Longhaired Dachshund

Dachshund is a breed of small hunting dogs that, in strength and stamina, are not inferior to their larger counterparts. This also applies to the long-haired variety, whose representatives also have an elongated body, short legs, but also a long, silky coat. Like all hunters, the long-haired dachshund is playful, active and possesses certain characteristics of behavior and character.


Origin of the breed

Taxus is considered the oldest hunting breed, and researchers have not really found out for sure when exactly it appeared. As for the official recognition of this breed, its formation began in the 16th century on the South German lands. The primary data on these northerners are dated to the end of the 16th century. Beautiful longhaired dachshund

The ancestors of these dogs were marriages - hardy, squat hounds, from which the dachshunds received, among other things, the ability to pursue game and send voice signals. Short paws did not help much in hunting hounds, but to penetrate into the mink were most suitable.

Subsequently, due to the breeding activity, several breed species were brought out. The long-haired dachshund received crosses of smooth-haired breeds and spaniels.

Nature of the breed

The character of long-haired dogs and their short-haired close relatives does not differ too much. Such a pet is very curious - no event will pass by his long nose. Pesik is happy to be next to his owner 24 hours a day and is very upset if he is left alone at home.

Puppy dachshunds quickly find a common language with all members of the family, but only one of them, he will be considered the master and faithfully obey him. With other pets - dogs or cats, long-haired dachshund almost always establishes friendly relations, but this does not apply to alien animals - their dog can be considered as a hunting object. If you keep such a hunter in a private house, then small animal pests will forget the road here. Long-haired dachshund puppy

It is not recommended to establish a dachshund, including a long fur coat, in a family with young children. These animals are not characterized by patience, and, even if they accidentally inflict pain on them, can not just snap, but also bite. But still long-haired taxes have lowered the craving for hunting, they are more calm and balanced, so they are recommended to start as pets.

Dachshunds - although small dogs, but very brave, they are able to get involved in fights with their relatives, regardless of the size of the enemy. This should be taken into account during the daytime. Dachshunds refer to territorial animals, they will protect their site with all their ferocity. Not without reason, these cute creatures head the rating of the most biting dogs. But for his pet, he will become a loyal and faithful companion and even a family member.

Description of breed longhaired dachshund

There are three types of longhaired dachshunds - standard, dwarfish and rabbit. All of them differ in size, and measure them not by weight, but by the circumference of the sternum. Standard dogs are larger than others, and rabbits are the smallest. In addition to differences in dimensions, the standard described the breed as follows:

  1. The head is wedge-shaped, without acuations, with a well developed occiput, slightly pronounced superciliary arches, and a transition from the forehead to the muzzle.
  2. The nose narrows to the lobe, the cheekbones have well developed musculature. The nose is oval, pigmented in black or brown.
  3. Lips not saggy, lean, with powerful, strong teeth, tightly closing. Longhaired Dachshund breed description
  4. Eyes small in size, expressive, have the shape of an oval, to the extent of deep. Iris is often brown, but in dogs with blue merlewood it can be amber or blue.
  5. The auricles are elongated, in the form of a triangle, with rounded tips.
  6. Dachshunds are strong dogs with a developed musculature and elongated body. The neck has a pronounced scruff, high stature, the withers are well manifested.
  7. Chest of oval shape, of medium width, with well developed anterior part, falls below the elbows. The lumbar part is elongated, with a strong, slanting croup. The abdominal line is well-toned.
  8. The feet at the dachshund are short, strong, equipped with flexible, large joints. Because of the placement of wrist joints under the body, it seems that the limbs of the dog are somewhat twisted. The hind legs are wider than the forelegs, but not pulled back. Paws end with strong brushes, they are tightly assembled, have long claws and dark pads. Beautiful long-haired dachshund
  9. The tail exactly dangles or has the shape of a sickle, set somewhat below the vertebrae. When the dog is excited, it rises. Never lie on the back of an animal and do not stand upright.

Color dachshund with long fur

In representatives of this type of tax the two-layered wool cover is smooth and shining from above, and short, fluffy underneath. Almost all over the body, the coat is tightly attached to the body, it is elongated in the throat and lower body. On the edges of the auricles there is a fringe, on the back of the limbs - the combs. Because of the long coat, the tail of a dachshund resembles a flag.

There are several colors of dachshunds with long wool, the most common are the following:

  1. Wool of one color - red, reddish-yellow, fawn. Possible admixture of black wool, but dogs with pure color are more appreciated. Long-haired Dachshund Runs
  2. Bicolour - dark, black or brown. Each of the colors has tan marks - a reddish-brown or pale shade. Long-haired Dachshund Dachshund
  3. With wool of marble or brindle color - the main ones in marble dogs are black, red or gray wool. It is desirable to have gray or beige spots, but not large ones. Long-haired dachshund of marble color
  4. In tiger dachshunds, wool is red or pale, with tigroviny of dark tones. Longhaired Dachshund Dachshund

Care for longhaired dachshunds

Naturally, the long coat of these dogs needs more care than the short-haired brethren. Owners need to regularly comb it, and also need a periodic haircut, including hygienic - cutting out the sections between the fingers, inside the ears, into the groin.

If the pet is not a working dog, then it should, if necessary, trim his claws. These little hunters tend to be overweight, so they need regular active walks. With them you need to constantly play, run, do not get bored. Long-haired dachshund runs along the road

Long-haired dachshund, like other dogs, requires mandatory vaccination, deworming, treatment of fleas and other external parasites.

