Drontal Plus for the dog: composition, instructions for use

Worms are one of the problems that dog owners often encounter. Helminths adversely affect the health of the pet, and, in addition, are dangerous for the whole family. And in this case, such a tool as Drontal Plus for dogs can help.


The composition of

This drug is characterized by a wide range of effects, due to its constituent active components:

  • praziquantel (50 mg);
  • pyrantel embonate (144 mg);
  • febantel (150 mg).

Drontal Plus is available in tablet form, each package includes 6 pieces.

How it works

The active substances of the drug fight parasitic worms at all stages of their development. This greatly facilitates the process of healing the pet. sad dog lies

When the main substances of the drug get into the dog's body, they act directly on the parasites, disrupting the transportation of glucose and microtubular functions, and inhibiting various processes. Violated neuromuscular innervation, helminth paralyzes, and he dies.

Drontal plus is characterized by low toxicity, does not affect the development of embryos, does not have a sensitizing effect.

In which cases is the

The drug is prescribed for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. In the list of helminthic invasions, which recommend the use of this remedy, include the following diseases:

  • nematodosis (infection by toxocara, lexin toxocar, Uncinariosis canum, hookworm, wet-headed);
  • cestodoza (infection with pork chain, echinococcus larvae, cucumber chain, parasite, broad-lipped, biohelminthic).

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Dosage and methods of administration

The dose of the drug is calculated individually, based on the pet's weight category: 10 kg - 1 tablet. The reception is preferably done in the morning, giving a drug with a small amount of food. For puppies and small dogs that weigh from 500 grams to 2 kg, the dosage is 1/4 tablets, from 2 to 5 kg - half, from 6 to 10 kg - it is recommended to give a pill. Next comes the following doses (weight stated in kilograms):

  • 11-20 - 2 pieces;
  • 21-30 - 3 pieces;
  • 31-40 - 4 pcs;
  • 41-50 - 5 pcs.

If the dog refuses to eat "stuffed" food, then the drug can be entered forcibly by placing the tablets on the root of the tongue, and holding the pet's mouth until it swallows. Also, the preparation can be ground, diluted in a liquid and given to the dog the resulting suspension. 10 ml of water is taken 1 tablet, you can enter with a syringe without a needle.

Preliminary preparations (starvation, compliance with diet and other) before deworming is not required. For the prevention of helminthic invasions, Drontal Plus is given to dogs every 3 months, also it is necessary to do it before viscous and vaccinations.

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Contraindications and side effects

With increased sensitivity of the pet to the active and auxiliary components that are in the composition of the drug, an allergic reaction is possible. If you use the product according to the instructions and observe the dosage, then side effects do not appear.

Do not give a remedy if the dog has an individual intolerance to certain substances in the drug. Also, from helminthization, Drontal Plus is better to refuse if the dog is in position - at a time of 1 or 2 thirds.

How to store the medicine

Shelf life is quite long - up to 5 years. Keep tablets away from sunlight, children and animals. The air temperature should not be above 20 ° C and not lower than 5 ° C.

Reviews about Drontal Plus

Anna Chumakova: I get Drontal plus for my dog ​​regularly, but not 4 times a year, and 2. Although the drug has a meat smell, our pet still refuses to take it on its own, we have to excel, pushing the tablets, and feeding, mixing with the delicious. But we do not have worms, the tests confirm this. black labrador

Victor Gavryushenko: Friends, more experienced in keeping dogs, recommended from worms Drontal plus. We give it constantly, and it pleases us that there are no side effects.

Ekaterina Molchunova: I consider Drontal to be an effective remedy, as it used to be used only when our dogs had worms. The parasites disappeared. Now I do better - I give in preventive purposes, and no more trouble.

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