Jack Russell Terrier - a breed of dogs from the movie "The Mask"

Small, persistent, brave, that's what the owners of Jack Russell Terriers say about their compact pets. These undersized hounds can give odds to their larger brethren and exhaust even hyperactive dogs during the game. Cheerful and charming, jack-rasse need a special approach. What awaits future owners of these positives?


How did the breed come about

The breed was excavated exclusively for one purpose - hunting. And the priest Jack Russell, who dealt with this issue, did not particularly care about the appearance of the dogs, only the working qualities were important. This man devoted his whole life to breeding the ideal breed, able to hunt down and grab the brisk animals that live in burrows. Dogs were supposed to be more cunning than wild beasts, ruthless to them and very hardy.

Jack Russell Terrier

The first dog, from which the breed was removed, he bought in a market square from an ordinary peasant. The bitch looked like a fox and had excellent hunting data.

Russell conducted a severe culling of offspring, eliminating all puppies that did not meet the requirements. This hard method soon gave good results: the excellent priest's dogs were recognized in neighboring districts as well. Then the hunters preferred dogs with white hair and brown marks, acceptable growth, a hard coat, dexterous and active.

The main gene pool of the breed were old-type fox terriers , to which the blood of English terriers, welsh-corgs, bulldogs and even a few representatives of breeds intended for fighting were added.

Jack Russell Terrier

But for a long time the breed was almost unknown outside of England, the real popularity with the Jack Russell Terriers came only in the 20th century, when several dogs were imported to the territory of Australia. Local amateur dogs, these funny, daring dogs fell in love.

Here work was carried out to improve the breed. Jack Russell was brought with a local terrier, which improved the external qualities of dogs. However, a long time passed before the breed received official recognition. Standards were established only by the beginning of the 21st century.

For cinephiles - the dog jack russell terrier from the movie "Mask". His name was Milo.

Find out what kind of dog is best for an apartment .

Description of the breed Jack Russell Terrier

According to the approved standards, the character of the Jack Russell Terrier is as follows:

  • The growth of male jack-rifts varies within the limits of 27-30 cm, the bitches - 25-27 cm. If the dog is more tall, then it is rejected.
  • The tail of the breed is cut in such a way that the remaining part of it is held vertically.
  • The trunk of these terriers is oblong.
  • The cranium is flat, slightly narrowed to the eyes and mouth.
  • Thorax is proportional, deep.
  • The volume in the rib area is from 40 to 43 cm.
  • Lumbar belt short, slightly tense.

Fillings colors

The main color of the dogs is white, against this background there are spots:

  • black color; Black Jack Russell Terrier
  • or brown shades. Brown Jack Russell Terrier

They are round in shape and should not exceed 30% of the total area of ​​the coat.

There are two types of wool - short or slightly elongated, forming a beard and eyebrows. Determine the type of coat is possible in puppies only from two months. At an earlier age, even an experienced breeder can not always recognize with which hair the puppy will grow, since in one litter there can be both those kids.

What character do thoroughbred pets have?

Remembering the dog - the hero of the comedy "The Mask" with Jim Carey in the title role, a positive, mischievous dog appears, but what is the dog really like?

For a very long time the breed was bred only for hunting, and all attention was paid to the qualities necessary for this cause. But when the popularity of hunting declined, the positive nature of the dispersal allowed them to be kept at home, for protection and for the company.

On the territory of Russia, representatives of this breed were in the late 20th century. And in 2003 the first National club of fans of Jack Russell Terriers was organized. Currently, such puppies are quite expensive and do not enjoy excessive popularity. Although many people want to have a funny dog ​​at home, especially after watching your favorite comedy.

The character of Jack Russell Terriers

In favor of the pet, you can say that it takes up little space, but a decent area is required for its toys. Dogs are cheerful, like to jump and have a habit of waking the owner in the morning.

The dog does not choose a leader, but it gets along well with everyone. But one of the owners may well become the favorite of jack-rasse. This breed is not intended for people with phlegmatic temperament, since dogs are very restless. Also, its representatives are not suitable for older dog lovers.

Games, communication, running and fuss - that's where the pet will feel like "fish in the water." And in a quiet environment, he quickly bored and will entertain himself. The dog gladly accompanies its owner on the morning jogs, hikes, trips to nature.

Due to the lively and positive character, Jack Russell becomes the best friend of children, and quietly plays with other people's children. But it is not recommended to start a pet in the presence of children up to 3 years, or it will be necessary to train a dog well. The pet will not tolerate if it is pulled by the tail, or strongly embraced. No, he does not show aggression, but can snap at him, frightening the kid. In addition, the irrepressible energy of the dog will knock off the entire regime of a small child, since the animal can wake him up for play and communication. If the family has children, then the scattered will always spin around them, ready for new entertainment.

