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The French shepherd dog is a unique aboriginal dog breed, which was formed independently, without any human activity. The number of animals is small, today there are no more than 7000 individuals, which makes these dogs even more attractive for lovers of rare breeds. People who are closely acquainted with the beads, are puzzled how such powerful and at the same time elegant dogs, possessing a memorable appearance and a vivid character, have not won world fame. What is known about these aborigines from the French slopes?


History of origin

In the beginning of the 18th century sheep breeding was widespread on the territory of France and huge herds were grazed on the meadows. But even with a pair of three hundred animals could handle two bears. They were not only good managers, but fearless protectors of sheep from predators. They easily moved with herds for 60-80 km during the day.


In 1863, the first Parisian exhibition took place, with the participation of 13 shepherd dogs, who later became known as the Boserons. The breed received its name from the geographical name "Bos", this is one of the regions of France. But at that time these dogs were "workhorses" and could not interest the participants of the event.

In 1896 in the village of Villet the standard was approved - a shepherd dog with long hair was called a briard, a smooth-haired - beaser. This event was the beginning of the creation of the Club of amateurs of bocerons, which in the beginning of the 20th century not only did not popularize the breed, but also took care of preserving the performance characteristics.

But cattle breeding became less demanded by the industry, the number of cattle decreased, the need for shepherd dogs also decreased. Representatives of the breed began to be used as security guards and personal defenders.

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During the Second World War, these dogs became postmen (they transmitted messages), sappers (found mines), and also searched for saboteurs. At the end of the war the breed became more popular, they were actively used as companions, guards, service dogs, and, of course, shepherds, although much less often.

At the beginning of the 21st century, representatives of the breed came to the territory of various European countries - Holland, Germany, Belgium, etc. But the overseas states did not show proper interest in the beaeron. For the first time the American club of this breed appeared only in 2003.

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External description of the breed

At the end of the 19th century, the beaerons, Berger de Beauce and Bas-Rouge, were described as dogs of the same type with a stiff, short hair, a smooth coat of hair in the head and necessarily cropped ears.

Representatives of the breed differed in brownish-red marks, which were particularly well pronounced on all the limbs of the animal, for which the dogs were called bass-ruzh, that is, "red stockings." The color of the bocerony was black with tan marks, and the specimens with gray, black and red hair were less common.

Boceron breed of dogs

Breed of dogs

Since then, the appearance of dogs has not changed much. These are large, powerful dogs, equipped with good muscles, but without gravity. The growth of males varies between 65-70 cm, and bitches are slightly smaller - 61-68 cm. The beads are proportionally and harmoniously composed. The length of the body is slightly larger than the growth at the withers.

For bocerons, such features of appearance are characteristic:

  • The head of the dog has a precise shape with clear lines. If you look at the profile, it is noticeable that the skull and muzzle are parallel.
  • The nose ends with a developed lobe, which has a black color, there is no cleft.
  • The lips fit tightly to the jaw, they have black pigmentation. The jaws of the bocerons are strong, the teeth are white. Bite by the type of "scissors".
  • Eyes a little oval in shape, the iris is dark brown, not lighter than the dark nut, even in dogs with a light color. In dogs with harlequin color, heterochromia is allowed (eyes of different colors).
  • The ears are highly staged, in a natural state they hang or are in a semi-standing position, they do not press against the head. According to the standard, their length should be equal to half the head.
  • The neck is equipped with developed muscles, has a smooth transition to the withers. The line of the back is straight, the loin wide, muscular. The croup has a somewhat oblique shape. The sternum of the dogs is powerful, wide, of good depth and length.
  • The tail of the boceron is not cut off, is low, in a calm state, hangs down when the dog is moving - raised to the top line.
  • The limbs are straight, with a slight plumb line. Forearms and hips have pronounced muscles. Paws front and back - assembled, with black claws and rigid, elastic pads. The representatives of the breed have dewclaws, which, even from the time of grazing, were left in their original form. They are full-fledged thumbs with claws.

Dogs move gently, easily. Step at the Boson's - a wide trot, the movements are wide-spread, energetic.

  • The coat in the head region is different from the rest, it is short, stiff, the hairs are thick. On the hips and inside the tail, the coat is somewhat longer. Undercoat is dense, thick, ideal color is gray. It can not be seen under the hairs.

