Training Alabai

Alabai - dogs are serious and wayward, so they require mandatory behavior correction. The success of Alabai training depends on how high the intellect is in the pet, whether it has a propensity for training, and whether the trainer has patience and experience in this difficult matter.


Characteristics of the Alabai character

Training Alabai

Representatives of this breed are considered to be one of the most intellectually developed dogs, they can perform the command already the first time. But due to their obstinacy, laid down at the genetic level, they tend to refuse to do this, preferring independent actions. That is why in the training of Alabayev, the psychological factor is very important - the timely establishment of contact between a person and a dog.

The trainer must be firm and be able to impress the dog that his commands must be carried out without question. If Alabai at least once disobeys without consequences, then he will constantly refuse to perform human commands.

You can tackle the training of a Central Asian puppy only by remembering the characteristic features of this breed. First of all, these are shepherd dogs, which means that at the level of genes they have a habit of living with a pack and obeying the leader. Therefore, it is extremely important from the very first day to prove your superiority to the pupil, so that he perceives the commands of the person as the orders of the chief in the pack.

Experts recommend for this purpose to deduce a dog in the places unknown to it, on another's territory, to transport in the car, public transport. A puppy of any breed in such a situation will feel uncomfortable and confused, and the owner of the dog, behaving calmly and confidently, will show leadership qualities, which will inspire the dog respect for himself.

How to train an Alabai puppy

How to train an Alabai puppy

As soon as the baby turns two months old, and he gets to his masters, it will be possible to begin to train him. If earlier the mother was the main one for him, now this place should be occupied by a person. Knowing the psychology of the representatives of this breed, we can say with certainty that they do not like people who are constantly fussing, are impatient and talk on elevated tones.

If the Central Asian sheepdog is constantly screaming, to use physical force as punishment, then the pet will begin to perceive such behavior as the weakness of the master, and due to natural stubbornness will persistly disobey.

Alabai are intelligent and wayward animals, so they need a special approach. If the puppy is guilty, then he, accordingly, should be punished. But for this it will be enough to do the same as his mother did - shake his wit and clearly say only one command: "Fu!". Having once understood that they are coming from him, Alabai will constantly execute this command. This will avoid various troubles. In the process of communicating with the animal, one must be able to control emotions and exude confidence.

Training puppy Alabai

Once contact was established, and Alabai accepted the trainer for the leader, you can start the learning process and start with the basic commands. Several methods are used: encouragement, coercion and prohibition. With encouragement, the dog receives praise or a tasty morsel. Coercion is used when refusing to execute a command, and the pet will perform it, so as not to receive punishment.

The prohibitive method is introduced in order for the dog to stop all undesirable actions upon command. For any breeds, and for Alabai, especially, it can often not be used, as the pet loses its desire to make independent decisions.

The following commands are included in the course of home training:

  • To me! This is the very first team that the puppy should master. Having called the dog to him, it is necessary to add to the pronounced nickname loudly and clearly "To me!" If the baby approached without delay, then it should immediately be encouraged, treated with a delicacy and pat.
  • Beside! This command consists in finding the pet at the left foot of the owner, and not only in a quiet state, but also during movement. In this case, after the team, an energetic leap of the leash follows.
  • Sit! This provision is the starting point for many other actions. You can use the promotion method by bringing a pet treat to your nose, or by clicking on the sacrum area.
  • To lie! The dog must lie down on command, keeping the body straight. At service dogs in this position the head should be lifted. You can use the method of flavoring, pushing into the withers area with the pulling of the paws, or a sharp movement of the leash down.
  • Stand! In this case, the animal should stop, and no matter what the dog was busy with. The tactic of compulsion is used: the pet should be raised, holding hands under the stomach or pulling the leash up. After the executed command it still some time it is necessary to keep in such position, and then to give a delicacy and to praise.
  • Take a walk! To give a rest to a pupil during classes, it is necessary to teach him to distinguish between training time and free status. For this, a long lead is used. The dog needs to show by its own example that it is necessary to move, and then to call to itself and treat it with delicious.
  • A place! One of the first commands, allowing to designate the puppy its place. For the grown up pet, the task becomes more complicated, since any object becomes a "place". The dog should be with him side by side, regardless of what is happening around.

After the pet assimilates the command given by the voice, a new variant is introduced - showing by hand. Each team has its own designation.

Teams should be offered to the dog, observing the sequence, but not all at once. Alabai can take a long time to learn them. Certainly, they can repeat any team at once, but their character will not allow to agree to repeat them all the time.

Rules of home schooling

The puppy will learn the commands better if the study is conducted at home, in a relaxed atmosphere and the absence of strangers. It will be necessary to eliminate all distracting factors, that is, TV, radio, toys that are interesting for the baby. Only in this way will the dog be able to concentrate as much as possible on tasks.

If a pet is to live in an enclosure, it is still necessary to teach him not to be afraid of the noise of the city - the traffic of vehicles, a lot of people, street noises.

Alabai training at home

There are a number of commands that can be learned only in a street environment. For example, the command: "Road!" Is necessary, so that the dog always stops before the roadway. To the puppy learned it, you need to stop before switching to two or three minutes and say the command. And repeat the action you need, regardless of whether there is transport on the road, or not.

On the street, the dog is studying the commands "Aport!" And "Barrier". You can teach them a puppy from 3.5-4 months.

Alabai is, above all, a security dog, so they need to develop the following vital skills:

  • to protect the territory and things entrusted to him;
  • be distrustful of outsiders;
  • be able to pursue and detain intruders;
  • protect and protect a person;
  • carry out patrol activity;
  • to be able to detect traces in the footsteps, to find not only a person, but also hidden things.

There are many teams that can instill such skills in the pet. And it is up to the owners of the dog to decide which of them is necessary for their pet.

When training alabai, care must be taken not to deprive him of the craving for self-expression. Protecting home territory in the dark, while outside the enclosure, the dog must be able to make a decision, depending on the situation. Central Asian Shepherds guard the area silently, and attack without any warning signs. Sometimes the owners accustom their four-footed guards to bark when an outsider is found on the territory.

It is worth noting that if a puppy gets into a house where there is already a guard dog, he will soon learn to perform security functions, taking over the experience of others.

If there are no special skills in the training, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. In this case group classes are most likely not suitable, since the savage disposition of Alabayev will not allow him to communicate peacefully with other dogs. The best option - individual lessons.

In any case, it is impossible to leave the Central Asian sheep-dog without training, because, unable to obey, it can become an unguided weapon, a threat to others.

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