How to feed the Dalmatian

It may seem that the Dalmatian is just a beautiful dog that you can only admire. However, the representatives of this breed are very active and have expressed protective qualities. And, like any energetic dogs, these people from Dalmatia need a full-fledged, balanced diet. What to feed these stately pets of the original color?


What to feed a Dalmatian: naturalka or drying?

Unfortunately, for today disputes about the best way to feed their four-legged friends do not stop, and if we talk about a particular breed - Dalmatians, then the owners have a choice - to cook their own meals or to buy ready-made dry rations. Dalmatian runs with a cane in his teeth

As many would not support the "natural" feeding and its benefits, it's hard to argue, but the quality feed contains the maximum amount of vitamin and mineral supplements. In addition, if a pet, and many smooth-haired dogs suffer from this ailment, a food allergy is revealed, then it is much easier to choose a hypoallergenic food than to look through foods and see how the pet suffers.

Also, when feeding by drying, it is always possible to purchase a diet based on the breed, size, age, type of hair, and it is certainly not difficult to determine the daily rate. But this all applies to quality brands.

"Naturalka" is a natural food for dogs, and the owner always knows what the dish that his favorite is eating consists of. And if the food is fresh, properly cooked, then why not stop at this option. Naturally, to balance the food in this case is more difficult and, at certain moments, the pet will need additional sources of nutrients.

It turns out that in any case, food for the Dalmatian should be of high quality.

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Than you can feed Dalmatian

Dogs are predators, which means that the basis of the diet should be meat, in the case of Dalmatians, it should take at least a third of the daily norm of food. In addition to meat, 2-3 times a week, the dog can be given cooked by-products.

Cereals for Dalmatians , a special topic, which will be discussed below, they should be in the dog's menu, but not more than a quarter of the total diet. The same number is given to dairy products - a little cottage cheese, curdled milk, yogurt or kefir can be given at least every day.

Vegetables are also important, but they account for a maximum of 20% of the total volume of food. Gastrointestinal tract of dogs of this breed perfectly assimilates carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, sweet peppers, white cabbage.

1-2 times a week, you can replace a portion of meat or offal to fish. Marine can be given in raw form, but it is better to pre-freeze, and the river - must boil. And the main condition - the product must be cleaned of bones.

Fruits - for many spotty handsome men they are a real treat, and they can be used for training. If the owner decides to feed the pet with ready-made rations, then preference should be given to the well-known brands of super-premium and holistic class.

How to feed a Dalmatian puppy

First of all, the new owners should know that after taking the baby, they must feed it the first week and a half, as well as the previous owners. Of course, we are not talking about bough milk, but only about the lure, to which the baby is already accustomed. This should be consulted by the breeder. After this time, you can transfer the crumbs to the food that you will constantly feed it.

Dalmatians - dogs are not small and grow in puppy age very intensively, so the amount of food that is required for a puppy exceeds by volume the diet for an adult dog - no more, not less, but 2 times. After all the kid only for couple of months can grow in 10 and even 20 times!

With natural feeding it is recommended to gradually introduce into the diet all new useful products. The puppy's menu should be as varied as possible. And, it is worth noting, the older the dog, the more difficult it perceives new food. Dalmatian puppies

When the baby's teeth change, do not give him bones, it is better to include in the diet jelly foods - jelly, jellied and stuff from boiled bones, cartilaginous tissue, with the addition of gelatin.

Also for strong bones, you need to give the cottage cheese with calcium chloride, which is better to prepare yourself. Meat is given only in boiled form, and the smaller the baby, the smaller the pieces.

Than you can not feed Dalmatian

The list of prohibited products includes sweets, smoked products, salines, seasonings, fatty meats and fish. But it's all standard, as with other dogs. A feature of the Dalmatians is that their body, like the human, synthesizes excess uric acid when it receives a lot of protein food of plant origin.

Therefore, they need to feed them with vegetables and cereals, but given this fact. For example, dogs of this breed are not recommended to give semolina and corn croup, pyshenky, and pearl barley. And another nuance - Hercules adversely affects the color of the coat - it can acquire a yellowish tinge.

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How many times a day to feed the Dalmatian

On average, the baby gets to new owners in 2-2.5 months, and it should be fed 5 times a day - the first meal - at 6-7 in the morning, the last - no later than 22-00. From 3 months the number of feedings is reduced by one, and from 4-5 months - by one more. From half a year to 10 months there is a 3 meals a day, and from 10 months of the puppy can be transferred to an adult - 2 times a day.

The Dalmatian is a positive, agile, inquisitive dog, and so that it remains, the owners need to take care of the pet, provide it with attention and suitable nutrition.

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