Doberman is a fairly common breed of dogs and their representatives can often be found on the street. But such popularity is more connected with their article and superior appearance, rather than with the character. If you look at the Dobermans, it turns out that dogs are not at all simple. What should the future owners of such an extraordinary pet know?


How the breed appeared

The creator of the breed is Friedrich Luis Doberman, whose profession was directly connected with the collection of taxes and order in the streets of Germany. Then the tax collectors often had to deal with aggressively minded debtors, and they often needed protection. In addition, they wore large sums of money, which worried the criminal elements.


Doberman contained a shelter for dogs, but among his wards and other breeds there was no dog that could fully carry a guard service and be a bodyguard. Then the idea came up to create a new breed that meets the requirements of Doberman's activity.

It is not known exactly what breeds were used, but the researchers managed to find out that at the beginning of the work Doberman acquired a pair of dogs of the Old German pinscher breed. Otherwise, there is no exact data, only assumptions that breeding dogs could participate in breeding activities, Manchester terriers, blue danes, butchers, greyhounds.

Despite the lack of professional experience, Doberman quickly achieved what he wanted. In 20 years, dogs appeared that were of the same type, with a ferocious and fearless temper. Many specialists associate the success of the enterprise with the selection of similar breeds for breeding.

But their appearance differed from the modern representatives of the breed, the dogs possessed an awkward, stocky physique, were overly active and embittered.

In the 70s of the 19th century a new breed of dogs appeared - the Thuringian pinscher. They were acquired for official work in the police, as well as for the protection of people and territories. Then these dogs had no competitors for fearlessness and ferocity, so pinschery have achieved great popularity. They could be used for various purposes, and no special conditions of detention were required.

At the end of the 19th century the creator of the breed did not become and after that the breed was given a new name - Doberman Pinscher. Later the second word was removed, and only the surname of the breeder remained. Neither before nor after, the breeds of dogs were not named after the creators, this is attributed to the fact that Doberman managed to bring dogs that fully corresponded to the needs of people of that time.


But even after the departure of the founder, work with the breed did not stop. Follower was Otto Geller, who focused on reducing the aggressiveness of the Dobermans. In his opinion, this would greatly expand the scope of application of animals. It is thanks to this man that the dogs turned into those pets that are known now - obedient, compliant to the owner, with excellent protective qualities.

In 1897 the representatives of the renewed breed were shown. The number of nurseries involved in breeding Dobermans increased. At the same time, Otto Geller founded the first city club of fans of this breed, which, in connection with the growing popularity of Dobermans, soon acquired the status of a national club.

In the early 20th century, the spread of the breed was not limited to Germany, it appeared in the United States, Canada, England and other countries. At the same time, the representatives of the breed penetrated into the territory of Russia, where they were actively used for detective work in police stations. They became the founders of official dog breeding. The breed became internationally recognized in 1960.

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Description of the dog breed Dobermann

Appearance of Dobermann

If you give a brief description of the appearance of Dobermans, then thoroughbred representatives of medium size with a strong body, with relief muscles. Dogs are very stately, elegant, with a determined expression that evokes respect. If we consider the requirements of the standard, we get the following portrait:

  • The skull is strong, of medium length, wedge-shaped, with a faint transition from the frontal part to the muzzle; the occipital protuberance should not be visible.
  • The muzzle is well developed, deep, ending in a broad nose with well-opened nostrils. In black dogs, the lobe is black, the brown ones are somewhat lighter. Lips necessarily dry, tightly adjacent to the jaw. Jaws strong, with a scissor bite. Eyes are medium, oval in shape with a dark iris. In dogs of brown color, a lighter color of the eyes is allowed.
  • Ears have a high fit, standing. They are proportionally docked, where this process is banned, pets with unoccupied ears are recognized.
  • The neck is long, muscular, its setting gives the dogs a noble appearance.
  • The back of the Dobermans is compact, passes into a wide loin, both divisions have pronounced muscles. The chest is wide, especially in its wide part.
  • The tail with a high fit, where the cupping is allowed, it is removed, leaving only 2 vertebrae visible.
  • The extremities in dogs are long, straight, set vertically, with not turned elbow joints. The paws of the Dobermans are short. They have a cat type, with arched toes and short dark claws.
  • Dobermans move springy, elegant, they are very fast .
  • The skin of animals is dense, with intense pigmentation, covered with short, stiff, shiny hair of good density. It covers the trunk evenly, the undercoat is missing.
  • The growth of males is 68-72 cm, females 63-68 cm. Preference, as a rule, is given to individuals of medium height. Body weight of males varies between 40-45 kg, females - 32-35 kg.

