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Nutrition with natural food still causes difficulties for dog breeders. If there are practically no ready questions with the prepared rations, except that which brand is better, what products can be given to dogs, and what to feed the dog can not, many owners of four-legged friends do not know for sure. But this list is long enough and includes not only harmful, but dangerous for the animal body food.


Which vegetables are harmful to dogs

Vegetables should average 20-25% of the pet's diet. Experts recommend not to be limited to boiled products, but to give them in raw form. But are all the vegetables suitable for feeding dogs? Potato and broccoli were included in the list of especially forbidden foods.

Potatoes for dogs

In the first case, raw potatoes contain solanine - a dangerous, toxic substance. Therefore, they are not to be treated to an animal, and also to ensure that the pet does not get to the vegetables or cleanings independently. In boiled potatoes, many slowly digestible carbohydrates, which are deposited in a layer of fat, and potato starch leads to a set of extra pounds and increases the hypoglycemic index.

With a sedentary lifestyle of the pet, such food will lead to obesity of the pet. In addition, the potato is not well perceived and poor digestion of the digestive tract of the dog, can cause diarrhea.

Broccoli is another vegetable that is good for the human body, but contains an isocyanate, which is a poison for the pet. A large amount of eaten broccoli can lead to the death of the dog. It can be given to a pet in another food, but the amount of this ingredient should be minimal (4-5%). In this case, the vegetable will only benefit the animal's organism, since it contains an extensive group of vitamins and beta-carotene.

Important: what kind of cereals can be given to the dog .

Sweet under the ban

As practice shows, sweets are loved not only by people, but also by our four-legged friends. And this is the fault of the owners of dogs, who use confectionery as a treat and encouragement of the pet, and allow the guests to pamper the dogs of the owners of the house.

Dog can not sweet

In some cases, the dog shows all his acting talents to get a treat, and in a simple way - begging. The animal can ingratiatingly look into the eyes, perform various tricks, whine, and do this until the desired result is obtained. And sometimes he just takes a treat from the table without demand. All of the above refers to defects in education.

Generally sweet is harmful for many reasons. It is poorly digested by the dog's gastrointestinal tract, spoils its teeth, is the cause of excess weight and is capable of provoking the development of diabetes.

A special attitude in the canine organism with chocolate. Theobromine, which gives the delicacy bitterness, is a vegetable alkaloid contained in cocoa beans. On people, a small dose of this substance affects how caffeine - it has a stimulating effect on the work of the heart and blood flow. But such an action is dangerous for the animal's organism, as it causes the heart to beat violently and contract faster, and this leads to arrhythmia, tachycardia.

A diuretic action of the substance can cause a violation of the water-electrolyte balance. To a small dog seriously poisoned, it is enough to eat 3-4 pieces of chocolate (calculation is 7 g per 1 kg of animal weight). So you need to think about the consequences for the pet, before giving a delicious piece of chocolate.

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Tubular bones

Another dangerous product that can lead to death. Everyone knows the love of pets for this type of food, but not every bone is suitable for feeding dogs. The most damage can be caused by the tubular bone, because, breaking, it is divided into sharp fragments that can injure the jaws, esophageal walls, stomach and intestines and even pierce them through and through. In addition, they often get stuck in the airways, leading to suffocation of the animal.

Than you can not feed the dog

First of all, the prohibition extends to the tubular bones of the bird, as in addition to all of the above, the bone can become stuck in the teeth, and their undigested fragments accumulate in the stomach.

It is allowed to treat the pet with large beef bones that do not have sharp edges, preferably with meat and cartilaginous tissue. Give a better raw product and after a while to take away, so that the dog could not completely gnaw.

More information about bones for dogs: http://dogipedia.ru/mozhno-li-davat-sobake-kosti-kurinye-svinye-govyazhi-i-td/

Sausage and smoked products

No pet will give up a piece of sausage or a delicacy, but it is better not to give him such a meal. Boiled and smoked products contain two harmful components for the dog - salt and pepper. But this modern unscrupulous producers are not limited, adding not only soy, but also flavor enhancers, dyes, fragrances and so on. Naturally, all these components are not suitable for food animals. Of course, the dog will survive after the treat, but the daily use of such products will thoroughly compromise the health of the pet.

