Cirneco del Etna

Hearing the foreign phrase "chirneko del etna", few people will be able to guess that it is not a wine grade or an overseas resort, but a breed of dogs - small greyhounds, whose history goes back centuries. And not surprisingly, the breed is quite rare and to meet this animal on the street is a great success. Despite the small spread of the cirneco, the breed has its fans and is gradually gaining momentum. What are these dogs famous for and what should the future owners of such a miracle know?


History of the origin of the breed

There is a legend according to which 1000 of these dogs were guards and watchmen of the cult structure, dedicated to the spirit of the Adranos volcano, which was built by ancient people on one of the slopes of Etna. People believed that they could distinguish an honest man from a thief and an unbeliever. Cirneco del Etna beautiful photo

Researchers of the breed speak of its impressive age, which exceeds 2500 years. Genetic analyzes confirm that the dogs appeared before the birth of Christ. Among close relatives, the cirneco celebrates the pharaonic dog, but other Mediterranean dogs also participated in the formation of the breed.

The origin of the rock occurred on the sunny Sicilian lands, next to the volcano Etna. And thanks to the isolation of the island, its formation took place in natural conditions, without the intervention of people and the impact of other breeds.

The modest size of these greyhounds is associated with the fact that the island was not distinguished by an abundance of food. However, small dimensions do not prevent the cirneco del etna from being excellent hunters, able to get a rabbit or other small game.

Description of breed cirneco del etna

The spread of the breed beyond Sicily is associated with the name of the Baroness Agatha Paterno-Castello, a big fan of the Cirneco del Etna. Thanks to the availability of documents describing the characteristics of the breed's representatives and their improvement, already at the end of the 40s of the 20th century a breed standard was developed and approved, and half a century later it was updated. Cirneco del Etna and the swamp

In the standard it is stated that the representative of the breed is an animal with short smooth hair, an elegant muscular physique. The body and limbs are proportional, the overall format is square. The growth of dogs is 42-50 cm, and the weight varies from 10 to 12 kg. Males are larger than females. In accordance with the standard, pets have such external features:

  1. Head . Elongated, with an extended muzzle and straight nose line. Eyes small, sometimes even small, are located on each side, look soft, interested, without a note of discontent or aggression. The feature is a chirneko - light ocher or bright amber iris. The ears are located close, large, in a standing position, tapering to the tips. Lips are refined, tightly compressed.
  2. Torso . The neck is long, with a pronounced muscular relief and a tightly fitting skin, does not have a hanging. The back line is straight, it goes smoothly, the bottom of the body is lean and dry. Cirneco del Etna and the sea
  3. Extremities . Straight, well muscled, strong and firm, ends in paws gathered in a tight lump. Claws are brownish or flesh-colored.
  4. The tail . Has a low landing, along the entire length has the same thickness, saber-like shape or as a "whip". When the dog is excited, it rises "pipe".

The peculiarity of dogs of this breed is absolute immunity to high temperatures. Dogs can run on freshly cooled lava, which a person can leave on the skin burns.

Wool and allowable colors

The coat of the cirneco del etna is straight, harsh, smooth in the region of the head, ears and extremities. On the trunk and tail, the wool is slightly elongated, but not more than 3 cm, it is as smooth and densely adheres to the surface.

The standard provides for several types of coloring of dogs:

  1. Wool of one color - pale tones - dark or light, also weakened colors - isabellic, "sable", etc. are possible. Cirneco del Etna sits
  2. Red hair with white marks - weak or strongly pronounced. They can be located in the head, sternum, limbs, tip of the tail and peritoneum. Individuals with white collars are less valuable. Cirneco del Etna jumps

Allowed individuals with white hair, white with marks of red color, as well as red color with light or darkish hairs.

Nature of the breed

Owners of the Sicilian greyhound claim that this is a very friendly pet, who quickly becomes attached to the family, but does not lose some independence. The dog is happy to be close to the household and the owner, and at the same time often demonstrates its affectionate attitude towards them.

Cirneco del Etna do not like to be alone, so if people are often absent from home for a long time, it is better to choose a puppy of another breed. They are very communicative, perfectly tolerate travel on any transport, while traveling there are no special difficulties.

Such a pet is not intrusive and sensitively feels the mood of the owner. Plus, one can also call the "taciturnity" of dogs of this breed, they do not give votes without a serious reason.

The breed is rare, so there is very little information about how these dogs relate to the younger members of the family. But according to available data, if a chirneko puppy grows simultaneously with a toddler, a special, strong bond is established between them and persists throughout life.

Like all greyhounds, these dogs do not have watchful and protective qualities, so they treat them to the strangers in a friendly, joyful and met with welcome guests. All their love and joy pets express, jumping on a person and trying to lick it. If a person considers such behavior of the dog unacceptable, then it can be adjusted during training. Cirneco del Etna and flowers

Cierneco quickly find a common language with his own kind, especially with dogs belonging to the same breed. This allows owners to wind up several pets at once, provided the conditions permit.

But with other animals such a pet will be difficult to get along, since the Sicilian Borzoi have excellent hunting instincts. Cats, rabbits and other living creatures will always be for a chirko nothing but an excellent prey, and there is no reason to doubt, sooner or later the dog will start hunting.

The danger for other domestic animals is that the greyhound does not just drive the beast, but works to defeat. There are cases when the puppy grew up together with the kitten, and they were still able to establish an attitude, but this is rather an exception to the rules.

Experts warn - the greyhound can escape after the animal passing by, therefore it is necessary to drive the pet only on a leash, in order to avoid deplorable consequences.

