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Black Russian Terrier is a dog of decent size with a very serious, but very effective, appearance. Such a pet attracts admiring glances, but to understand what is on his mind is extremely difficult, since his eyes are hidden behind the coat of hair. For what purposes were these large, beautiful animals bred, and what is their role today?


The origin of the breed

The appearance of the Russian black terrier is unique, although it guesses the features of other popular breeds - Airedale, Schnauzer, Rottweiler, etc. And this is not just a similarity, since it is the blood of these breeds that flows in the veins of Stalin's dog. black terrier

In the 40s of the 20th century, one of the Soviet kennels "Krasnaya Zvezda" received a task from the government - to deduce a service-guard breed of dogs, possessing a number of mandatory qualities. The dog had to have high intelligence, excellent physical data, resolute disposition and high performance in all climatic conditions. Based on the requirements, the breeders received a black terrier - an athlete with a strong, muscular body, alert and hardy. The main task of these dogs was the protection of military, including secret, objects.

Today, representatives of this breed have significantly expanded their functions and gained popularity, and beyond the borders of the motherland.

Description of black terrier breed

The Black Terrier is a tall, large dog with strong bones and developed muscles. Their torso is tightly skinned, which does not form folds and does not sag. This dog has natural malice and distrust, can live in any climate and is well trained.

If we talk about the constitution, it is strong and strong, rough. Laxity and underdeveloped muscles are disadvantages. The growth of a dog varies from 66 to 72 cm, females are not far behind - from 64 to 70 cm. However, the males are more powerful physique and massiveness.

The dog has a balanced temperament, it is mobile and has a well-developed defensive reaction. If the dog is timid or too excitable, then this is considered a serious shortcoming. According to the standard, pets look like this:

  • The head of terriers is wide, but in moderation, with a flattened forehead and a pronounced, transition from face to face, but without sharpness. Thanks to the decorating hair, the muzzle has a square format. Auricles of small size, located high enough, hang down on cartilage. Eyes of medium size, oval with dark iris.
  • The jaws are powerful, with a full row of teeth, forming a bite of the "scissors" type.
  • The neck is powerful, the thorax is deep, the ribs are slightly bulged. The withers are clearly pronounced, the back is wide, turning into a short, strong, slightly convex loin. The tail is thick, set high, it is stopped, leaving 3-4 vertebrae.
  • Dogs have straight forelimbs parallel to each other. The hind legs are also straight, with muscular, well developed thighs, but set apart a little wider than the front. Paws are collected in a strong lump, they are rounded.

The black terrier moves freely, smoothly, easily - with a short trot or gallop. In 1994, a separate standard of the Russian Federation for service dog breeding was adopted, according to which the restriction of the upper growth indicator in dogs of this breed is canceled. After all, before large, harmoniously folded handsome terriers were not allowed to breed because of the fixation of their growth by the standard from Mexico City.

Wool coat and colors

Coat of black terriers is hard, plentiful, with a dense undercoat. The length of the outer hair is 5-10 cm, it is thick, has a “wave”, the undercoat is much shorter. Dogs of this breed have pronounced adorning hair, forming eyebrows, mustache and beard. The neck and withers are covered in mane.

There are two colors of the Russian black terrier - monochromatic black and black with gray. In the latter case, there is a condition - gray wool should cover no more than 1/3 of the whole body.

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The character of Stalin's dog

The nature of the dogs of this breed is related to their purpose - service. They have protective and protective qualities in their blood. But if most of the time guard dogs show aggression and attack uninvited guests, then the black terrier has its own tactics. He is more partisan and used to defend, rather than attack. The dog will not begin to fly out sharply towards him, he will watch carefully, and when the intruder of the territory starts to approach, he will attack.

The black terrier is called to protect not only the territory, but also the person. He is quickly excited if there is a threat, but as soon as it disappears, the dog instantly calms down.

From the very moment of the appearance of the breed, its representatives established close contact with the owner and were infinitely loyal to him. They are too attached to the person, therefore it is not recommended to leave the black terrier for a long time alone. With long-term loneliness, the dog will become too attached to the territory, that even the owner, who has entered its limits, will be considered a threat. beautiful black terrier

But with normal relations and upbringing, “chernysh” is the ideal guard. He will give a vote only if there is a reason for this. Possessing high intelligence and excellent reliability, he was accustomed to please his owner, calm and balanced. But sometimes puppies of this breed show curiosity and their research activities can cause damage to property. In this case, it should be borne in mind that a strong hand is required to raise a black terrier, the owner must delineate the border - what is possible and what is not. If this is not done, then the behavior of an adult, large pet subsequently change almost impossible.

Stalin's dogs, at any age, remain active and playful. They love children endlessly and are always happy to spend time with them, playing and indulging. Despite the impressive dimensions, the dog neatly and tenderly belongs to the small ones, which is due to their seasoned and balanced temperament. A pet allows its little owner almost everything, and even twitching for a mustache, will not be a cause for discontent. Often, black terriers choose a doorway in the nursery or at the crib as a place to sleep at night, carefully guarding the child.

