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Purity is a medicinal plant that is used in folk medicine. On its medicinal properties in the XIII century. Avicenna wrote in his treatise "The Canon of Medical Science". In the XI century. Odo from Mena dedicated lines in his poem "On the properties of herbs" to the celibate. In veterinary medicine, celandine is not used widely. It is used only as an external agent. On the basis of celandine, the research and production firm Ecoprom has created a line of veterinary products from ectoparasites and skin diseases in domestic animals.


Properties and composition of extract of celandine

Purity is a poisonous plant, so it should be used to treat animals very carefully. When the juice of celandine enters the dog's stomach, it can cause intoxication, muscle cramps, a mucosal burn. The juice contains more than 20 alkaloids. The danger for dogs is the alkaloid chelidonin. Its properties are similar to the effects of morphine and papaverine. In high concentrations, it causes convulsions and damage to the nervous system. No wonder in English celandine is called Devil's milk - devil's milk. In the therapeutic dose, preparations based on celandine have a number of therapeutic effects.

Antiparasitic and antimycotic properties

In a low concentration powder from dry grass celandine and decoction from it in veterinary medicine is used as a natural insecticide. From the broth of celandine make compresses in the treatment of dermatoses. Spirituous tincture of celandine is used in the treatment of scabies that wet the ect. Ointment from the juice of celandine, wax, smaltz and broth of St. John's wort with calendula is applied to the area of ​​lesions with atopic dermatosis, skin cancer, furuncles and pyoderma. Alkaloids extracted from the extract of celandine have:

  • homochelidonin and choleretrin - a bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus aureus, which in dogs causes pyoderma, purulent postitis and vaginitis.
  • sanguinarine - antibacterial effect on Klebsiella pneumonia, Candida fungi, epidermatophytes, dermatomycetes, causing dermatophytosis, herpes virus.

The effect of celandine against fungi can be compared with the action of Nitrofungin and Mikodecidin. If we compare the antimicrobial properties of celandine, then they are not inferior to Levomycetin in effectiveness.

Hepatoprotective properties

In dogs, liver pathologies are caused by mycosis, parasitic invasions (leptospirosis, opisthorchiasis), viruses (infectious hepatitis). When tincture of celandine is used, the membranes of liver cells are stabilized, the functions of the organ are normalized, the risk of pathology of hepatocytes is reduced. celandine for dogs read the article

Carotenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids of celandine juice have hepatoprotective properties due to antioxidant effects on hepatocytes. Celandine has choleretic properties. For the treatment of liver diseases and the outflow of bile, galenic preparations produced by various German pharmaceutical companies can be used:

  • Ardeycholan N - dragees with celandine;
  • Aristochol - drops of celandine, hay, dandelion roots and wormwood wormwood;
  • Bilisan C3 - tablets, which include celandine, milk thistle, turmeric;
  • Bomagall forte S - drops from a mixture of liquid extracts of celandine, shepherd's bag, milk thistle, echinacea and a mixture of 5 homeopathic remedies;
  • Cefachol N - drops of celandine, dandelion, milk thistle;
  • Choledoron - drops containing extract of celandine and aloe juice, etc.

Anti-ulcer properties

Therapy of dogs with gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer with medications from celandine is caused by antioxidant action, restoring effect on the mucosa of the digestive system. For treatment, use a decoction, tincture or ready-made galenic preparations:

  • Сholosom SL - drops from alcohol tinctures of celandine, turmeric, dandelion;
  • Esberigal N - dragees with powder from dry plant raw materials - celandine, milk thistle, chamomile, Benedictine's cognac;
  • Gallopas tabl - / - tropfen - tablets and drops based on celandine;
  • Hevert Magen-Galle-Leber-Tee - therapeutic tea based on celandine and 9 medicinal plants (calendula, fennel, wormwood, centipedes, chicory, yarrow, thyme, calamus), etc.

The complex composition of the preparations is due to the fact that the plants entering the medicine work as synergists - they strengthen each other's actions and reduce the toxic effect of the celandine.

Anti-Blast Properties

Clinical studies of the effect of alcohol tincture of celandine and extract from fresh celandine grass for the treatment of cancers in dogs were carried out. Purity, due to the presence of alkaloids in it, blocks the division of cells of malignant neoplasms. Medicinal forms of celandine inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors and have a local analgesic effect.

The introduction of dogs tincture and decoction of celandine in a dosage of 50 or 200 μg of medicine per 1 kg of body weight completely stops the growth of the malignant lung tumor. Extracted from celandine Sanguinarin has an effect on animals, similar to morphine. Based on it, Sangviritrin is produced, which is treated with infectious and fungal diseases.

For the treatment of cancer, the drug Amitozin has been developed - the active substance of which is alkaloids of celandine. He is called the Ukrainian company by the Austrian company. The drug Ukraine is used in the treatment of osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy, skin cancer.

In veterinary medicine, celandine is still not very active, as only individual studies are conducted to establish the dosage and effectiveness of treating pathologies in dogs. Prepared at home, infusions, decoctions, ointments based on celandine can be used to treat dogs only externally, as it is difficult to comply with the dosage and adjust the content of alkaloids in the preparation.

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