Bullmastiffs - dogs with a terrible, harsh appearance. But often enough they flash their photos with young children, which giants allow any pranks. How does power and protective qualities coexist in the character of one dog, along with patience and serenity? And what caused the popularity of this breed?


How did the breed come about


Bullmastiffs are descendants of dogs of the more ancient English breed - mastiffs. The first, rather modest, references to bullmastiffs and breeding work on crossing bulldogs and mastiffs date from the end of the 18th century.

In most of the sources, the birth of the breed is associated with a later period - the end of the 19th century. At this time, the gamekeepers holding game and engaged in its protection, experienced certain difficulties associated with increased poaching activity. The hunters needed strong and fearless helpers, able to wait for long time offenders with their dogs and attack dog poachers. But do it solely on command.

Bulldogs did not have enough dimensions for this job, and mastiffs - speed and agility, so attempts were made to breed them to breed a new type of dog that combines the qualities of both breeds. As a result, the most suitable dog turned out to be called "a night dog guarding game". At that time, the best color was dark, imperceptible in the twilight time of day.

Bullmastiff breed

Due to improved qualities, the breed quickly gained popularity. Dogs were used in landlord farms as guards. Many liked the dogs with light wool and a pronounced black mask on the face. But the breeders did not just have to cross two breeds, they set out to get a new, thoroughbred breed with 60% of bulldog qualities and 40% of traits from mastiffs. As a result of selection work, the light saw new dogs - bullmastiffs.

The breed was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1924, and in 1933 it was formally adopted by the American Kennel Club.

Characteristics of the breed Bullmastiff

Appearance bullmastiff

Photo of Bullmastiff in summer

Representatives of this breed is distinguished by a powerful physique and an impressive body weight, however the appearance of dogs is not devoid of harmony. They are strong and powerful:

  • The head has the shape of a square, the skull is wide, heavy. The muzzle is shortened, the cheeks are well filled, there are clearly expressed skin wrinkles.
  • The eyes have a wide setting and separation by a notch, according to the standard, the iris can have a dark or hazel color. A yellow or light iris is a significant disadvantage.
  • The nose of dogs is wide enough, but without signs of sharpness or snub-nosedness, it has wide nostrils.
  • Compared with the trunk, the ears of bullmastiff have a small size and V-shape, are located high and fit well to the skull. Their color is darker than the main color, the folds in this area are a blemish.
  • Teeth large, strong, jaws have a straight bite. Suppose and a slight snack.
  • The neck is of medium size, with well-developed musculature. The back is meek, without bends, the thorax is powerful, deep.
  • The rear and forelimbs of the dogs have a strong backbone and muscles, the pads are hard, the fingers are round, the claws are dark.
  • The tail is thick at the base, to the tip itself becomes thinner. Preferably the twisted form, but also bent to the top, as well as straight, is allowed.
  • The coat of bullmastiff is dense, short, smooth. If you touch, it turns out that it is tough enough. Representatives with elongated, soft wool are considered to be a marriage of the breed.

There are several colors: dogs with yellow-brown hair ("deer" suits) are more common, and monotonous ones are more often - tiger or red. The standard allows for a small white patch in the chest area. Black mask is an indispensable condition of the breed, it makes the muzzle and the whole appearance of the bullmastiffs more expressive.

Nature of the breed

Bullmastiff character

Breed of dogs bullmastiff on the photo

Appearance of thoroughbred dogs causes awe, but most owners of "serious" dogs talk about their pets as the kindest, most faithful beings. Bullmastiffs are really very affectionate with members of their family, but on strangers are scared of their own kind.

During the appearance of the breed, the dogs were famous for their ferocious and harsh temper, but the selection work maximally reduced these characteristics. Today they are actively used as guards of bars, banks, office premises, private territory. But still more often dogs are purchased for other needs - as family members and companions. Numerous reviews confirm bulmastiffs are excellent for this role. Thanks to a calm disposition and unreal patience, dogs perfectly get along not only with one person, but also in large families with many children.

Dogs of this breed perfectly adapt to the life pace of the owners. They can accompany the owner on morning jogs, riding a bicycle, any activities with active sports. But even with a quieter life with long sit-downs with a book in hand or at the TV screen, and then with leisurely walks in the park, the bullmastiffs feel good.

Dogs get on well with children, and their massiveness does not prevent them from being very delicate and accurate in handling even with the kids. They do well with the role of nannies and can be great companions for games.

