How to Feed a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are small funny pets acting as companions. Owners must take care of the crumbs and take care not only of their beautiful coat, but also of their diet. And here there are a number of subtleties that are worth considering, choosing a balanced menu for the pet. So, let's figure out what to feed the Yorkshire terrier.


Natural products for Yorkies

If the owner intends to feed his tiny pet with natural products, then the diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements . In addition, it is important to pay attention to the combination of protein, carbohydrate and fatty foods.

Than to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home

As with other predatory animals, yes, these milaha are also predators, the basis of the diet should be meat. It is given in raw form, pre-scalded with steep boiling water. Among the most desirable types of meat are veal, beef, chicken breast. 25% of the diet should take boiled cereals - buckwheat and rice. York must give 1 egg yolk boiled hard-boiled eggs - chicken or quail. How many times a day? It is better to respond in a week. Approximately 2-3 times a week.

It should be noted that sour-milk products must be present in the diet of the Yorkshire terrier. It can be low-fat kefirchik, cottage cheese with the addition of calcium, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives. Although the dogs themselves basically eat it, but such selectivity of pets usually does not greatly alarm the owners, as they gladly eat vegetable and fruit dishes. And they like dogs in both raw and boiled form.

Vets also advise at least once a week to treat the dog with fish and seafood. Yorkies do not refuse shrimp, squid, which are sources of minerals and iodine. There are proportions that should be adhered to, so that the dog could get everything he needs:

  • 1/2 - protein of animal origin;
  • 1/4 - fruit and vegetable food;
  • 1/4 - cereals.

Vitamins for Yorkies

The above ingredients should be prepared separately from each other, and then mixed. The list of products allowed for feeding Yorkshire Terriers includes the following:

  • Meat products and by-products: meat of calves, beef, chicken fillet, chicken hearts and liver, heart and liver beef.
  • Kashi - from rice, buckwheat, wheat, millet. You can cook prefabricated dishes.
  • Fresh and boiled vegetables - white cabbage, colored, carrots, spinach leaves, pieces of pumpkin, zucchini, beets.
  • Fresh greens - parsley, onion, dill.
  • From fruit yorkam can give a few bananas, apples, melons, watermelon, persimmons.
  • Of fish in the diet can include flounder, tuna, herring.

Food for small pets is recommended to cut into small slices, it should be freshly prepared. Give it better in warm clothes. With natural nutrition a four-legged friend should receive additional fertilizer containing vitamins and trace elements.

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What in the diet of york should not be

In fact, very many of the products are absolutely not suitable for feeding dogs, including Yorkshire terriers. Some of them openly harm, others are not at all assimilated by the canine organism, others are akin to poison, which kills the pet slowly but surely. So what is a small york should not eat ever?

  • Dishes of the dog should be prepared without salt, pepper, oriental spices, sugar and various spices.
  • Fish should be marine, but not freshwater.
  • Fat types of meat are excluded, especially lamb, beef and pork brisket.
  • Warmly loved by all four-legged pets, sausages and smoked products are extremely harmful for Yorkers.
  • Among vegetables, it is undesirable for dogs to give a turnip, among citrus fruits.
  • Any sweet food is also under strict prohibition.
  • Pasta, bread and other pastries from wheat flour to give yorky is not worth it.
  • The egg protein in the raw form of the dog's stomach is not digested at all.
  • Milk from an adult pet can cause diarrhea;
  • Meat, mushroom broths are a heavy food for the dog.

You can not give yorky bones, especially for tubular and other bones with cavities (more about what bones can be given to a dog ).

Ready-made rations for Yorkshire terriers

Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terrier

Despite the fact that dry food has firmly entered the life of dog breeders and the rations of their pets, there is no consensus on the feeding of Yorkshire terriers. Many veterinarians categorically do not recommend feeding the Yorkshire Terrier puppy only by drying. But the owners found a way out in this situation, alternating dry granules with a canned product.

Choose a food of high quality - premium or super-premium class. Given the size of Yorkies, this should be a diet for small breeds. Among the popular brands that are most often chosen by owners of Yorkshire terriers, we can note the following:

  • Royal Canadian - in the line of these French fodders, you can find two diets suitable for Yorkies - Mini Edel 27 for small breeds and Mini Sensible for small dogs with problem digestion.
  • Orient is a Canadian product whose producers care not only about the benefits, but also about the taste of the ration.
  • Measure Dog - in the composition of food from the US includes a number of antioxidants that protect dogs from unfavorable external conditions.
  • Acana is a food from Canada, which is distinguished by high quality.

Advantages of feeds are obvious - they are designed taking into account the needs of various breeds, they are as balanced as possible the various ingredients and the calculation of the portion is simplified to the utmost. What can not be said about natural products.

Than to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home, the owner chooses, however, it is necessary to be guided by the needs and taste preferences of a four-legged friend.

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