Bull Terrier

Bullterriers can rightfully be called the most controversial breed of dogs. According to the owners - they are kind, loyal beings who are not capable of offending flies, perfectly suited as pets. But the media give a completely different characterization to dogs - bloodthirsty and merciless. What opinion is true, and what do experts say about bull terriers?


How the breed originated and developed

Bull Terrier

The country of origin of the breed of bull terriers is England. On its territory in the beginning of the 19th century it was possible to meet the ancestors of the modern representatives of the breed - the old bulldog and the terriers. Their ancestors are old-type bulldogs and white terriers.

Similar dogs at that time were used for bloody fun - battles with bulls, this is the reason - the "boule" is translated from English as "bull". The dogs grabbed the animal by the nose and held it for so long until the bull was exhausted and did not fall off.

To do this, the dogs were supposed to have very strong jaws and developed musculature. The development of the breed took place in this direction. The dogs were crossed with representatives of other breeds to improve the characteristics required for combat. One of the main breeds were white terriers, which were used to combat rodents.

The descendants of white terriers and old bul-terriers were dogs, called bul-and-terriers. These are medium sized dogs, not without excitement, with exceptional endurance and mobility - an ideal option for "bull" battles.

Bull Terrier breed

Dog Bull Terrier in the photo

In 1835, in England, a law was issued prohibiting the persecution of large horned animals by dogs, which could not but affect the development of the Old Bul-terrier breed. But the breed did not disappear, the dogs were used in other entertainment - the persecution of rats, and later in more violent entertainment - dog fights.

However, at that time one of the enthusiasts - James Hinks, was interested in improving the appearance of representatives. He decided that the breed would be a good idea for the family, but for this you need to work with some characteristics. One of the directions was to change the aggressive exterior to a friendlier one.

First of all, the dogs were crossed with Dalmatians . Work on the design of the breed took place later, it was carried out by the descendants of Hinks. Old bull and terriers are the ancestors of not only bulls, but also Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, Manchester terriers and other fighting breeds.

Description of the appearance of the breed

Description of the appearance of the bull terrier

The modern bull terrier is a strong dog with developed musculature and a compact physique. The sizes of males are slightly larger than the bitches. The weight of dogs varies between 18-30 kg, the average growth is 30-45 cm.

From other types of boules, according to the generally accepted standard, distinguishes the following:

  • The skull is oval in shape, the head is long and deep. The area between the ears is flat.
  • Jaws are strong, powerful, with the right bite in the form of scissors. The lips are quite dry and fit tightly to each other. Small eyes of a triangular shape are planted slightly obliquely. However, in an excited bull terrier, the eyes become more expressive, they are noticeably rounded.
  • The ears of the representatives of the breed are small, triangular in shape, according to the standard should stand upright. Nose blunt, broad, with black lobe lowered downwards.
  • The neck is long, with a pronounced muscular relief, wide in the shoulder area, closer to the head visibly narrows. The back is straight, smooth, smoothly passes into the lower back, which can be convex or in the form of an arch. The thorax of the bull terrier is wide with a decent depth.
  • The tail is short with a low landing. In the base area thick, but towards the end it becomes more subtle. The tail hangs horizontally.
  • The fore and hind legs are muscular in dogs, with strong bones and round paws. And the front paws are more developed than the hind legs.
  • The coat is hard, short, smooth, evenly covering all parts of the animal's body.

There are several colors of bull terriers, which are divided into two categories - white and color. In the first case, the wool should be pure white, the standard allowed a small pigmentation of the skin and minor spots in the head. Any color blotches with white color are a breed defect.

Colors of Bull Terriers

  • completely black; Black bull terrier
  • brindle; Bull Terrier
  • deer-brown; Bullterrier red
  • white; Bullterrier white
  • different tri-color variations. Tri-color pit bull terrier

Character traits of bull terriers

This breed is quite specific, therefore it is categorically not recommended to beginners. And speech in this case is not about stupidity, imbalance and aggressiveness of these dogs. On the contrary, their mental abilities are at a high level, which allows animals to "probe" the weak points of the owners and take the upper hand in the relationship.

Character of Bull Terriers

Photo of the Bull Terrier

The fact that bull terriers can be a dangerous and ferocious weapon, there is some truth, since the breed's fighting instincts in them have not gone anywhere. However, an educated and trained dog will never allow himself to be aggressive towards others.