The amazing character of bullmastiff

Children for the dog become the main objects of protection and protection. Sometimes a dog can even prevent parents from punishing the guilty child. It happens without excessive aggression, it just blocks the way.

Despite the fighting ancestors, the bullmastiffs themselves are not. Among the representatives of the breed, in most cases, individuals are phlegmatic or sanguine, that is, quite balanced. They have developed intelligence, so they never act "heatedly" without first assessing the situation.

If the dog is sharp, cowardly or aggressive, then such qualities lead to culling. Such individuals are not allowed to breed, so such a measure also contributes to the acquisition of more intelligent and balanced individuals.

Features of upbringing and dressing

Bullmastiffs are easy to train and have a high rate of learning. Possessing a powerful, athletic physique, they need long walks and regular training (see the rules of dog walking ). Owners should understand that it is unacceptable to apply cruel, aggressive measures in the training process, and the pet will not tolerate humiliation. The dog requires respect, and nothing else.

Training bullmastiff

Do not evaluate the dog by its appearance, because bullmastiff, with a formidable look, is able to love the members of his family, showing tender, sincere feelings and boundless devotion.

Like most breeds, bullmastiff puppies should be brought up from the very first day of their appearance in the house. Do not encourage the game, consisting in biting the hands and feet. Any manifestation of aggression, even in a game form, must immediately be stopped.

The host must immediately declare his position as leader. To do this, for any snapping from the side of the pet, it is necessary to lift the baby by the scruff in the air, then apply it to the floor and gently press it. Thus, the leader of the pack reminds us who is in charge here, and the puppy understands this very quickly.

Content Rules

The protective qualities of bullmastiffs are somewhat limited, they are more aimed at protecting the family and property than tracking the territory and objects on it. If the dog is used for its intended purpose, it will perfectly fulfill its duties.

Bullmastiff dogs do not impose their society, move quietly and can confuse any intruder, simply blocking his path. A warning about the attack will be a formidable dog stand. At this time, the dog's appearance is very frightening, since his muscles literally begin to walk with staggering.

Lai - a fit complexion - loud, rolling, rough. At the meeting of such a security guard, thieves are left with one thing: to run with all their might, hoping for a miracle salvation.

Bullmastiffs under the palm tree

Choosing a pet for protection, it is necessary to give preference to nurseries, since it is here that the correct selection and breeding of representatives of such a colorful breed takes place. Puppies will have the necessary restraint and complaisance. In this case, mental deviations from the declared standards are excluded. This is also very important in the selection of bullmastiff as a companion and favorite of the family.

An impressive size does not prevent the dog from feeling good in an apartment. And he is never a hindrance and has no habit of getting under his feet. Being more often a phlegmatic, he can lie for a long time on the sidelines, thinking, and he likes this business much more than running around the house and poking his nose into all matters.

It is important to consider that the dog has a short coat and the dog's life on the street is possible only if there is a heated box and a warmed enclosure.

The advantage of the breed is that dogs rarely bark, which means they will not give their neighbors any trouble. Among the minuses can be noted increased salivation, characteristic of all breeds that have occurred from molosses. But this process in bullmastiffs is not very abundant.

Features of care

Representatives of this breed are quite unpretentious in their care. To save the pet from the dead cells and wool, you need to comb it out once a week. More often it is necessary to do it during the period of seasonal moults - spring and autumn. To bathe a pet is often not required, in addition, the dog does not have a pronounced smell. It is enough to wash the dog 3-4 times a year, and in the intervals, if necessary, apply a dry shampoo.

Weak places of dogs - ears, they must often be examined and cleaned 1-2 times a week. The same can be said about the eyes, with the slightest reddening, they should be washed with special moisturizers or chamomile broth.

Apartment dogs will need regular clipping . After each walking it is recommended that you wash your pet's paw to remove dirt and possible harmful ingredients.

Photo bullmastiff

Bullmastiff breedBullmastiff on the asphaltBullmastiffs with the mistressBullmastiffs are playedBullmastiff restingBlack Bullmastiff

Video about bullmastiff

Where and at what price to buy a bullmastiff puppy

There is no fixed price, it depends on many factors, and varies from 10,000 to 40,000 rubles. The cheaper the puppy will manage at purchase from hands, but in this case there are not enough guarantees of its adequacy and presence of necessary qualities. In the nursery you can learn about the parents of a future family member and get a better breed representative.

Choosing bullmastiff for family or protection, it is worth remembering that this is not a toy, but a great responsibility.

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