Dobermann colors

There are two suits Dobermann:

  • black; Black Doberman
  • brown. Brown Dobermann

In the area of ​​the muzzle, throat, limbs, under the tail is necessarily the presence of rust-red tans and two spots in the sternum.

The character of the Dobermanns

Ever since the foundation of the breed, Dobermans have earned a reputation for embittered, pugnacious, unbalanced animals. Maybe this was true for representatives of the Thuringian Pinscher breed, however, many years of breeding corrected these qualities. Modern Dobermans are not prone to aggressive behavior without a good reason and do not attack people if there is no threat.

By softening the character, the breeders managed to maintain their protective qualities. However, like people, dogs can have different temperaments - some are great for service, and others - as a family dog. When purchasing a puppy, you should consult with the breeders and their profile.

The character of the Dobermanns

Dog breed Doberman photo

Today the participation of the Dobermans in the official activity has somewhat decreased. Although in climatically warm countries they are used on a par with official sheepdogs - Germans and Belgians.

Among the positive qualities of Dobermans can be noted endurance, determination, high learning ability. If we consider the bitches and males of this breed, then their characters have obvious differences - the bitches are more accommodating and strongly attached to the owners, the males are more independent and sharp.

Dobermans are fairly loyal to the younger members of the family. But most dogs of this breed do not like loud sounds and screams, so if other children come to the house, the pet can begin to protect the children of the owners.

Dogs have a pronounced tendency to dominate and are able to demonstrate aggression towards other kindreds. And service qualities can appear at the most inopportune moment, when the pet will pursue a cat, or other running animal.

Dobermans are very observant pets, they are constantly collected and are on guard, monitoring the safety of household members. They also differ in sensitivity and intelligence, they love the attention of the hosts, but do not impose their communication.

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Education Dobermann

Given some kind of self-will and a developed sense of leadership, a pet of this breed needs early education and training . Their intelligence and incredible ability to immediately recognize the weak points of the character of the host, once again confirms this fact. To ensure that the role of leader is always performed by the owner, and not by the pet, perseverance and consistency in training should be shown.

Education Dobermann

Thanks to the mind and ingenuity, the Doberman, even as a toddler, can perfectly master the material. We can say that work and teaching are the most favorite pastime of a dog.

Despite the ease of learning, there are several features, without taking them into account, you can reduce all the results to naught. Firstly, it should be observed whether the pet is tired or not bored with training. Of course, Doberman can be made to work, but only next time he will definitely show obstinacy.

You can not use physical strength, rudeness, because to nature's harsh nature will also add malice.

How to care for and keep dobermann

In care, the Doberman, like other short-haired dogs , is simple enough. To bathe it should not be so often, only a couple of times in six months. Even if the pet came dirty from the street, do not wash it immediately, you can wipe it with a wet diaper or a towel and this will be enough.

Dobermann Care

Despite the short coat, the dogs of this breed are still subject to seasonal molts . In order to reduce the amount of wool in the house, it is recommended during these periods to treat the pet more often with a special brush made of rubber or silicone.

You should examine your teeth, ears and pet eyes for contamination and inflammation, and clean, rinse them as needed.

The muscular constitution of the pet and its mobile nature require constant physical activity and exercise. Dobermans can run alongside a bicycle, repeatedly run after balls or sticks, and spend more than an hour on the shells of a special site. The more Dobermann moves, the better he feels.

Feeding Dog Dobermann

A pet can be fed with natural food or with dry food. In the latter case, you can give the pet pieces of cheese, treat yogurt without additives or kefir. There are fastidious representatives of the breed, in this case you can add a little sauce to the food or mix it with a moist canned diet.

If the owners decide to feed the dog with ordinary food, then it should be remembered that an adult Doberman needs at least a pound of meat, necessarily with veins. Also in the diet of the pet should include porridge, cooked on water, vegetable or low-fat meat broth. Of cereals, it is better to give preference to buckwheat, rice, millet, oatmeal.

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Photo Dobermanns

Dobermans in the foliageDobermann by the seaDoberman with boneDoberman with glassesThe terrible DobermanBeautiful Doberman

Doberman video

The cost of Dobermann puppies

The minimum price for Doberman puppies is 10,000-20,000, which is how much the dog will cost without the possibility of breeding and the exhibition career. In the area of ​​20,000-3,000 thousand there is a dog suitable for procreation. And the price for puppies of show class exceeds 30,000 rubles.

But no matter how much the pet costs, it is important to give him the proper upbringing, and then he will become a reliable guard and even a partner in the service.

Dobermann catteries

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