What to feed Cane Corso

As representatives of this breed describe - strong, powerful, but elegant dogs, fearless guards and loyal friends. Cane Corso is a fairly large animal and requires special food. A proper diet will ensure a good condition of the muscular corset, bones and joints - these parts of the body usually suffer from large dogs as a result of non-compliance with the feeding rules. So what can you feed Italian molosses?


How to feed a cane-corso: dry or natural

A similar question confronts all new owners of a small pet of any breed. But in the case of Cane Corso, the breeders and masters prefer dry food, as the cane-corso has a propensity for food allergies. In this case, there is a question about the constant purchase of expensive hypoallergenic rations, and this is quite a costly affair. Cane Corso on the Sand

The advantage of the dry rations is their ease of use and accurate dosing - it is enough to study the information indicated on the package. And if the pet begins to "be capricious", then you can vary the menu with canned food, but, preferably, the same brand as the main food.

If such a problem as allergic manifestations is bypassed, then it is possible to give preference to natural nutrition, but it should be balanced, include only allowed products and be regularly adjusted, depending on the season, the pet's growth and its condition.

And it is worth remembering - if the dog eats drying, it is better to buy it from the pet store, but with natural feeding, you can choose a treat from your pet's favorite products or dry the meat and use it.

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How to Feed a Cane Corso puppy

In comparison with representatives of other breeds, the growth of a cane-corso lasts a rather long time and all this period of the pet should be fed according to a special, "puppy" diet. This also applies to the frequency of feeding - it will last longer than in other dogs.

Transfer puppy to a new diet can only be 2 weeks after he settled in the new house. And at first it is desirable to stick to the schedule, which was applied when the kid lived with his family. It is necessary to determine the mode of feeding, making equivalent time intervals between meals.

Such a large, muscular dog needs an increased number of proteins that have an animal origin. And the sources of this component are meat, fish, offal, eggs. Babies younger than 2.5 months of meat are cut into small pieces, but a twisted minced organism of the puppy is practically not digested.

For feeding the baby, beef, veal, rabbit meat will suit. A couple of times in 7 days a pet can be treated with fish - lean, sea, boiled and bones-free. Large beef pits puppy is allowed to give in 5-6 months, when the teeth begin to change.

With half a year it is possible to include a scar in the diet (the gastric tissue of herbivorous cattle), although it is much less nutritious than meat, but it contains a large number of enzyme substances that fruitfully affect the digestive tract. Given this product, it is worth remembering that it should not be more than half the daily meat portion.

How to Feed an Adult Cane Corso

And in adulthood, a cane-corso needs protein, so the basis of the diet includes meat, also the pet is given by-products and sour-milk products. The ideal fish for the ration of dogs of this breed is putas, it is given in its entirety, and it is also a good idea to supplement the pet's menu with salmonids. Fish are given every 3-4 days, 1 kilogram at a time.

The menu should also include porridges cooked on vegetable or meat broths. In them add pieces of meat, vegetables, season it is possible both vegetable, and butter. Also, the dog should regularly eat vegetables: cabbage, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin are allowed. In the dish you can add fresh greens. muzzle cane corso

As a treat dog can give fruit: pieces of apples, pears, apricots, peaches. A variety of fresh berries will help you to change the menu: raspberry, lingonberries, blueberries. You can make salads - vegetable fill with a small amount of vegetable oil, fruit - with low-fat yogurt without additives.

When feeding with dry diets it is important to follow the instructions, the feed should be high quality and suitable for large breeds . And it is necessary to provide the dog with a lot of water.

Than you can not feed a cane corso

Harm to health can cause the following food:

  • boiled bones, tubular ( bones can get stuck in the throat );
  • pork;
  • fat;
  • chicken and goosebumps;
  • marinades, pickles, spices, smoked products;
  • confectionery, pastry;
  • River fish.

In addition, the owners should be aware of the products that can cause allergies: eggs, chicken, mackerel, water, containing impurities, complex vitamins, some types of feed.

How many times a day to feed a cane corso

Considering the intensity of the growth of the animal, it will take up to 5 months to feed the puppy 5-6 times a day. Then gradually reduce the number of meals: 5-6 months - 4-5 feedings; 6-8 months - 3-4 feedings; 8-10 months - 3 feedings. From 10 months the dog is ready to switch to a 2-time meal.

Cane Corso is Italian - a dog with watchful qualities, serious appearance and a strong body. But to keep the pet active and excellent external data, you need to feed it properly.

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