What to feed the Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest breeds, bred by the Eskimos on the shores of Alaska. Active and mobile malamutes require special nutrition to maintain physical health and natural strength at the proper level. A careful owner always takes care of the proper and balanced feeding of his pet. So, what to feed the Alaskan Malamute?

What to feed the Alaskan Malamute


Organizing the proper nutrition of the Alaskan Malamute

Looking at the impressive size of the representatives of this breed, you might think that this dog is very difficult to feed. However, this impression is erroneous, malamutes eat less than the same size dogs of other breeds, and when calculating a portion of food, this nuance must be taken into account. The amount of food consumed is affected by the age of the pet, the size and the activity displayed.

It is highly not recommended to feed malamutes with food from your table, it can be too oily, with an increased amount of salt and spices, which will negatively affect the work of the pet's digestive tract. Often, dogs of this kind, with a large size and deep sternum, suffer from a curvature of the intestines, and this must also be taken into account when choosing a diet.

Owners of this breed should know that the animal's body requires a monotonous food, since fast and frequent change of dishes can cause serious digestive tract disorder. In addition, the pet should consume a sufficient amount of water, suitable for drinking.

It is necessary to observe the cleanliness in the place for feeding the pet without fail. What remains uneaten, should be cleaned in a timely manner, a bowl should be washed after each feeding.

Feeding Alaskan malamute ready-made diet

As in the case of other breeds, Alaskan Malamute owners have a choice - to organize a dog's diet using ready-made feeds, or to make a diet from natural products. Allowed and mixed food, but most experienced breeders of Alaskan malamutes do not recommend using it, due to the peculiarity of the stomach of dogs for a long time to rebuild products with a change of diet.

If the owner gave preference to dry food, then they should not be lower than the premium class. The best is considered to be a super premium food. When choosing a brand, you can rely on more well-known and proven brands. You can also get advice from the breeders of this breed.

It is recommended to buy food only in pet stores, bypassing what appears in any supermarket of the city. Adhering to simple recommendations, you can easily make the right choice:

  • On the packaging of a really high-quality product, the following can be indicated: "natural" or "organic" - meat is used in the production of food, not by-products, "holistic" - the food is ideal for pets with certain digestive problems or "human-grade" - The products used are suitable for human nutrition.
  • Choose a better food, in which the first place is meat (beef, chicken, lamb, etc.) - a natural source of animal protein.
  • It is necessary to avoid food, in which the first in the composition are indicated cereals - malamutes, first of all, meat is necessary in the diet.

For a better balance of amino acids, food for the Alaskan malamute should consist of several sources of protein - fish, poultry, lamb, etc.

If the food does not include fish products, fat, it is recommended several times a week to give the dog two tablespoons of fish canned food - tuna, pink salmon, mackerel. This will help to avoid problems with skin and coat.

This type of food is a simpler option, since the diet is already balanced and includes all the necessary elements. It is only necessary to correctly calculate the portion. If necessary, feeding can be enriched with vitamin supplements or polyunsaturated fats.

The food can be offered to the pet, both in dry form and with a small amount of cool water. If there was a need to change food, this is done gradually, partially replacing the usual food with a new one. The transition period lasts at least three days.

Natural feeding of Alaskan Malamute puppy

Natural feeding of Alaskan Malamute

In the event that the owner decided to feed the pet with natural products, then the meat should take up most of the diet. Puppies can be given as cooked or raw veal, beef, cut into small pieces, but from minced meat is better to refuse. The size of pieces of meat increases with the growth of the pet.

Puppies are useful to give porridge - rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. Fish include in the diet necessarily, a couple of times a week is enough. It is better to prefer sea lean fish, before serving it must be boiled and cleaned from bones.

To form a strong bone skeleton puppies should include in the menu cottage cheese, which is the best natural source of calcium. Egg can also be given to the baby, but only in boiled form, one egg per week will be enough.

In the malamute puppy menu, it is possible to include almost all vegetables, either raw or cooked, with the exception of potatoes. Since it is difficult to independently balance nutrition, it is possible to give vitamins to a pet, but only after consulting with a veterinarian.

How to feed an adult dog of this breed

An adult dog should be fed twice and must strictly dose a portion of food. Breeders of this breed note that the Alaskan malamutes have an excellent appetite, and will be eaten until the bowl is empty. This can cause obesity.

It is worthwhile to understand that the feed of the pet belongs to the educational process . Alaskan Malamute, like most dogs, is prone to begging. He can ask for food even if he is not hungry. You can never indulge his desires. Pieces of food can be given, in addition to basic feeding, only as a reward for the task performed. But this should by no means be confectionery or chocolate.

You can not feed malamutes with food leftovers from your table, this is not the right food for the dog. The following products are banned:

  • food containing chemical additives;
  • salty fish;
  • smoked products;
  • sausage delicacies and meat products;
  • dishes seasoned with spicy spices;
  • bakery products.

Not only that such food adversely affects the digestion processes, so still it can ruin the animal's appetite. Alaskan malamutes, having tasted something delicious, often refuse from the usual food and even from dry food.

It is important not to yield to the pet, showing firmness in everything that concerns food. The food should be correct, and the feeding should take place strictly according to the regime.

How to correct nutrition correctly

How to Feed Alaskan Malamute

Malamute babies up to 4 months of age eat 3 times a day. Older pets can already be transferred to the diet of an adult dog - morning and evening feeding. It is not recommended to switch to one-time food, since in the case of malamutes, it can provoke a turn of the intestines. An adult pet should have water around the clock, puppies should be cleaned for the night.

To more accurately dose a serving, it is better to use a special measuring cup. When calculating the amount of feed for one intake, it is important to take into account that the packages indicate the daily rate, which should be divided into two feedings. At a natural food also it is necessary to measure the put amount of food.

If the pet received a piece of meat, kefir or vegetables, then the portion of the finished food should be reduced accordingly.

It is necessary throughout the life of the pet to carry out a correction of nutrition, reducing or increasing the portion. Its increase is possible during the period of intensive growth of the puppy, during the gestation of the offspring, with intensive physical exertion. If the pet is in old age, shows little activity, then the portion decreases. It is worth remembering that the underfeeding of the dog has less harmful consequences than its overfeeding. A properly composed diet is a healthy and cheerful pet!

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