Sausage for dogs

A smoked meat products have a negative effect on the liver and pancreas of the animal. Especially at risk of pets suffering from diabetes, having excess weight, liver and kidney disease. Also in this group are puppies under 5 months.

A fish

If the dog is not a Japanese breed of Akita Inu, whose representatives need an obligatory presence in the fish's diet, then it is possible not to give the dog this product at all, since it can be not only harmful but also dangerous. Often dogs are choked with a fish bone, sharp fins, which can get stuck in the throat, esophagus tube, damaging the tissue. Also, dogs often get stuck fish bones in the gums and between the teeth, the dog will not tell about its problem and will suffer.

Fish bone can cause the development of an inflammatory process, which can worsen the condition of the pet. Raw fish can be a breeding ground for parasitic microorganisms and helminths, which, when eaten, will certainly hit the animal. More often parasites live in an organism of fresh-water fishes, therefore it is better to remove it completely from a ration.

Specialists are allowed to treat the dog the flesh of fresh salmon, but not all owners can afford to feed the dog with such expensive fish. Also in the raw fish was found a special enzyme substance - thiaminase, which destroys vitamins from group B. It is abundant in river and sea bream, roach, carass, sprat, pike, sardines, capelin, herring.

Another dangerous component for the canine organism is trimethylamine oxide, it binds the iron supplied with the food, thereby not allowing the mineral to be absorbed, which leads to the development of anemia. It is found, just in some species of fish - tuna, pollock, cod, saury, haddock, side, whiting.

It will be useful:

Yeast dough

Bread, buns, pies on the yeast test to friends four-footed like no less than their owners. But baking, especially fresh, is very harmful to the intestinal tract of the animal. Yeast, penetrating the intestine, begins to wander, releasing gases, which is accompanied by pain. In extreme cases, the condition can cause intoxication, and even rupture of intestinal or gastric tissues.

Dough and eggs for dogs

In addition, muffin can contain sugar, which is also found among dogs that are forbidden for dogs. If you really want to treat your pet with bread, then let it be a dried piece of black bread or a rye crumb.

Pork meat

This kind of meat is the worst option for a dog. In pork, parasitic worms are often found, and the dog can become infected with infectious bulbar paralysis. In the latter case, it is considered that if people do not get sick with such a disease, then it is not necessary to check the meat for the presence of pathogens. Among other things, the pork is too fat.

Given the prevalence of pork, it is difficult to completely eliminate it from the ration of the animal, and experts do not insist on this. But a number of rules should be observed:

  • buy the product only in the audited places, where it necessarily undergoes a veterinary check;
  • give the dog low-fat parts of pork - tenderloin, scapula, carbonate.

Everyone knows that dogs need in the diet of offal. It is the pork heart that contains less fat than veal. This is an excellent option for feeding, containing useful protein and vitamin, mineral substances. Also, the pet will not give up pig cartilage, kaltykov, ears and other delicacies that do not have excess fat.

Raw eggs

This product is dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, it contains the enzyme substance avidin, which inhibits the absorption of B vitamins and worsens digestibility of biotin, which negatively affects the appearance of the coat and skin. Raw eggs can also be contaminated with salmonella.

Of course, serious worsening of the dog's condition can occur when eating 5 or more eggs for a week. Experts advise not to get involved, but it is better to give the pet once in 3-4 days a raw quail egg with a shell, pre-chopping it. Diversify the diet can be boiled hard-boiled eggs, omelet. But again, no more than 2-3 times a week.

Dogs, although they live side by side with a man and often adopt many habits, still possess a different from the human body. This must be taken into account, since by treating a pet with beer, candy or a piece of sausage, the owner automatically shortens the pet's life not so long.

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