What and how to properly feed the dog

If a four-legged friend appears in the house, then the owners should think about a lot - visiting a veterinary clinic, a comfortable sleeping place, a schedule of walking and, of course, about proper nutrition. If it is a question of ready forages, then in this case it is enough to consult a veterinarian or a breeder about which food grade to choose and how to calculate the portion. Much more a question arises, if it is planned to feed the dog with usual products. Let's understand how to properly and what to feed the dog?


Basic rules for feeding a dog

What and how to properly feed the dog

To date, a lot of research has been done on the proper nutrition of dogs, but until now, in some issues, experts can not agree on a single opinion. But still there are basic rules for feeding pets:

  • It's good to eat in moderation. Do not rely only on the dog's appetite for determining the norm of eating. Often they eat much more than they need. Only experience will tell you how much food is required for the pet, so that it is full and does not overeat.
  • The dog takes 20 minutes to satiate. It is strongly recommended to clean food after 20 minutes, after it was delivered. In this case, do not pay attention to how much the dog ate, even if it did not touch the food. With such feeding, the pet will not have a poor-quality, half-day food, and it will be accustomed to eat according to the schedule.
  • Suffice two feedings per day. For an adult, a two-time feeding is the norm. It is necessary to adhere to the time regime and the same portions of food.
  • I do not need to salt the food. All food contains salt and this amount is enough for the dog.
  • Need a stand under the bowl. You can buy a special stand or make it yourself. She will allow to put bowls with food at the level of the sternum of the animal, so that the dog does not bend down. Convenient option - the device on tripods, with which you can adjust the height of the stand.
  • It is necessary to provide the dog with fresh water. This is especially important when feeding a pet with prepared feeds. A bowl of water is also installed on the stand. Even if the pet has water left in the evening, it's necessary to replace it with fresh water in the morning.
  • You need to give priority to more valuable products. For example, it is impossible to replace from the saving part of a portion of meat for cereals or vegetables.
  • It is not necessary to skip feeding by offering a double standard. If there is a failure in the mode, then do not shift the schedule and try to feed the dog more. Portion should be the same.
  • Experienced it is necessary to determine the necessary portion. If the pet eats all the food every time and cleans the dish cleanly, it means that it is necessary to increase the portion a little. After some time you will be able to find out how much food you need a dog to make it full and not gain extra pounds. When overeating, the dog will start gaining excess weight, become less mobile and, naturally, lazy. In this case, the portion of food is cut, and the duration of walks is increased. If the dog has food left in the bowl, then you need to do smaller portions.
  • A dog needs a variety in food. If an animal prefers a certain food, this does not mean that it is not necessary to introduce new products. In most cases, dogs get bored with monotony, and this is a great time to try something new.
  • It is necessary to withstand the time between walking and feeding. If the dog has a long walk, training , any other physical load, then the food should be given no later than two hours before the event. After an active time, you need to wait at least an hour, and then feed, otherwise the dog can significantly deteriorate the state of health.

How to feed a dog

How to feed a pet

If we consider the percentage, then the diet of a healthy adult dog should look like this:

  • from 30 to 50% - meat and offal;
  • from 25 to 35% - cereals;
  • from 20 to 30% - dairy products;
  • from 10 to 15% - vegetables.

Ideal option is food, consisting mostly of meat and dairy products, and croups and vegetables in it has an additional role. In this case, fish and meat in the diet should be at least 50% (can be more), an average of 35% of dairy products, 10-15% of cereals and vegetables.

This menu indicates that the dog's content is a costly business, and not everyone can afford it. However, when starting a pet, a person should understand that this animal is not herbivorous at all and requires meat to be fed.

It is considered not necessary to give the dog milk every day, you can make a break for a day or two. These products can be completely replaced with poultry meat, by-products, fish.

It is important to observe the following points:

  • Dairy products with meat or vegetables can not be given in one feeding.
  • Dairy products are always given separately.
  • Meat can be given alone or mixed with chopped vegetables;
  • Meat products can be given to the dog raw or cooked.
  • To the meat you can add vegetable oil and finely chopped fresh herbs.

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In what form it is better to give meat

Meat for dogs

There are two opposite opinions about raw meat - some experts say that it is impossible to give it in this form to the pet in any case, while others, on the contrary, believe that raw meat is a natural food for predators.

The truth is in both cases - raw meat is perfectly digested by the dog's digestive system, but is it always the pet owners who are sure that it is not infected by any microorganisms? If the products are bought in specialized stores and undergo special checks, then it is quite possible to pamper them with a four-legged friend.

Meat must be deep frozen for two to three days, then defrosted and only after that give it to the food of the dog. If there is no time to engage in freezing, then you can weld the meat to half-cooked in water or together with the croup.

When calculating the amount of meat, you should proceed from the following proportions - 20 grams of food per kilogram of pet weight. For example, an adult Spaniel dog should eat an average of a quarter kilogram of meat per day, whereas a German or Eastern European sheep dog needs 700-800 grams. Of course, these are average figures, and each host must calculate the rates individually.

Which meat is better to choose

Among the main species is beef with low fat content. Then go the meat of a rabbit, lamb, horse meat. These products have a low fat content and high caloric content. It is not recommended to give the meat minced meat and pork.

For feeding a dog, offal - liver, heart, lung, stomach, kidneys, etc., are perfect. But then it is necessary to increase by about a third their number in order to justify the meat consumed per day.

Poultry (chicken, quail, turkey) and their offal (hearts, stomachs, neck, liver, etc.) can be given to dogs, but only if they do not have problems with digestion. However, it is impossible to completely replace meat with by-products.

How to give the dog a fish

It is not forbidden to feed a dog with fish, only the norm of the product should be doubled and it should not be given more often than twice a week. Quite often it happens that pets refuse to fish. In this case, you can simply remove it from the diet without any consequences. You can also constantly change the types of fish and you can be able to find one that will have a favorite to taste.

Marine fish species can be given in raw form, but if there is some doubt, it can be frozen for two or three days. As for the river, it requires mandatory re-frosting or heat treatment. Whichever fish it is, you will have to tinker with it, because before you give it to the dog, you need to remove all the bones from it.

Of the cheap and few problematic options you can choose steers. If they like the pet for the soul, they can just boil well and do not touch the bones.

Dairy products in the dog's diet

Dog drinks milk

Very often dog owners are at a crossroads, since there is a lot of opposite information about what can be given from dairy products to dogs, and what not.

If the pet has a weak digestive system, it is best to abandon fatty foods in favor of those who have a fat content of less than 5%.

As for nonfat dairy products, this is not the best option for a dog.

Among the most suitable products are the following:

  • kefir;
  • yogurt;
  • yoghurts (without sugar and various additives);
  • cottage cheese.

Adult dogs are not recommended to give milk. As additives to dairy products, honey (0.5 teaspoon per serving) is perfectly suitable, cheese can be enriched with calcium chloride.

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Groats for dogs

Cereals are better for boiling on the basis of vegetable or meat broth. You can cook meat and offal in the groats. Do not give the dog legumes (peas, beans, lentils), corn, pearl barley, semolina. Good for buckwheat, oats, rice, wheat and barley.

Observing certain rules and recommendations of experts on feeding your favorite pet, you can be sure of its normal development and absolute health!

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