How to feed a Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a very small but active dog that spends a lot of energy. This should make the owners think about the pet's full-fledged diet and understand how to feed the Chihuahua. The main thing in the dog's diet is, above all, the quality of food, and not its quantity. So, it is necessary to keep a balance, and provide the animal with maximum nutritional products.

How to feed a Chihuahua


What should be included in the diet of Chihuahua

Despite its tiny size, do not forget that the Chihuahua is a full-fledged dog, respectively, a predator. And her diet, for the most part, should consist of protein foods. The basis is animal protein, but vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, fats and essential trace elements must also be present in the diet - the presence of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins of various groups is necessary.

High content of animal protein in the following products:

  • meat - beef, horse meat, veal, lamb, poultry meat;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • cheese products;
  • fermented milk products.

However, not all of them are suitable as food for Chihuahuas. It is necessary to consider in more detail all the components of the menu of these dogs.

It has already been noted that meat for dogs of this breed is the basis of their nutrition. Chihuahuas can be fed low-fat meats - beef, veal, horse meat. It is undesirable to give it raw, before serving it can be boiled or doused with boiling water.

Porridge, too, must be present in the diet of a tiny pet. It can be buckwheat, rice, corn or rolled oats.

Vegetables are welcome absolutely any, as subjected to heat treatment (best steamed), and raw. In the latter case, to increase their digestibility, vegetables can be chopped on a fine grater and seasoned with low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil. Among all vegetables, carrots are particularly useful for Chihuahua dogs. Carotene, which contains a large amount in this vegetable, has a fruitful effect on the state of coat.

Healthy chihuahua food

As a treat, you can give your little pet fresh fruit. Among them, it is better to give preference to apples and bananas.

There are a number of products that can be included in the Chihuahua diet, but this should be done no more than once a week:

  • Meat products - heart, tongue, liver, lung, kidneys - can be given to dogs, but only in boiled form.
  • Chicken meat is given to a pet no more than two or three times a month, exclusively boiled, as raw chicken meat may contain dangerous salmonellosis virus. Before serving, it is necessary to remove all the bones from the meat, since chihuahuas can choke on their small pieces, remove the skin. It is necessary to introduce chicken meat into the dogs menu with caution, as it is considered to be quite allergenic.
  • Fish - sea fish can be offered to a pet more often - twice a week. It should choose a low-fat species, it should be boiled or steam, carefully cleaned of bones.
  • Eggs - one egg per week is enough, it is given to a pet in the form of an omelet or boiled and crushed. You can serve it yourself, or by adding to another food. Raw eggs are not recommended.

Prohibited Products

Chihuahu are special pets that need to adjust the diet. What other dogs need, it is strictly forbidden to give these:

  • Raw meat - only boiled, or, in extreme cases, scalded with boiling water. Pork is forbidden to give (neither raw nor boiled).
  • All confectionery products - chocolate, sweets, waffles, etc., should be completely excluded from the diet, as their consumption entails various health problems - impaired digestive system activity, destruction of tooth enamel, as well as the development of tearing .
  • Fried and fatty food is a harmful food not only for this breed, but also for other dogs and even for humans.
  • Milk - in some breeds, it causes a laxative effect, and Chihuahuas also belong to this category of pets.
  • Pollock and river fish - for many reasons they should not be on the dog's menu.

In addition, this group of products also includes nuts, onions, all legumes, salty and spicy dishes.

An example of the daily diet of an adult chihuahua

Chihuahua diet sample

The amount of food for this small breed is calculated as follows - from 60 to 80 grams of food per 1 kilogram of body weight. Thus, a two-kilogram pet will need an average of 140 grams of finished products per day. 65-70% of them should be proteinaceous in composition, all other components fall to the rest.

The answer to the question of how many times a day to feed a chihuahua - 2 times divided into morning and evening feeding. And during breaks, it is permissible to treat your four-legged friend with various delicacies - special bones, rye crackers, dry galetny type cookies.

Food must be warm, and the pet must have round-the-clock access to drinking water.

Dog menu might look like this:

  • Morning feeding - lean meat (preferably beef, veal) or fish (steam or boiled), cut into small pieces, with the addition of porridge, cooked from rice or buckwheat. The ratio of products should be as follows - three pieces of meat to one part of the cereal. You can add the dish with grated raw vegetables - zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, seasoned with a teaspoon of sunflower or olive oil.
  • Day snack - you can give the dog only one product - fresh fruit, kefir or yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Sometimes it can be an egg omelette or a yolk.
  • Evening feeding - meat boiled or processed with boiled water with stewed or steamed, chopped vegetables.

Peculiarities of nutrition for dogs bearing puppies and puppies

Naturally, a pregnant animal needs a special diet, as well as a nursing mom and her little babies. First of all, it is necessary to increase the amount of calcium-rich foods in the pet's diet - cottage cheese, cheese, apples, cauliflower, rolled oats.

Since the process of protein overload in the dog's body occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to remove all meat and fish food from the diet of the future mom a week before the birth.

How to feed a Chihuahua puppy? Puppies from the age of three weeks can be introduced as food meat - minced meat from low-fat beef or veal. For the first time its quantity should not exceed one pea.

Gradually, the portion needs to be increased, and in a month the puppy will already be able to use porridge with meat and kefir.

Chihuahua Ready Feed

If the owner decided to feed the pet with special feeds, this definitely makes the task easier. No need to painstakingly calculate the required rate, just look at the table indicated on the package. According to it, you can easily determine the portion for one feeding, knowing only the weight of your little pet.

Chihuahua Ready Food

Dry food for such crumbs is produced in the form of small granules (the bigger the pet, the larger they will be), which can be given dry, or soaked beforehand in a small amount of water. Preserved feed is preferable to give in the form in which they are.

Fodder, made by the latest technologies, attract pets no less than natural products. In addition, manufacturers take into account the balance of nutrients, calculated for a certain type of dogs and their condition (elderly, young, large, small, carrying puppies, etc.) Therefore, you can be sure that the pet will receive everything necessary for its growth and full development. With this type of feeding, the dog does not need additional vitamin and mineral supplements, as they are already part of the feed.

After the pet's meal, only the wet food left in the bowl must be cleaned, but the dry food can be there all the time. It does not deteriorate and can retain its properties at room temperature. This is convenient if you do not have time to wait for the dog to be completely full.

There is a mass of various firms specializing in the production of dog food. And if you want to give your pet all the best, you should opt for well-known brands that are tested by large breeders and belong exclusively to the premium category. Feed of this type is made from high quality products and enriched with necessary additives. In addition, you can consult about feed with experienced breeders of Chihuahua breed dogs. Whatever the owner chooses for his beloved pet, it is important to maintain a balance in the diet.

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