How to feed an English Bulldog

As soon as this aristocratic and at the same time funny pet appeared in the house, the natural question arises before the owners: "What to feed an English bulldog?" The owners must immediately understand that it is impossible to rely on the taste of the dog itself. Here an important role is played by the usefulness of the chosen diet and the conformity of food to the anatomical features of the bulldogs.

How to feed an English Bulldog


Feed dry food or natural food

The owners of English (as, indeed, other varieties of this breed) bulldog have a choice - to feed the pet with industrial feeds, or to offer a four-legged friend a natural food. But mixed food for this breed is not recommended.

In both cases there are certain nuances and each of them should be considered in more detail.

Ready-made food

This type of feeding has a number of advantages:

  • experts have already thought of its composition, including in it all necessary for the body of the dog, including vitamin and mineral supplements ;
  • feeds are oriented to the size, age, breed of the animal, activity, so you just need to choose the right one;
  • dry food is the most convenient food for a dog on the road (it is known that English bulldogs are excellent companions for traveling);
  • food is convenient to store;
  • dog owners do not need to waste time preparing food, calculate the ratio of ingredients, and indeed, the question what to feed the dog, it disappears by itself.

To the negative aspects can be attributed a relatively poor choice of flavors, but veterinarians unanimously assert that most dogs, including bulldogs, do not need this, and some even harmfully introduce constantly new products. They are much more balanced nutrition.

Naturally, it is worthwhile seriously approaching the issue of choosing a brand, because the health of the pet depends on it. Nevertheless, on the scale of health, English bulldogs are not at the top, so do not exacerbate this phenomenon by a poor-quality product. It is better to give preference to premium and super premium foods.

Feeding bulldog with natural products

People, choosing this method, are guided by various aspects. For some, this is a natural desire to feed the pet with fresh and natural products, for others - to save the budget at the stern.

Of course, this method is more troublesome, since it requires constant cooking. And in advance to prepare food will not work. In addition, it can not be called economical, since high-quality products cost a lot.

But this food is more useful for an English bulldog. Owners can be calm, their dog eats only fresh, quality food, without any additives.

But before you start cooking, it is worth to clarify, and what, in fact, eating bulldogs? A pet's diet must include the following products:

  • meat;
  • cereals in the form of cereals;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products - kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • fresh herbs and vegetables;
  • fruits and berries.

The amount of meat is calculated as follows:

  • The puppy needs 59 grams of product per kilogram of weight;
  • adult bulldog - 250 grams a day.

It's best if it's veal or beef. It is more useful for bulldogs meat in its raw form. It can be held in the freezer to exclude the presence of pathogens. And if the pet is not enthusiastic about the raw product - before serving serve with boiling water, it will, while keeping everything useful, remove the smell of blood.

In the diet bulldog can include offal - heart, udder, liver, lung, kidneys. But it is better to boil them well and do not completely replace them with meat.

Giving dice to an English bulldog is not recommended. It is permissible sometimes to pamper the pet with soft cartilage. And for the dog to eat something, you can buy special bones from the pressed veins in pet stores.

English Bulldog food

Porridges for an adult pet are cooked on the water, wheat, rice, buckwheat will do. Vets advise to season this dish with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Also it is possible to put as a vitamin additive in a dish finely chopped fresh greens.

Since the childhood it is necessary to accustom the puppy to sour-milk products, they fruitfully influence activity of GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. Kroham can be given home-made cottage cheese, which is added to the preparation of calcium in the ampoule during cooking.

When feeding a pet with the necessary amount of meat, one or two eggs per week will suffice. Cooked you can give all the eggs, raw - just yolk.

Very important components of the bulldog diet are vegetables and fruits. But if the last dog is loved and can be eaten for a "sweet soul", then with vegetables, there are often problems.

Vegetables can be offered to the pet in raw form, pre-grinding on a grater. If the dog refuses, you can season the dish with vegetable oil, sour cream. Or boiled, cut into pieces and, if necessary, refill, as well as raw.

Owners should know that bulldogs are rare ghosts, and, after trying at least once the forbidden product, will steadfastly give up the usual food. In this case, it is important to avoid eating the undesirable food by the pet, and if it suddenly happens - be resistant. Do not eat a pet, it means that after 15 minutes the bowl should be removed before the next feeding. The bulldog will soon understand that he has nothing to wait for and will return to the usual diet.

When and how many times need to feed an English bulldog

The amount of food, as well as the frequency of feeding, depends, to a greater extent, on the age of the pet:

  • Quite a crumb (a puppy up to 2 months) requires six meals a day; The interval between them should not be more than three hours, night feeding should not be.
  • 2-3 months old baby can eat five times a day, with the obligatory observance of the same intervals. It is recommended to include in the diet of the puppy milk, kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk. Milk production is rich in calcium and will allow correctly form the bones and teeth of a dog. Two feedings should consist of milk porridge.
  • from 4 to 7 months old English bulldog puppy is transferred to four meals a day.
  • from 8 months and up to a year enough to feed the pet three times a day, and from year the puppy passes to the regime of an adult dog - food is given in the morning and in the evening.

For English bulldogs, the regime is very important, they love stability. Therefore, the food should fall into the dog bowl strictly by the hour. But from additional feeding it is necessary to refuse.

What should be a serving

Determine whether a dog is enough food, you can by its behavior. The bulldog, without being distracted and concentrated, eats the entire contents of the bowl, carefully lick it and goes about its business, which means that the food was enough for him.

If the dog ate everything, he licked the cup, but he does not intend to leave, trying to polish the bowl with his tongue, still, he is still hungry. Perhaps, it is worth considering options for increasing portions.

Sometimes, on the contrary, the dog leaves food in a bowl, if it is a puppy, then it is immediately accepted to play. Accordingly, his portion is too large and the bowl needs to be removed in about 10 minutes. And no attempts to offer something more tasty should not be.

Although the latter situation is very rare. Breeders of English bulldogs note their excellent appetite and the ability to eat more than is required. Therefore, they tend to obesity. Owners should ensure that the pet moves sufficiently, does not overeat and does not eat high-fat foods.

Of course, when calculating the size of a portion, you need to take into account various characteristics - age, sex, activity, physical activity and caloric content of the dish itself. The dog eats more during periods of intense growth, during pregnancy. The elderly animal is significantly reduced activity, which means that the amount of food should be reduced.

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