What to feed a pregnant dog

There is a common misconception that the future mom should eat often and in large quantities, which is called - for two. The same applies to pregnant dogs, only here you can eat for five, seven, and for eleven babies. But it is better to refuse excessive mobility at this time. Naturally, experts fundamentally disagree with such a question and offer the owners of the four-legged future mommy a more rational approach to this topic and solely in the interests of the dog and its puppies. So, how to feed a pregnant dog?

Rules of nutrition for a pregnant dog

On a significant change in the diet in the first half of carrying puppies can not think. It is better to start introducing any changes if there is confidence that the fertilization was successful.

What to feed a pregnant dog

If before the pregnancy the dog was fed on production dry rations, then you should not change the type of feeding. And even more so try not to feed the bitch with ready-made rations and home-made food as top dressing. This delicate period is not at all suitable for experiments.

You can change the brand of food in the event that there is a desire to change the diet of the animal of the highest quality. Otherwise, you can stay on the usual diet, but to choose in the line you need a more suitable menu - for bitches in position or dogs that are different in activity and mobility. This will not have a negative impact on the state of the animal, even if the female is not on demolitions.

When eating natural products, it is important to enrich the diet with meat products and reduce the amount of food that is a source of fiber and carbohydrates. For the normal development of offspring, it is important to get enough protein, but the portion size should remain the same.

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Feeding pregnant dogs weekly

In the second month, even without special knowledge, it is easy to see that the dog is waiting for offspring. But in this case it will be useful to show her to the vet and make an ultrasound. And that's all, now you can feed your darling as the future mommy deserves.

On the 5th week

Feeds from premium or super premium categories suitable for whelping or nursing bitches are suitable for feeding females, and if there is no such in the lineup, then for puppies. Naturally, you should strictly follow the specified rate.

Calcium preparations and supplements with vitamin E can be used as supplements. When eating naturally, it is necessary to introduce vitamin-mineral complexes suitable for the dog “in position”. Usually they include everything you need and in the right proportion.

Be sure to reduce physical activity of the animal. If we are talking about a working dog, then it is excluded from the activity. The same applies to females involved in sports. You need to walk a lot, but it should be quiet walks, you can take the dog out of town, into the countryside.

On the 6th week

The menu remains the same, only it is desirable to divide it into smaller portions and feed the petition not 1-2, but 3 or 4 times a day. During this period, the female herself refuses physical activity, preferring to rest more. Since physiological changes occur in the body, it is necessary to take the pet to the street more often.

From the 52nd to the 57th day

The diet does not change at all, but at this time it is better to refuse feedings, including calcium ones. This will facilitate the process of passing the fruit through the birth canal. Walks consist in meeting needs and short-term waddling. Females are increasingly resting and almost do not run. Especially if they expect numerous replenishment of the family.

From the 58th to the 66th day

The menu remains the same, but you can go on 4-5 meals a day. These days the dog needs constant attention and if possible it should not be left alone. Walks are made near the house and, preferably, using a leash. You should also be patient and take the dog home only when it expresses a desire. And as the number of feedings increases, then the number of paddocks, too. "To tolerate" a bitch in a position is strictly prohibited.

Pregnancy is a big responsibility for the owners, and a lot of patience and attention is required here.

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