What to feed alaby

Alabai - large, stately dogs that require a special approach. But this is more related to issues of conditions of detention and upbringing, and feeding the representatives of this breed is not much different from feeding large dogs of other breeds. The main thing is to follow certain rules and not overfeed, then the pet will be beautiful, sleek, and above all healthy. So, what to feed alabay?

What to feed alaby


Basic rules for feeding alabayev

Alabai are unpretentious in food, however, not everything that they can eat, will benefit them, it is worth considering the main points of the diet of these dogs:

  • Meat is the basis of the diet. You can give it to your pet both boiled and raw. It is preferable to lean beef and veal. Chicken meat can also be given, but on the condition that the pet is not allergic , and making sure that the dog does not get tubular bones in the bowl. They can cause the dog to choke, or damage the organs of the digestive tract.
  • Pork is better to exclude from the pet menu, since the fat contained in this meat is very poorly absorbed by the body of alabai.
  • From the bones is better to completely abandon. Boiled bones break digestion and cause constipation .
  • By-products are allowed for feeding the dog, but they cannot be completely replaced by meat. It is recommended either to give in one of two feedings, or to mix one to one.
  • Soup - suitable food for alabai. Initially, you need to cook the meat, get the meat broth, then add the cereal and cook until half cooked. Giving an adult dog soup can be a portion of not more than two liters at a time.

The diet of the dog can be varied by offering fish - sea lean. Among the cereals is to give preference to rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. It is useful to give alabayam vegetables - fresh, boiled, steamed. Be sure to comply with the regime - to feed an adult pet twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, at the same time.

If there is a need to transfer the dog to a different type of food, then it is better to do it gradually, within a week, increasing the amount of new food for the pet. Among the rules it can also be noted that the pet must know the place where it is fed and in the future to go to feed it there.

Dry ready food for alabai

If the owners decide to feed the alabya ​​with dry food, then it is worth choosing a premium quality product that meets the needs of large dogs. Such feed can be purchased in specialized pet stores. With this type of food, the pet menu can be varied by offering the dog canned food. It is desirable that it be the same brand as dry .

Dry food for alabay

To date, produced a lot of different ready-made treats for dogs, they can be pampered pet, but you should not get carried away. Their number in the composition of the diet should not be higher than 10%.

The feed rate is calculated based on the weight, individual characteristics and preferences of the animal, almost all the packages have calculation tables that help in this matter.

Feeding alabay natural food

Of course, on the one hand, nutrition with natural products is more varied, but labor and time spent on cooking are considerable.

In addition to meat, dogs can be given a variety of offal - beef liver, kidney, heart, scar. Their composition is rich in vitamins, microelements and their use has a fruitful effect on the condition of the dog. But it is necessary not to allow them to replace meat.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog has powerful jaws that require constant development. For this pet recommended to give solid food. And it is better to choose for this purpose special bones made of bull veins. They can be not only food, but also entertainment.

Of the cereals, it is not worth giving Alabay semolina, although it contains a lot of carbohydrates, but has low nutritional value, as well as barley, which is poorly digested by the dog's digestive tract.

Natural food for alaby

Raw vegetables, as the main source of plant fiber, must necessarily be in the pet's diet, it can be zucchini, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots. Legumes should not be given to dogs, as they increase intestinal gas formation.

As a pet treat, you can treat with pieces of fruit - apples, pears, peaches, etc. Dairy products are an integral part of the daily menu of alabai. It is the best source of calcium. Eggs - boiled or raw - are also allowed in the diet.

You can not give your pet food with lots of spices, as well as fried, salted and pickled. Food flavored categorically banned, as it can worsen the smell of a dog.

Pet owners need to ensure that the dog is not only not starving, but not gaining extra weight.

Approximate weekly diet

We have not yet answered the question, how many times a day to feed alabay? This menu is designed for a healthy adult animal, medium size and weight:

  • From 1 to 4 day: 700 g of meat, 500 g of cereals, 300 g of vegetables, 20 g of vegetable oil.
  • From the 5th to the 6th day: one and a half kilograms of offal, 500 g of cereals; bread, croutons made from rye flour - 300 g, one chicken egg and 20 g of sunflower oil.
  • 7th day: a kilogram of cottage cheese, one liter of yogurt or yogurt, 500 g of vegetables.

In dogs of this breed, depending on the season, food requirements also change. In winter, it is necessary to increase the amount of food containing large amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. In the summer, it is better to add more fresh vegetables to the diet. This should be taken into account when forming the diet.

Feeding puppies alabai

When small offspring appears in the house, it is worth making a choice - whether to feed the puppy with dry types of feed, or to cook independently from natural products. In the second type, it is necessary to focus on the following products:

  • meat - only lean, beef or veal;
  • offal - you can give, but not too often, one or two times a week is enough;
  • Be sure to cook the dog soup, cooked in meat broth, with cereals or vegetables;
  • fish can be given to babies, but exclusively sea, cleared of bones;
  • puppies can be fed with cereal, rice grits, buckwheat and rolled oats are suitable for this;
  • Dairy products should be included in the diet of a puppy alabaya.

It is worth watching a puppy while eating to establish the required size of a one-time serving of food. If he eats quickly, lick the bowl clean and calmly goes on with his business, then the amount of food is calculated correctly. The puppy in the bowl after the meal are leftovers, so it is necessary to reduce its portion. But if he eats everything and for a long time he polishes his tongue with an empty cup, not wanting to part with it, then it is necessary to give him a little more food.

How to feed the old Alabayev

If the pet has lived to old age, then it is worthwhile to take care of a special food for it. In a worn-out organism, all metabolic processes are much slower, and this can provoke obesity in a dog. To avoid this, it is necessary to regularly take the dog for walks. The diet is necessary to adjust, lowering the number of calories.

How to feed alaby

Older animals should not be transferred to a different type of food, for their bodies it can become dangerous. In addition, old pets in such a situation are often under stress. The portion of food in this case should be slightly smaller than that of a young adult dog.

As for the dry types of feed, it is desirable to acquire the species recommended for older individuals. They have a balanced formula containing a large amount of protein and low in fat.

It is necessary to choose a feed related to the premium class. They have a high biological value, made from high-quality raw materials, what is needed for alaby old age.

If in the animal’s menu the lion’s share is taken by meat products, then it’s worth reducing the amount of its consumption, otherwise the meat exerts an excessive load on various organs, in particular, on the work of the kidneys and liver.

Pets in old age need to be fed into the body, and this can be done by including vitamin supplements in the diet. It is worth knowing that it is better to introduce such changes after visiting a veterinarian and receiving professional recommendations.

If you feed alabaya correctly, the dog will be well-groomed, with thick beautiful hair and without health problems. In addition, she will show all-consuming love and deep respect for her wonderful host.

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