What to feed a pit bull

Pit bull - a formidable dog, requiring a special approach to education. In addition, these animals have their own nutritional characteristics, which the owners of this breed must be familiar with before purchasing such a pet. What is the feed pit bull to dog was full, healthy and cheerful?

What to feed a pit bull


Peculiarities of feeding a pit bull

American Pit Bull Terrier belongs to the breeds that have a tendency to allergic reactions , which means that the diet of the dog should exclude possible allergens.

The pit bull master always has the choice of whether to feed the pet with natural food, or to give preference to specialized ready-made feeds. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account that it is impossible to feed the pitbull with waste from cooking. Natural food should consist of meat suitable for feeding dog cereals and added vegetables and greens.

Even in the process of acquiring a four-legged friend, you need to ask what the puppy eats, what food he is used to and in general, get detailed advice on the proper feeding of dogs of a given breed. Only the baby weaned away from the mother is fed cow's milk.

American pit bulls grow quite rapidly (you can read to what age dogs grow ). Already by eight months reach the size of an adult dog. After this begins an intensive set of muscle mass. Proceeding from this feature of development, nutrition should be clearly regulated and aimed at maintaining those or other physiological features.

Pit bulls have a special skin and coat, due to which the dog has developed a tendency to form subcutaneous wen . Again, this has a direct connection with the consumed products. As soon as at least one formation was discovered, the pet's ration should be completely revised. It is recommended to exclude flour products from the menu, sweets, reduce the consumption of products containing a large amount of animal fats - butter, sour cream, etc.

The main rules for feeding pit bulls include the following:

  • never and under no circumstances should you feed your pet with food from your own table;
  • it is absolutely impossible to overfeed a pitbull, this leads to the fact that the dog begins to be lazy, gaining excess weight;
  • starve the dog is also not worth it, with malnutrition, it becomes irritable, restless;
  • food for the pit bull should not be very hot, but it is better not to give cold to these dogs;
  • Pit bulls, like any other spoiled dog, can refuse to eat, hoping for more delicious food; in this case, you must show your character to your pet, and allow him to starve for a couple of days.

To improve the pet's digestion, it is necessary to provide him with a 30-minute rest before and after meals. In the morning, it is better to give the dog lighter food, leaving more nutritious meals for evening feeding.

Natural products in the diet of the pit bull

Pit bull feeding with natural food

Any dog ​​is fed according to its age, the number of feedings of pit bull puppies should be as follows:

  • From one and a half to two months of age - 6 times a knock;
  • From 2.5 to 3 months - 5 times a day;
  • From 4 to 6 months - 4 times a day;
  • From six months to eight months, you can go on three meals a day;
  • From the 8th month of the pit bull it is already possible to feed as an adult dog - twice a day.

In this mode, there is a clear tendency to reduce the number of feedings, and each time the portion should increase until the puppy approaches the mode of an adult dog.

Be sure to comply with the regime, the water should be changed twice a day. Pet owners should be fed only by the owners, it is not worth to entrust this business to other people. If the pit bull has started the meal, you can not distract him, try to stroke, comb and so on.

Puppies are fed often, the food should have a high nutritional value, the portions should be small, it contributes to its better absorption. Every day, a puppy should eat 100 grams of meat, and once or twice a week a portion of by-products - heart (chicken, calf), liver (chicken, beef), or beef lung.

Every day a puppy requires 40-50 grams of cottage cheese 2-4% fat, 100-150 grams of vegetables (grated carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, turnips), 100 ml of milk. A couple of times a week, it is desirable to give one boiled egg.

It is recommended to feed pitbull puppies with cereals cooked in milk. The following cereals are suitable for this:

  • oat flakes;
  • buckwheat;
  • rice;
  • millet.

A teenage dog (at 7-8 months old) needs more meat than an adult pet - 600 grams per day, later a portion can be reduced to 450 grams.

Pit bull feeding with prepared feeds

Pit bull feeding with prepared feeds

Pit bulls can perfectly eat ready-made feeds. You can transfer puppies to him from two months of age. But this must be done with caution, carefully watching the state of the pet.

Choosing a suitable feed, it is best to give preference to premium-class products and focus on the age of a small pet.

To ensure that everything goes without problems, initially the pet is given a few pellets of food as a treat. Then two or three days is necessary to observe the condition of the dog for an allergic reaction or intestinal upset.

If the puppy feels great, then you can begin to feed him ready-made food. For a small pet daily portion is 110-120 grams, it must be divided into several times. Initially, feed pellets are soaked in boiled water, whole milk, low-fat yogurt or yogurt. With this type of food it is very important to provide the animal with free access to drinking water.

If we talk about adult American pit bulls, then they also need to select high-quality food that is suitable for feeding large dogs. The composition has a special requirement - the protein content is not higher than 25%. It is extremely important to maintain a balance of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Excessive phosphorus in the dog’s body can cause nervous system malfunction, for example, a pet may suffer from pathological cowardice. Therefore, many breeders of American pit bull terriers do not recommend to introduce into the pet's diet feed, where the main component is fish.

Even if the chosen food is perfectly balanced, it is still necessary to treat the pet regularly with raw vegetables and cartilaginous bones. This is necessary for the prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums, especially from the formation of tartar.

What can not feed the pit bull

There are many products that are not in the dog's diet:

  • Broccoli is toxic, especially if consumed in large quantities.
  • Grapes - adversely affects the condition of the pet's kidneys.
  • Mushrooms - the toxins they contain can affect the health of the dog.
  • Baking yeast dough - causes fermentation processes in the intestines, accompanied by the release of alcohol.
  • Animal fat - adversely affects the entire digestive tract of the dog.
  • Sugar substitute - helps reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Potatoes - in most dogs, including pit bulls, this vegetable can cause diarrhea .
  • Milk - it is great for puppies, but it affects adult pets as a laxative.
  • Confectionery - dogs do very well without sweets, which provoke problems with the teeth, digestive tract, cause obesity.

Pit bull terriers do not need an additional source of salt, they take everything that they need from food. It is necessary to exclude from the dog's diet all fat, fried, flavored with spices. It is also not recommended to give bread to pit bulls, except sometimes to offer rye crackers as a treat.

Can I give a bone pit bull terrier? Definitely not! Gnawing bones can lead to various negative consequences:

  • breaking teeth;
  • damage to the oral cavity by sharp fragments;
  • bones often get stuck between the teeth, hurting the dog;
  • more severe consequences - sticking of the bone in the esophagus, trachea, stomach;
  • eating bones can cause constipation .

It is not uncommon for bone fragments to leave the intestines naturally, but remain in it. This leads to intestinal obstruction. There is no easier situation when the sharp edges of the bone damage the rectum and the dog begins to bleed.

Damage to the stomach wall or intestinal tract can cause bacterial infection. The resulting peritonitis can lead to the death of a pet.

How to properly and how to feed your beloved pet, the right to decide only the owner. But it is still important to consult with a specialist before this.

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