For what purposes do dogs of the breed Cirneco del Etna

At home in Sicily for more than one thousand years, dogs of the breed of cirneco are used to hunt rabbits. Given their vast experience, instincts and abilities, dogs successfully perform the task, despite the complex rocky-desert terrain of Etna foothills.

The last half a century these dogs are bred for a sports and exhibition career. Pets give excellent results in field trials, perfectly show themselves in coursing and agility competitions. Cirneco del Etna cool photo

To get a dog of breed chirneko del etna it is possible and as a companion - this pet will give a lot of positive emotions and will be able to arrange for all members of the family.

How to train and train the cirneco del etna

Representatives of this Sicilian breed have a high intellect and a tendency to dominate, so owners should take care of the early socialization of their four-legged friend in order to avoid further problems in the future.

Such a pet will not tolerate negligence or rudeness, in addition, the master should immediately exclude the use of physical punishment during training and education of the dog. But the dog needs an owner with a firm hand and character, which will combine rigor, justice and patience when training. Cirneco del Etna are running

Cirneco need a strengthened physical and mental load, and, the lessons should be regular, but do not bother the dog. The owner is recommended to have a special diary, where the schedule will be and the pet's successes will be recorded. Consistency and diversity are important.

It is not necessary to exhaust the pet with long walking or exercise on the site. A dog can accompany a family during a hike, morning jogs, and also take a chirnko to go hunting. The dog can make long runs alongside the owner's bicycle.

Features of maintenance and care

People who want to have a dog of such a rare breed should consider that its representatives are more active and energetic, but they are not suitable for permanent street living. But staying in an apartment all the time is not the best option for them. The best place to live in a private house, with the opportunity to walk in the local area or in the cage, especially in the warm season.

Cirneco del Etna has a short, smooth coat that does not need complicated care. It is enough to clean the wool cover 2-3 times a month, using a special rubber glove or a brush made of natural bristles. Such procedures allow not only to remove impurities, but also dead hairs, making the shiny coat.

They do not often swallow a chirneko, usually when the pet is heavily soiled. Apply detergents for dogs that are suitable for this type of wool. Special attention should be paid to the claws of the dog - they must be short, as otherwise they can cause injury to the animal. Cirneco del Etna on the mountain

If the puppies grow too long, that is, the risk of incorrect formation of the limb bones, the paws can become flattened or loose. You can cut the claws of the puppy yourself, but if the owner is afraid, you can see how the professional does it and after that repeat the manipulation. For the procedure, it is worth buying a special tool - claw-nail.

The teeth of this breed for a long time retain the whiteness, do not become covered with plaque, and the tartar does not form on the surface. But experts recommend paying attention to regular care - brushing your teeth, taking off a soft coating. To do this, use toothpaste for dogs and a brush, which can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy or a pet store. For extreme cases, you can use a solution of baking soda, a slice of fresh tomato or fresh juice of this vegetable.

Like representatives of other breeds, chirneko is recommended to accustom to various hygienic procedures from an early age. Puppy is easier to tolerate manipulation and weaker displeasure. If everything is done correctly, the pet will gradually get used to it and it will be easier to take care of it. In addition, in this case, subsequent visits to the veterinarian and medical procedures will be less stressful for the pet.

Breeding diseases

The breed is called a Sicilian dog or a greyhound in a different way, however, this is not entirely correct, since, according to classification and origin, it refers to native breeds. Its representatives are not afraid of low or high temperatures, and their health can only be envied. handsome Cirneco del Etna

Perhaps there are some genetic diseases that are peculiar to these animals, but because of the low knowledge of the breed and its rarity, nothing is known about them.

Where is it better to buy a puppy and how to choose

As already noted, the cirneco del etna is a rare breed of dogs, so purchasing a puppy can cause difficulties. There are nurseries on the territory of the country, but they are not located in all cities, which means that you will have to travel to purchase a puppy. You can also contact breeders with a good reputation and experience in breeding this particular breed.

Specialists do not recommend buying a pet from casual breeders, since there is a risk of acquiring a cross between an animal or an animal with a disability or a disease, especially if it's a progeny that does not have documents. The same can be said about buying in the bird market. Cirneco dell'Etna lies

The cost of the puppies of the cirneco del etna depends on various factors, and above all on the class:

  • show class - kids who match the standard as much as possible, are suitable for breeding and participation in exhibitions worth around 100,000-12,000 rubles;
  • breed class - puppies that, because of minimal deviations from the standard, "do not hold out" until the show of the class, but they are allowed before the exhibitions and are quite suitable for the continuation of the genus. Their price varies from 100,000 to 50,000 rubles;
  • pet class - like the puppies of the above classes, such babies have a pedigree, but there is a special note in it - "not for breeding". Such a pet externally does not differ from its counterparts, unless, not all the indicators correspond to the standard. The average cost of puppies chirneko del etna pet class - 30000 rubles.

If the future owner wants to buy a puppy from a Russian, rather than a Russian, nursery, then he can be guided by this cost. Also, the price is influenced by the following factors:

  • offspring of visiting mating or local;
  • how many puppies are in the litter;
  • titles and achievements of parents of offspring.

Often there is a situation when the puppies are not available. In this case it is necessary to have patience and reserve your future pet in the nursery or with an experienced breeder.

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The best nurseries

In Moscow, is breeding a pet 1 kennel - Kennel Colisto `s http://www.cirneco.ru/colistos

Cirneco del Etna - a dog that has a lot of advantages, but it requires the owner to give. It charges with its energy, does not let you get bored and becomes not just a pet, but a real family member and a devoted friend.

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