Upbringing and tuition training

Before you start learning, you need to accustom your pet to the nickname and earn its trust. Dachshunds are inclined to be stubborn, so the master should become for them a true leader. To the process of training was fruitful, you need to be persistent, consistent and not stop in the middle of the road.

Once the kid was in the new house, you need to show him his place. You can not let him sleep to yourself, even if he makes sad eyes and plaintively whims. Dachshunds are fine actors and are capable of "putting pressure on pity", if at least once such a number passes, then the dog will manipulate his masters. Long-haired dachshund with drops of water

To teach the baby to the toilet is best at once on the street, and if this is not possible, then you can put the diaper on. But in this case, the ablation from the diaper can be quite a complicated process. During training, it is worth remembering that fees are prone to obesity, therefore, encouraging the dog, you should use less often delicacies - 1 refreshment for 2-3 teams.

In other cases, you can be content with praise, affection, joint games. Dachshunds react very sensitively to intonation, so even one word of praise can improve the mood of a pet and increase its efficiency.

Longhaired Dachshund Content

Dachshunds, including long-haired - the most compact hunting dogs. In comparison with other similar dogs, they are not inclined to destroy everything that surrounds them. Therefore, it is possible to keep such a pet even in conditions of small living space. But the best dog will feel himself in a country house, however, his love for digging can seriously damage the lawn. Long-haired dachshunds

Another nuance - the dachshunds are hunters for nesting animals, so they will not be difficult to make a dig under the fence, if something outside will cause their interest. To take a fee to a house where there is already a pet - a cat or other small animal, is not worth it, especially if the dog does not participate in the hunting and picking. Otherwise, the dog will direct its hunting instinct to the animals that live nearby.

Equipping a place for the future of the pet, it should be borne in mind that dachshunds like to wrap themselves in rugs and blankets. Therefore, in addition to the couch, he needs to allocate his own coverlet, but such that the fabric has a dense structure and there was no fringe, otherwise the dog will cling to the claws. Dachshunds have a weakness for the master's bed, therefore, if the owner is categorically against such neighborhood, it is necessary to immediately stop all attempts.

Feeding longhaired dachshunds

Appetite at the rate is not bad, but the owner should take into account their peculiarity - the pet should receive small meals in small portions. You can independently calculate the size of the portion, based on the weight of the dog - 45 grams per kilogram of weight. Long-haired dachshund in the car

Often dogs of this breed have problems with digestion, therefore it is better to take care of the feeding regime from the first days. Dachshunds - in fact, hunters, so most of the diet should consist of protein foods, with the mandatory presence of fats.

Owners need to follow a number of rules, especially if they choose natural feeding:

  • in the diet you can include porridges cooked on water, vegetable or meat broth; but the fees show only two cereals - rice and buckwheat;
  • whole milk is given only to puppies up to 3.5 months, after giving better sour-milk products - fermented milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, curdled milk, etc .;
  • it is not recommended to feed the dachshund with raw meat and boiled bones;
  • among the banned products are flour and confectionery, spices, smoked products, food with spices and marinades. Long-haired dachshund in the playground

Dachshund owners have a choice - to feed the pet with natural food or industrial forages. But it is worth considering that you need to choose a high-quality product - premium, super premium or holistic class. The latter is preferable if the dog has a digestive disorder or food allergy.

Diseases of the breed

Dachshunds have an original body structure that gives them advantages during hunting, but can cause a number of diseases. In addition, there are a number of ailments that can be inherited. Future owners should be more attentive to their pet, revealing as early as possible a disease:

  • acanthosis nigricas - a disease that is associated with a violation of the sebaceous glands; It is accompanied by compaction of skin areas and their hyperpigmentation;
  • syndrome "swimmer" - an ailment arising from osteoporosis; it is revealed even in puppyhood - puppies are not able to climb their feet and move crawling;
  • disco - damage to the spinal discs, can be deformation, displacement or damage; Long-haired dachshund in winter
  • epilepsy of idiopathic (unexplained) genesis - this condition manifests itself in the form of a number of symptoms - impaired coordination, vomiting, involuntary urination, muscle tremor;
  • pathology of the eyes - atrophic changes in the optic nerve, retina, etc.
  • enteritis - inflammation of the intestinal walls caused by infection or unbalanced nutrition.
  • alopecia - because of the weakening of the pigment, the dog can begin to grow bald.

Dachshunds without timely vaccination can fall ill with serious diseases - plague, rabies, pyroplasmosis, etc. But, if you closely monitor the pet and take care of it properly, you can avoid the occurrence of a number of pathologies.

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Where is it better to buy a long-haired dachshund puppy and how much does it cost

Despite the fact that the long-haired representatives of the breed are much less likely to be smooth-haired, interest in them has only recently increased. You can buy such a baby either on the bird market or in a nursery or from a private breeder, naturally, in the first case, the guarantees for a purebred baby are much lower.

In addition, not all cities have nurseries engaged in breeding these original dachshunds, so you may have to go for your pet. The price of a puppy without a pedigree starts from 5000 rubles. But a pet with documents is much more expensive - from 20,000 rubles. Long-haired Dachshund puppy sits

The most expensive are the long-haired rabbit dachshunds - they are considered a rarer species, and the litter of these babies usually consists of 2-3 toddlers. Here it is necessary, on average, to pay 50,000 rubles.

The most famous nurseries of long-haired dachshunds with an excellent reputation:

Long-haired dachshund - a small dog with hunting habits, which also perfectly performs the role of a family pet. This is an active, cheerful pet, requiring attention and affection, not devoid of dignity, and therefore, treat the dog should be respected.

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