The amazing character of Jack Russell Terriers

The breed of dogs Jack Russell Terrier photo

Jack-clefts have a very sharp mind, so they can be trained by a non-professional. They love any active activity, whether it's a game or training, they gladly become participants in the competition to overcome the obstacle course.

Pedigree dogs require increased attention and frequent communication, otherwise they can suffer from various kinds of neuroses in the background of longing. In this case, their behavior is compared with the behavior of hyperactive children. A dog can start games at night, while stealing master things and refining them in a sophisticated way. Having a small size, with a lack of attention, one dog can disable a whole rest area, eat shoes, and not alone.

This shustriak has a developed sense of ownership, he is jealous of his things - place, toys, bowl. But this feature applies to the owner, the pet will not allow him to show affection for other animals.

Given the character, choose the nickname for the Jack Russell Terrier .

Features of the breed

Jack Russell tongue does not turn to be called silent dogs. They are very sonorous, and they can give out different sounds - from squealing to barking bark. They can bark up another dog, react actively to the doorbell (many owners feel that the pet always thinks that they come exclusively to him), plaintively beg for delicious food, and so on. So before you start a pet in an apartment, it is worth to assess the attitude of neighbors to such a "new tenant."

Features of Jack Russell Terriers

Photos - Dog Jack Russell Terrier

Another drawback - apartment rasply with a stiff short hair shed all year round. Sherstinky stick to things, they are bad to remove. To reduce the amount of wool, it is necessary to conduct the pet by regular trimming .

Behavior races are real children, they play all their lives, and so actively that no toy can withstand such an impact. Rubber balls are torn to shreds, plastic crumbles, foam is pulled out and tormented. All this leads to the fact that the particles can be swallowed by the dog and cause problems with the digestive system. To avoid this, you should buy super strong toys, which are produced for representatives of large and giant breeds.

In order to physically wear out the pet, some owners take a slingshot with them when they are walking, from which they shoot with balls. Running for a decent distance, the dog receives the necessary load and remains very satisfied.

Care and Content Rules

Most procedures are standard - several times a week combing the coat with a special brush, washing the dog, caring for the ears , mouth, teeth and claws . For combing the wool is better suited brush or comb with a bristle medium hardness.

Care for the Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier puppy photo

To bathe a pet is necessary often - once a week and a half. In this case, you should use high-quality detergents for dogs. Ordinary shampoos can cause dry skin and dermatitis. When bathing it is desirable to insert tampons of cotton wool into the ears of the pet to prevent the penetration of moisture into the ears. Water, getting into the cavity of the ear, often becomes the cause of the inflammatory process, since the ears are a weak spot of the clefts. Paws are washed after each paddock.

Features of feeding

If we talk about feeding with natural products, then the following foods should be included in the pet's diet:

  • low-fat meat (given in raw form);
  • fish lean sea (it should be pre-boiled, removing large bones);
  • eggs (given a couple of times a week, hard-boiled);
  • porridge (boiled on the water, it is better to give buckwheat, oatmeal);
  • vegetables (boiled).

Jack Russell have an excellent appetite, so it is important not to overfeed your pet. Excess weight gives a load on the heart and the vascular system. With a natural diet the dog needs additional sources of vitamins. Which complex is more suitable, the veterinarian can say.

Puppy, only got into the family, it is better to feed the first time the same food that was given to him by previous owners. Later you can, at will, change your food. But many owners refuse this idea, as breeders have more experience in the matter of proper nutrition of representatives of this particular breed.

Read more : what to feed the Jack Russell Terrier .

Jack Russell Terrier Photo

Jack Russell Terrier puppyJack Russell Terrier in the streetJack Russell Terrier with the mistressExcellent photo of the jack-cutOld Jack Russell TerrierHandsome puppy Jack Russell

Video about Jack Russell Terrier

Price Jack Russell Terrier

The breed is not cheap, so the initial price for a puppy from a professional breeder and with the availability of documents is 40000-45000 rubles. The cost of offspring from titled parents can reach 75,000-80000 rubles. If the pedigree of the puppy is not dense with championship titles, then it can be purchased for 30,000-35,000 rubles.

Representatives of the breed, not having a pedigree, are much cheaper - from 12,500 to 20,000 rubles. If there is an offer for the sale of jackpot for 5000-7000 rubles, then, most likely, we are talking about animals with "culling", requiring treatment or having incurable congenital malformations.

There are times when the owners can not stand the rabid temperament and activity of the pet, then the dogs find themselves in shelters or return to the breeders. From the shelter of an adult dog can be taken for free, or for a nominal fee. The breeders of grown-ups are about 12500-31500 rubles. But in this case it will be necessary to work with a professional trainer, since former owners hardly gave proper attention to the pet.

Jack Russell Terrier is a dog for positive and active. From the pet you get an excellent companion for children, accompanying in any journey, always ready for games and fun.

Jack Russell Terrier Kennels

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  • Kiev: http://omri-relizan.com

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