestic animals do without hibernation, but in severe frosts they can sit for a long time in the booth and do not show the nose out.

How to feed a raccoon dog?

In nature, tanuki are omnivorous - they consume both animal and vegetable food. Their diet directly depends on the season - in summer raccoon dogs eat birds, their masonry, mouse rodents, frogs and even insects. In the autumn period, they are ripened by ripened fruits, berries, grain, but are also able to consume food scraps and carrion. In winter, the animals sleep and do without provisions, of course, if they make abundant fat reserves by this time.

But this does not mean that the owner can feed his pet all in a row - after all, on the right diet depends on how long this tailed buddy will live. The diet should be varied and balanced - at least 40% it should consist of meat and fish. An animal can be given meat, including fatty species, in its raw form. Almost all offal products are also suitable for feeding. Dogs can be given fish, seafood. raccoon dog in winter

Meat and fish components can be mixed with cereal cereals - rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, millet and others. These pets do not refuse from vegetables, greens, fruits and berries. When feeding natural food in the diet, you can include various vitamin and mineral supplements, but it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

The owners have a second option - to pick up industrial dry food. It is better to give preference to products of the premium category, suitable for dogs of small sizes. Among the harmful food you can note sweets, salines, pickled, spicy dishes, smoked products and sausages. They negatively affect the digestive system of both normal and raccoon dogs. From such food, the teeth of animals quickly deteriorate.

Features of education and domestication of raccoon dogs

First of all, the future owner should know - even in the nurseries raccoon wild raccoon dogs, since full domestication of these animals has not happened yet. Therefore, completely change the basics of the behavior of this four-footed comrade will not work. This person will have to learn the features and gradually adjust to the needs of the hairy guest. raccoon dog yawns

"Enotovidki," as they are called breeders, are not dogs, in the full sense of the word, so they are not suitable for a sports career and are not able to absorb the general course of training. You can persevere and teach some individuals the basic commands - "to me!", "To the place!", "Not allowed!" And, perhaps, this can be considered a success. But most raccoon dogs are not able to absorb even this minimum. And they can obey only on their own territory.

But this is not all, it is possible to train a pet only up to six months of age, if you do it later, there will not be any sense at all. The nervous system in the raccoon is rather shaky, so not all of them like walking in noisy, unfamiliar areas. Many of them are experiencing real stress. In nature, they prefer to sleep during the day, and go out hunting at night. But, if you provoke a pet for daytime activity, then it can fully restructure its regime to a more traditional one.

Photo of a raccoon dog

raccoon dog looks aroundraccoon dogsnoutraccoon dog on a beautiful backgroundraccoon dog with a treeraccoon dog in the forest

Video about a raccoon dog

The cost of a raccoon dog

The price of puppies of this species is not very high. You can buy this fluffy animal for 3000-7000 rubles. Raccoon dog is not only exotic. This is an individual approach, acquaintance with the needs of his half-savage friend and providing him with suitable conditions. If this causes difficulties, it is better to look for another animal as a pet.

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