What to feed the French bulldog

Cute little faces with a serious expression - the French bulldogs literally fall in love with themselves at first sight. It is not surprising that the representatives of this breed are of unprecedented popularity. However, not all owners are ready for the fact that every “Frenchman” is distinguished by individuality, which also manifests itself in food preferences. These dogs are quite capricious, may suffer from allergies and need a balanced, high-quality diet. How can you provide your pet a suitable diet?


Dry or natural food

The French Bulldog can be fed as a production ration, and dishes from natural products. Here the owner must decide that it is more convenient for him, naturally, not to the detriment of the health of his four-footed friend. In addition, it is important not to mix these two types of feeding.

French bulldog sitting Dry food , of course, when it comes to high-quality brands, will provide the animal with everything necessary, and the owner will help save time on cooking. In addition, they are characterized by high digestibility, low allergenicity, and they can be selected based on the individual characteristics of the Frenchman.

With regards to natural food, it can be considered a more diverse and useful option. It is difficult to imagine, but these sweethearts were once intended for harsh fun, only their need for high-calorie food remained in memory of this. And so that the dog does not “swelled up with fat”, it is important to provide it with an additional load. Here, a very important aspect is the correction of nutrition - it takes into account both nutritional value and portion size, and other nuances.

Whatever food the owner would prefer, it would be useful to arrange a fasting days for the dog - that is, once a week to give him about half or slightly less than the daily ration. Despite the bored look, it will benefit the pet.

What and how many times to feed a french bulldog puppy

Breeders begin to give the first lure to puppies of this breed already on the 8-9th day after birth, at 1 month the crumbs can already eat on their own. In most cases, ready-made feeds or minced beef in raw form act as the first food. And when acquiring a baby, the new owners should find out what the puppy was eating. While the dog is getting used to the new conditions, for a few days you should not change your usual food for new products.

Up to 3 months there is an intensive growth of a puppy, which means that he will need a lot of nutritious food. Dry feeds are given according to the proposed scheme, be sure to take care of the puppy's 24-hour access to clean drinking water. With natural feeding in the diet includes the following food:

  • raw beef (a quarter of the daily diet);
  • boiled meat (1/4);
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal), seasoned with vegetable oil (1/4 of the ration);
  • the rest of the quarter includes dairy, dairy products, raw chicken eggs (2 enough per week), boiled vegetables - zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, fresh apples.

What can you feed a French bulldog

When feeding with natural products, an adult dog needs more meat - its part should not be less than 50%. The diet should contain beef, poultry meat, it is rarely possible to give a boiled offal to a pet. Meat broth boiled porridge - from barley, buckwheat, pearl barley, rice groats. You can add boiled vegetables to the dishes or give them raw. Season with porridge sunflower or olive oil. French bulldog standing

Almost all milk and dairy organic foods can be given to adult French bulldogs, of course, if there is no lactose intolerance. Sea lean fish - a storehouse of useful elements. It is boiled, cleaned of bones and given to their favorites. It can also be given raw, but after deep freezing.

You can pamper a pet with pieces of fruit - apples, pears, bananas, etc. If the owner feeds the pet with ready-made rations, then you need to purchase top-class food ( super premium or holistic). These include the following proven brands:

  • Eukanuba;
  • Akana;
  • Bosch;
  • Daken Farm;
  • Grandorm;
  • Gow.

Choosing a suitable feed, it is not necessary to buy the one that is intended for the French bulldogs. A diet designed for representatives of small or small breeds. Purchase feed should be only in specialized pet stores.

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What can not feed the French bulldog

The French can be very convincing, begging for delicacies from the master's table, but the owners need to be firm in their spirit. Dogs are not recommended confectionery, pickles, spices, fried and smoked products. All products from flour and yeast should also be excluded from the diet. Among the fruits, all grape and raisin varieties are harmful; vegetables - potatoes, especially boiled ones.

Sausages and tubular bones can bring harm (read what to do if a dog has a bone stuck ). Pet intoxication can earn by eating a lot of onions and garlic. If it turns out that the pet suffers from food allergies, then you should find out what causes it. And if many products become a threat to health, then it is better to transfer the pet to a hypoallergenic ready-made diet.

A modern French bulldog is a great companion who will gladly go for a run with his owner and lie on the couch with the same joy. Such a balance should be present in the diet - it is impossible to overfeed the pet, but at the same time it should receive everything that is extremely useful.

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