The colors of a boseron

There are several colors in dogs of this breed:

  • Black with tan, "red stockings." Black thick, full, red squirrel. Tans are located in the eyebrows, from the sides of the muzzle, in the chest, in the lower part of the neck, under the tail, on the limbs. Black Boson
  • Color "harlequin" (blue with spots and tan marks): wool is gray-black with tan markings of red tint, the spots have a uniform distribution along the trunk, often the dominant color is black. The tiger does not differ from the black individuals. The standard allows a white spot of small size in the chest area. Harlequin beauceron

The rock defect is: height above or below the norm, light eyes or disagreement (except for harlequins), hard erect ears, excessive turning of the hind limbs, nostrils with a cleft, color, not suitable for standards, etc.

The nature of the representatives of the breed

Despite the village origin, the bocerons have a noble, aristocratic appearance. They are distinguished by calmness and boundless devotion to family members. But vigilance to strangers is always present. They are distinguished by high intelligence, endurance, athletic build and courage. They are very efficient dogs, capable of guarding their family around the clock.

Like other service breeds, French shepherds need a confident owner with experience of training . If you train calmly and demandingly, then the boceron quickly learns the material and tries to please the owner with success. It is important to consider that the beaerons once lived in flocks, and their leadership qualities are clearly expressed. Therefore, it is important for the owner to take the role of leader on himself and keep this position all the time.

Bearer on the grass

Buceron pictures

Mind and independent character do not allow these dogs to tolerate cruel treatment and injustice, therefore training should be conducted without fuss, consistently, without physical punishment. An inexperienced owner, having shown a cruel attitude towards the pet, can cause the animal's righteous anger.

Thanks to the expressed watchful qualities, the bocerons never trust strangers, so it will be better if the dog's socialization is hosted.

The love of these dogs to their family has no boundaries, meeting at the door, they can jump at full speed on their hands. Given their size, this is quite a naughty situation. With children, the bocerons can get along, but they do not have any special care and quivering, so it is not recommended to leave the pet with the small child alone. Its size can also hurt the baby.

It is desirable that the puppy and the child grow together, then they will understand each other better. But, when acquiring a dog, it is better to make sure that her parents are good at children.

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Care and maintenance of the boceron

Dogs are quite unpretentious. They are recommended to comb out at least once a week, for these purposes a massage brush for short hair is suitable. This manipulation will remove the dead skin scales that have served the hair, and also have a positive effect on blood circulation in the skin. In addition, the pet will enjoy this manipulation.

Caring for a boseron

Choosing a beauceron for life in an apartment setting, it is worth considering that, like most shepherd dogs, their wool has a pronounced sheep odor. Therefore, it is better to keep the dog in the cage. Although the dog himself feels well in a small apartment.

A dog with such a sports constitution needs daily long walks with active jogging and playing. His favorite pastime is cross-country running.

If you want to rush with a beautiful dog on a harness , then the beauceron, despite the spectacular appearance, is not suitable for this. He must get rid of unnecessary energy every day, training the body and pacifying the spirit. Only so he can be an exemplary pet at home.

Dogs can participate in almost all sports, but most of all they are suitable agility - overcoming obstacles accompanied by the owner.

How to feed a French sheepdog

The beads are absolutely not choosy about food. They can be fed with natural food or ready-made diets. In the first case, the basis of the menu should be lean meat (except pork and lamb). You can give fish - sea boneless, pre-cooked, porridges cooked on water or broth, vegetables - raw or boiled.

If the owner chooses feeding with production forages, then it is worth choosing a quality product. At puppy age it is important for the pet to receive a sufficient amount of calcium.

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Photo of a boceron

Cum on the bedBeautiful boceronBearerIncredible photos of the beauceronFrench Shepherd DogFrench Shepherd Dog

Video of boceronov

How much does the puppy cost?

Beauceron is a rare, unique breed, so the price of puppies is not low. Outside the puppies of the puppy, you can buy a puppy for 10,000-20,000 rubles. A domestic pet from the nursery will cost about 30,000 rubles, a dog for the future breeding - about 40,000. A future champion and continuer of the breed (puppy show class) - not less than 50,000 rubles.

Bearer - dogs with a serious appearance and with no less serious character. They can not be toys of children, they demand a firm hand and compulsory education. When choosing such a comrade, you need to take all this into account. With proper education, he will become an excellent guard.

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