How to feed Akita Inu

Akita Inu is an exotic breed of dogs for our places, its representatives are from Japan. For centuries they have absorbed the culture of their homeland, which could not but affect the habits, behavioral characteristics and, of course, eating habits. What do Akita Inu owners need to know in order to provide the pet with the necessary conditions and understand how to feed the Akita Inu?

How to feed Akita Inu


What feeding method is suitable for Akita Inu?

Like other dog owners, Akita owners have a choice:

  • feed the dog with industrial feed;
  • go for 100% natural food;
  • use the method of mixed food.

I must say that for most breeds the latter option is not welcome. But for Akita-itu, feeding with food and natural food is the most optimal. Alternate dry food can be with meat, dairy products, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Naturally, this should take into account the various nuances in order not to harm your pet. Pedigree representatives have a predisposition to obesity, so you need to monitor their physical condition.

Akita has one peculiarity - with a lack of physical exercise, dogs can voluntarily refuse to eat and can fast for up to three days. This phenomenon is rare, but still has a place to be. In this case, no need to take any action.

Feeding the Akita Inu with Natural Food

The oldest breed, which the Japanese attributed to the sacred animals, is the pride of the state, and, above all, refers to the hunting breeds. Possessing a muscular, strong body, the Akita participated in the hunt for large animals. Most of these breeds feed more on meat, but not in the case of Akita Inu.

At home, the diet of such dogs consists mainly of fish, seafood and rice. Also include salads from kelp and other algae, fruits, vegetables. This food is very light, nutritious and provides the animal with everything necessary.

That is why, having gotten out of its own country and starting to eat a completely different, unusual for the stomach, food, many pets of this breed develop an allergic reaction . It is directly related to the high content of animal protein in foods consumed.

Allergenic for pets is the following food:

  • poultry meat - chicken, goose, turkey;
  • beef and veal;
  • high-fat dairy products;
  • corn;
  • wheat and oatmeal.

In this case, it turns out that the food familiar to the rest of the dogs does not suit the Akita Inu, and as for the diet suitable for it, it causes certain difficulties for the owners. Of course, dogs living outside their own country are gradually rearranged to a new diet, but still some of their features should be taken into account.

It is best if the Akita diet consists of several main products - meat, fish and offal. And the fish should be an obligatory component, it is connected with their island habitat and is already a genetic feature.

Akita Inu Fish

It will be useful to add some algae to your favorite pet's daily menu, it is possible in pill form. The iodine contained in them is necessary for the normal development of the animal.

Adult representatives of this breed are fed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The diet of the animal should include the following products:

  • Sour milk - yogurt, cottage cheese, bifidok, kefir, natural yogurt.
  • Unsalted cheeses.
  • Boiled eggs, no more than two pieces per week.
  • Meat, which is given raw, but previously aged in the freezer, or boiled until half cooked. Suitable rabbit, lean lamb, horse meat. If the dog is not allergic, then beef, veal, turkey will do; chicken should be given less frequently.

Akita Inu very well tolerate the meat of wild animals - elk, venison, roe deer.

  • Fish - laid at least two times a week, even if the dog does not like it very much. It is better to give preference to sea lean fish, you can give it after freezing, boil it, or pour it with boiling water. Bones must be removed in the necessary order, especially when it comes to feeding the puppy. The portion must be calculated in such a way that the number of fish is double the rate of meat. A good supplement for a pet will be fish, ground together with bones in a blender or in a meat grinder - fish bones are an excellent source of calcium. A good delicacy for Akita Inu are boiled bullheads - such food is cheap, good for the dog, and they still like it a lot.
  • By - products - to give preference to better nutritional products from this category, the liver, heart, kidneys, lung will do. Before serving, they must be boiled for a long time. Do not give pork offal, they contain too much fat.
  • Vegetables - carrots, zucchini, onions, eggplants, pumpkin. Sometimes it is allowed to give raw, but often still worth boiling.
  • Fruit - (given from 4 months of age), suitable apples (preferably green with the peel), bananas, melons, pears. Almost all pets love persimmon, but it can weaken the stomach, so you need to give it in very moderate quantities. It is recommended to refuse grapes, as it is capable of provoking fermentation processes in the intestine. Berries fit all but blackberry.
  • Porridge - buckwheat, rice, millet are suitable for feeding Akita.

Recommended vegetables and cereals to season with vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive, flax). Do not experiment with the Akita Inu diet and often include new products in the menu.

Feeding Akita Inu Ready Dry Food

Feeding the Akita Inu with Dry Food

In this case, it is much easier to dose food, manufacturers have already taken care of its balance. However, this issue has its pitfalls. The fact is that the dogs of this breed most of the finished dry food is not suitable, since they include soy. The Akita body absorbs it very poorly. And, in addition, some supplements can cause a strong allergy in an animal.

Dog food of this breed must simultaneously include several natural ingredients - fish, meat and bone meal. Only in this way the pet will be provided with everything necessary.

If you choose yourself, you need to take into account that only premium and super premium food suitable for feeding Akita can be purchased exclusively in specialized stores.

It is worth paying attention to the packaging, if the word natural is indicated, then we are talking about natural products, holistic - food is suitable for dogs suffering from food intolerance (also a great option for pets suffering from allergies) or human-grad - in this case all the ingredients are suitable for human food. All these feeds are suitable for feeding Akita.

If there is an opportunity, then for greater confidence in the correctness of the choice, you should consult with the breeders of this breed.

What should be excluded from the diet Akita Inu

As you can see, this breed of dogs is quite picky about food, and it is necessary to rely on its origin for the composition of the diet.

There is a specific set of products that are never recommended for a pet:

  • sausages;
  • smoked meat;
  • foods high in salt;
  • spices;
  • food with chemical additives.

All of this can cause health problems, the lightest of which is allergy and indigestion. Akita Inu can show the upper hand of ingenuity, begging for sweets, but it is worth remembering that any confectionery product can lead to the development of diabetes in a dog.

As a reward during training, it is better to use special treats purchased at the pet store, or pieces of boiled fish or meat. Firstly, they are much more useful, and secondly, the dog will never refuse such a treat.

Properly organized pet food will help to maintain its health in proper form.

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