Unbalanced, incorrectly brought up dogs, as well as dogs, whose training was based on aggression and the development of hatred of people and their own kind, tend to attack. In the standard qualities of boules does not include aggression, and they are not familiar with cowardice and timidity.

Bullterriers are not stupid, they are very affectionate towards family members, have unlimited loyalty and loyalty. But this does not affect their protective and protective qualities.

Some individuals may show jealousy and some moodiness, so from an early age, the pet should explain his rights and existing prohibitions.

All representatives of this breed suffer from hyperactivity, and this quality does not disappear even with age. Old bull terrier can give odds to young dogs of other breeds. This should be taken into account when acquiring a four-legged friend, as it will take a long time to walk, and it is obligatory to give the pet a physical load. Only in this way will the dog feel good both physically and emotionally.

Amazing Bull Terrier Character

Photos - Breed of Bull Terrier Dogs

Bull terriers love children, both adolescents and toddlers. A child for a dog is the best companion for games. But, naturally, one should observe their interaction with small children, as the dog is strong and powerful, in a fit of excitement can unintentionally grab harm - push, drop, squeeze.

Purebred representatives can be extremely stubborn, so any juvenile claws should be suppressed by any liberties and refusals to obey.

Bull terriers require mandatory socialization, especially in relation to other animals. But even a well-bred dog can suddenly start a fight with himself, but pugilism is more inherent in males. Therefore, do not leave the pet on the walk unattended.

Bullterriers are excellent guards, defenders, companions. But the animal can show all its positive qualities only in experienced hands. They need an owner with a balanced character, confident in their own abilities and having a lot of free time.

How to care for bull terrier

Dogs have a short coat that does not require complex care. It is enough 3-4 times a month to comb the pet with a rubber or silicone brush. To remove dust and dirt, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Shedding bull terriers moderately. To reduce the amount of wool in the house during the seasonal moult, you should often comb the pet. This will significantly improve the metabolic processes in the skin and accelerate the replacement of wool.

How to care for bull terrier

Bull Terrier puppy on the photo

Eyes and ears also require attention. It is enough to inspect them periodically and clean them if necessary. What requires a special approach is the muscular complexion of the pet. Bull terriers need regular power loads in order to maintain a good physical shape.

In addition, it is important to provide the dog with a suitable diet . It is extremely undesirable to overfeed the dog, since the representatives of this breed are prone to obesity, against which the animal can become seriously ill.

As already noted, bull terriers need socialization, and it is necessary to start training as early as possible. It should immediately acquaint the kid with people, dogs and other pets.

To avoid mistakes of education and to find a reliable, balanced advocate, it is recommended to take a course of dressing from a professional cynologist. It is advisable to do this at puppy age.

The correct content of the pet

Choosing a pet for life in the aviary or on the chain, you should immediately abandon the idea of ​​starting a bull terrier. Firstly, their wool cover will not allow the animal to stay in the frost for a long time, also the dogs are badly transported by bright sun rays. Secondly, this breed is not a watchman, but guards and defenders, they, as true bodyguards, need to be close to the object of protection. You can safely take the bull terrier to the housing breeds.

Bull Terrier in the street

Picking up the place of the pet, it is necessary to take into account that it should be away from drafts and heating devices, as the dog can get cold, which often happens after the battery has warmed up, the dog goes out into the street. The place for sleeping should be a soft litter or mattress.

Bullterriers do not require a lot of space, as they are mostly active during the paddock, so you can start a pet and have a small apartment.

Inclination to diseases

Dogs-bull terriers can boast of good health and strong immunity. Most often, the manifested diseases are hereditary. These include pathologies such as:

  • hearing impairment, including deafness;
  • kidney disease;
  • astigmatism.

To protect a pet from such problems, it is necessary when choosing a dog to be interested in hereditary ailments and carefully study the baby's map. When buying from random breeders, this is unlikely to work, but the owners of nurseries cherish the reputation and initially discard puppies with defects in appearance and health.

Among the acquired diseases are obesity, heart and dermatological diseases. But with proper care, the risks of getting sick from bull terriers are small enough.

Video of Bull Terriers

What is the cost of thoroughbred puppy

The average price of a pedigreed baby is 15,000-25,000 rubles. With the hands of a puppy you can and much cheaper - for 8000-10000 rubles. High-grade representative of the breed will cost much more - in 45000-50000 rubles. No matter how much the pet is worth, he needs a strong hand, care and affection.

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