Terriers need physical exertion, and future owners should take into account - walking with a four-legged friend will have a lot. The rest of the time, the dog is not averse to relaxing in the family circle, and if the owners allow it, they can sit on the sofa.

During walks, the owner of “Chernysh” should always be near and it is desirable to keep the dog on a leash in crowded places. Although terriers are not prone to sudden aggression or flight, their formidable appearance can frighten not only children, but even adults.

How to raise and train a pet?

Like all dogs of impressive size, black terriers need socialization and training. And professional dog experts recommend starting this process as early as possible, without waiting for the little lump to turn into a formidable giant. Early socialization will avoid possible difficulties in the future.

Given the innate aggression, you need to teach the dog to more adequately respond to newcomers. For these purposes, the puppy must learn a number of basic commands. In the process, the owner will need tact and patience, the dog must learn to execute commands from the first time and, without being distracted, to external stimuli.

Signing up for preparatory courses with a black terrier can choose them, as he is able to cope with various activities:

  • guard duty;
  • Russian ring;
  • protective guard service.

For a companion dog, you can limit yourself to a general course of training, and then visit the training "city dog". In addition, with specialized training, the black terrier is able to work with the track. In this case, the pet will be a great helper during the hunt.

Puppies and adult members of the breed are very hardworking and can bear enormous physical exertion. And these qualities contribute to the fact that the dogs of this breed have success in sports competitions.

The general training course makes the dog more comprehensible and docile, however, the owners should not forget about their purpose. If the dog has leadership qualities, he is not too obedient and takes the owner as a leader, it is necessary to seek the help of professionals as soon as possible - it is very difficult to correct the behavior of an adult black terrier.

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How to care for a black terrier?

The Russian black terrier is not so easy to care for, especially with its long, thick coat. Pet must be cleaned and combed every 3-4 days, to facilitate the procedure, you can use a special conditioner. To eliminate the risks of otitis media, it is recommended to regularly cut hairs from the ears. The same should be done with wool, which grows on the paws, since here it is often tangled and strays into the mats.

Representatives of this breed molt, but only slightly, so combing also helps to save the pet from dead hair. The teeth and eyes of the dog need to be cared for. Black terriers need regular swimming, and this should be done at least once a month. But often wash the dog should not, as this can cause dry skin. black terrier is resting

After the bath, you need to wait until the pet's hair is completely dry and begin to comb. In addition, black terriers require grooming performed professionally. It allows dogs to look beautiful and well-groomed. You can walk with Russian black terrier at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. They love to wallow in the snowdrifts, and in the summer they pull to refresh in the ponds.

If a dog is contained in an apartment, then you need to take him outside as often as possible, take long walks, visit special areas and places where the dog can run without a leash.

Feeding features

A puppy of a black terrier is fed 4 times a day for half a year, and after that they are transferred to 2 single meals. As well as for other representatives of large breeds, for puppies it is important to get good nutrition during intensive growth. The dog's diet should contain 50% protein foods, 40% carbohydrates and 10% vegetable fat. Pet should regularly receive dairy products - daily in one feeding. In addition to meat, dog meat can be given boiled offal, but only after 6 months.

The menu of an adult black terrier should include more protein, especially in warm climates. The meat part with offal should be 2/3 of the daily norm, the remaining 1/3 are cereals and vegetables - raw or boiled. Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, natural yogurt can be given to a dog throughout life.

There is another option for feeding dogs of this breed - ready - made dry rations . Since terriers are not prone to allergies, it is quite easy for them to choose the right food. But it is important to select a quality product suitable for large breeds.

Photo black terrier black terrier runsblack terrier with a beautiful haircutthree black terriershandsome black terrierblack terrier runsblack terrier for a walk

Black Terrier Video

Black Terrier puppy cost

Today, black terriers can be found throughout the country and in other countries, so it’s not difficult to find a puppy. Prices for dogs of this breed vary:

  • 8000-10000 rubles - this cost should be alerted, since it is a dog without pedigree, and no one can guarantee the purity of blood; And besides, there is a risk of acquiring a sick animal — and this is either a long-term, expensive treatment, or the early death of a baby.
  • 10,000-15,000 rubles - this price category most often includes puppies that are tribal marriages. Like dogs, do not draw up the documents, although they may be purebred. But you can also buy a half-breed, especially if you buy from a private person.
  • 15000-18000 is the cost of a puppy with minor deviations from the standard. The dog may have a pedigree, but it will not be allowed for breeding and exhibitions. But there is already a guarantee that the dog will look like a real black terrier.
  • 20,000-25,000 rubles - at this price you can buy a good puppy, suitable for breeding.
  • from 30,000 rubles - the starting price of puppies of the show class, beauties with whom you can participate in exhibitions, they are obviously enviable brides and grooms, because besides their own success, they have titled parents.

Russian black terrier is a huge beautiful dog with a difficult character. First of all, it is a working dog with developed instincts; in any conditions it remains a formidable guard and watchful guard. Therefore, the pet needs special training, strict upbringing and a strong hand of the owner. Only in this case, the four-legged friend can become an excellent companion guarding his family and participating in all matters.

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