How to feed a pug

Dogs, like people, are all different and have their own habits and preferences. The same applies to food. But in the case of four-legged pets, it is not always the case that they love or dislike the animal. More emphasis is placed on the physiological characteristics of the body. That's the dog breed pug have an original appearance and individual needs, which should be oriented to the owners when choosing a diet. So, what to feed the pug?

How to feed a pug


Features of pug feeding

Pug is a dog that has a stomach of small size as a bag, which means that by nature it is not intended for digestion of liquid food. This pet should be fed exclusively by solid, concentrated products.

The basis for feeding the pug, as well as other dogs, is meat - lean and raw. In its diet will perfectly fit lamb, horse meat, beef, poultry meat, rabbit, hare. You can treat your pet with raw paws, wings, cervical chicken or ducks. The pug's gastric juice literally dissolves the raw bone. As for boiled bones, they split in the stomach and become dangerous for the body.

Even in adults of this breed, there is a need for milk, with the help of which the dogs get rid of heartburn.

In order for nutrients derived from food to be better absorbed, it is necessary to walk with puppies more often and longer, so that they move a lot, feeding their appetite. It is believed that for knocking a puppy a pug must spend at least two hours outdoors.

Feeding rules are as follows:

  • give food after the paddock, when the pet a little rest;
  • it is not recommended to give food from your hands;
  • If the pet does not eat, you can not force it;
  • for eating a dog should have a strictly designated place;
  • must comply with the schedule of feedings;
  • to give food from the table is strictly prohibited.

When choosing dishes for pugs should be preferred flat bowls. They should always be clean.

It is necessary to provide the pug with clean water. For these purposes, there should always be a large bowl, and not only during feeding, but constantly. If you comply with such rules, the dog will not throw on the water and drink greedily, and do it discreetly, in small portions.

For pugs it is useful to eat raw meat, so it is better not to offer him a boiled product. Often, the dog "enters into the taste" and later refuses to eat raw meat. But in its composition, in addition to useful protein contains vitamins and trace elements that disappear after heat treatment.

Under the prohibition of pugs, boiled chicken bones, even if they are thin and soft, after the canine stomach they leave stony feces, similar in appearance to limestone.

In nature predatory animals receive salt from the blood of the victims. Purchased meat has a low content. Therefore, in the pug's diet can be added salted fish, fish pates. Prepare the dog food without adding seasonings and spices.

Prohibited products for pug

To feed the pug correctly, you need to know what it is strictly forbidden to give. This list includes the following:

  • Pasta - any kind, shape and composition.
  • Porridge from semolina - it is very poorly digested by the body of dogs.
  • Potato - can trigger the development of diabetes .
  • Sweets and all confectionery products - besides the fact that they have a detrimental effect on the enamel of the teeth, they also upset the work of the digestive tract.
  • Sugar and any of its substitutes are also unacceptable in the pug's diet.
  • Sausage products, meat delicacies, various smoked products - cause enormous harm to the pet.

Porridge and bread for this breed are hard, difficult to digest food, which can cause fermentation in the digestive tract. You can give it, but not regularly and in small quantities.

What not to give to the dog

Features of pug feeding for up to 4 months

Naturally, the puppy's diet is different from the adult dog's menu, so you need to take this into account.

For a period of three to seven months, the stage of active growth of the dog is necessary, which means that it is necessary to feed the pug. Owners should not be frightened that a small sized dog consumes more food than an adult pet of a larger size. This phenomenon is normal, because the body is intensively growing and requires energy.

How many times a day and how to feed a pug puppy? During this period there should be four meals a day. In the first two feedings it is recommended to give the following products:

  • dairy products - milk, sour milk drinks (kefir, bifid, curdled milk, acidophilus, etc.), you can add a little honey, cottage cheese;
  • vegetables - it is better to offer their pets in raw form, grinding them on a grater or cut into small pieces, can be seasoned with vegetable oils;
  • bread - a small piece, with the addition of butter, cheese;
  • porridge (except for barley and semolina) - it can add any butter, pieces of fruit;
  • egg yolk (from a chicken or quail eggs) - can be in raw or cooked form;
  • fresh fruit (except grapes);
  • pieces of salted herring (if the pet likes).

In the third and fourth feeding the dog should be given raw meat, which should be without fat or raw bones, pre-beaten with a hammer. Pugs can not be given pork.

Once or twice a week, fresh garlic can be added to the food of a tiny pug. Two denticles passed through the press are given with the main dish. Garlic will strengthen the immunity of the animal and protect against parasitic organisms.

Eating pug at the age of 4-7 months

The number of feeds is reduced to three times a day. In the diet there are changes - meat becomes the main dish, increase the number of dairy products and cereals. As before, the dog should not be given liquid food (it can contribute to deformation of the corset - the pet will sagging peritoneum and a back deflection appear), satisfying this need with drinking water. A healthy dog ​​at this age still continues to eat a lot and should not be limited to eating.

How to feed a pug puppy

Eating pug over six months

Feeding is gradually approaching the nutrition of an adult dog. You can give food only twice - in the morning (in the afternoon) and in the evening. The morning diet can be very diverse, but not contain fish and meat. It is better to offer them to the dog in the evening. This order should be followed up to 12 months, and then completely go to the adult menu.

Feeding an adult

If the pug receives two meals a day, the interval between feedings should not exceed 12 hours.

The amount of meat is calculated as follows - 30 grams of product, counting the bone, one kilogram of the weight of the dog.

The structure of the Pug's jaws is arranged in such a way that they do not have chewing teeth. Therefore, the dog should simply tear raw food and swallow meat, and even bones, with pieces. Meat products the pet receives in the form of pieces, the rest - in the shredded state. These are the features of physiology in pugs and it is necessary to take this into account.

An adult dog should receive:

  • Two-thirds of the food is raw meat.
  • Sea lean fish - twice a week.
  • Milk products daily - cottage cheese, various kinds of cheese, including soft (Adyghe, cheese), sour-milk products. Be sure to regularly give pug milk.
  • Vegetables - any (except potatoes), cooked, stewed and raw.
  • Fruits - everything, except grapes, crushed, you can offer the dog dried fruits, fresh and boiled from compote.
  • Bread - no fresh baking from white flour, only from flour grinding, you can with the addition of whole grains.
  • Kashi - you can give pug buckwheat, rice, barley, oatmeal (except semolina and pearl barley).
  • Cereals and vegetables can be flavored with vegetable and butter.

If possible, it is recommended to give a pug of 1-2 quail eggs a week. Nature ordered that dogs of this breed need to eat land, roots and bark of trees, wool and skin, as well as warm manure of herbivores. So if a pet does this on the ground, do not interfere with it, no matter how unpleasant the owners are.

Feeding with ready-made food

There are many different ready dry and moist feeds, but it is advisable to choose one that takes into account the peculiarities of the Pug's gastrointestinal tract.

Like other dogs, representatives of this breed need to be fed at the same time, when translating into ready-made foods, exercise restraint and do it gradually. The same applies to changing one ready-made diet to another.

With this form of nutrition is not necessary without the recommendations of a veterinarian to introduce any biological supplements and vitamin complexes. An excess of nutrients can damage the body more than their deficiency.

If the dog is well-groomed and receives the necessary nutrition, then when feeling the sides, the ribs should not be felt. Otherwise, the diet should be reviewed. Proper, balanced nutrition of pug will provide him with a long and healthy life.

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