What to Feed Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier - a representative of a large family of terriers, which, despite its compact size, in no way inferior to its larger brethren. This dog needs a balanced diet, enriched with proteins, in order to replenish vitality and energy. How to properly feed a puppy or an adult jack russel terrier so that he does not lose his activity and positive?


What to feed Jack Russell Terrier: nature or dry

The eternal dilemma of dog owners - to feed your pet with natural products or ready-made rations, concerns the owners of small jack-clefts. As for professional breeders, they feed puppies and adults with production feeds. But if the new owner wants to change the type of feeding, he has the right to do it. It is recommended to do this gradually, necessarily taking into account that these dogs belong to the hunting breed. jack russell terrier for a walk

Naturally, the diet of decorative and working dogs is strikingly different, usually in the latter case the pet gets more nutritious food. If in the finished rations the balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals has already been taken into account and it is enough to choose a suitable menu for your pet, then with natural feeding this ratio should be determined by the owners themselves.

How to Feed a puppy Jack Russell Terrier

When the baby enters the new house, the owners try to take good care of it. And that the stress from the change of residence was minimal, it is not necessary in the first couple of weeks to change the diet of his diet. At this time, it is necessary to feed the baby in the same way as the breeders fed it. A little later you can change the type of food or transfer crumbs to another food, but it should be done very delicately:

  • usually at first the baby gets either natural food or canned food, and in order for the baby to start eating dry food , it is first necessary to give it in a soaked form;
  • if the lure consisted exclusively of dry granules, then in a week you can begin to mix it with canned meat;
  • when switching to natural feeding, it is advisable to start with meat broths, then add vegetables, and in the end - cereals;
  • any new product is introduced in small dosages - 1-2 tsp. and with the subsequent supervision over a status of the kid;
  • To feed a puppy naturalka it is possible at once, as soon as the adaptation 2-week period passes.

The puppy's natural feeding is carried out according to a certain scheme: half of the diet consists of meat ingredients, offal, 20% is milk and sour-milk products, and the remaining 15% are cereal and vegetable crops.

Also, with natural feeding at some stages of life in a puppy, there is a need for additional sources of vitamins and minerals. This point needs to be discussed with the veterinarian.

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How to Feed an Adult Jack Russell Terrier

An adult dog needs a proper diet, like a puppy. But here there are a number of nuances, for example, even eating a naturalka, the pet should not get food from the master's table. The following products can be included in the ration of the grown jack russel terrier:

  • lean meats (veal, beef), boiled chicken;
  • from the by-products can be given only the heart, well-boiled;
  • buckwheat and rice porridge;
  • cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt;
  • vegetables - pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, beetroot.

If the owner prefers ready-made food, then they should be of high quality. Experienced dog breeders of this breed recommend to pay attention to such brands:

  • Inna EVO;
  • Orien;
  • Akana;
  • Canide;
  • Artemis Maxim.

Correctly selected diet will allow the dog to get everything that is required without additional feeding.

Than you can not feed jack russel terrier

Dogs do not need such food variety as people, and certainly they do not need harmful food - sweet, fatty, fried, salted and smoked. All confectionery products negatively affect the digestive system of the animal. But, even knowing this, the owners, no, no, but treat the pet something delicious. handsome jack russell terrier

Experts say that this is strictly prohibited. When giving any food from their table, the owners make beggars from pets. It is worthwhile to closely monitor the regime and give the pet only the necessary amount of food. If there are no problems with dry rations, then with natural feeding, the daily portion will have to be selected by trial and error.

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How many times a day to feed the jack russel terrier

When purchasing a baby, the owners should be ready to feed it quite often. If he was in a new family a month's crumb, then it will have to be done 7 times a day, including at night. But, as a rule, puppies at this age are still fed by the mother, receiving additional food only as complementary foods.

For 2-month-old puppies, the regime is set at least as tight as 6-time. And in a month, one feeding can be removed. From 4 months to half a year the puppy is fed 4 times, and from half a year to 10 months - 3. In 10-12 months, the grown puppy jack russel terrier is enough for 2-time feeding, which is saved afterwards.

Jack Russell Terriers - dogs with a certain focus of activity - they are normal hunters. And what is necessary for such active dogs? Correctly, a full and balanced diet, through which they will not lose their amazing abilities, will always be cheerful and joyful.

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