A number of breeds of greyhounds are known: Russian, American and English. Some were known in ancient times: the mountains, Crimean, Courland, Moldovan, Khiva, horty. It is a fast, specialized breed with pronounced exterior features. As a rule, greyhound dogs have long and high legs, streamlined body shape, dry type of constitution, excellent eyesight, sharp nose, fitness for high-speed running for long distances, gracefulness and slender physique. The main goal of their breeding is hunting. Among the known breeds, consider the most common.


Afghan Afghan

Long-haired , tall, fairly powerful dog, despite its naive look. There were always a lot of legends around this breed. In appearance, beautiful pets, adapted to live in cages. They will always remain true to their master. A distinctive feature of this breed is silky long wool, which requires constant care.

Afghan hounds are stubborn in character from childhood, and they will show the instincts of a hunter from a small age, constantly chasing after any objects resembling game. But dogs are vulnerable and have a low threshold of pain. Begin to groan from even minor wounds and abrasions. It is not recommended to buy in a family with children.

Azawakh Azawakh

This breed is characterized by ancient history. Azawakh is a born hunter with a built-in tight physique. Distinctive features of the character - the rapid achievement of caught prey, retention without killing until the host approached.

The animal is strong and mobile, but quite balanced and not aggressive. The presence of a hunting instinct helps quickly catch up with any beast, but the dogs will not immediately tear the skin of the beast, but will patiently wait for the arrival of their master.

Bakhmool Bakhmool

His homeland is northern Afghanistan. Bakhmuly are bred specially for hunting. Distinctive features - thick silky fur with red tans, hanging long ears and expressive eyes. Dogs have a stable nervous system. Quickly calmed down after an unsuccessful hunt, and ready to immediately follow the trail of another animal.

More species of rocks:

Spanish Gulgo Spanish Gulgo

These are true aristocrats, proud, very beautiful, slender, roasted dogs with a dense adjoining skin to the body and an elongated face. Unlike other greyhounds, they have erect back and a small musculature, and a high-ranking skeleton skeleton helps to balance the body well with a quick run. The color can be any, most often - black and white.

Greyhound Greyhound

It is a high-speed, hardy hunting breed with short hair, with a long muzzle and a wide head intended to hunt rabbits and still shows its abilities well. Around her, there have always been many legends, and the real origin is still unknown.

Greyhounds are good hunters. Can be kept in cages or at home. They are good, loyal pets, ready to rush to the enemy in order to protect their family members. But they are difficult to transfer the new environment, which must be taken into account when purchasing them.

Dirhound Dirhound

Distinctive features: a powerful physique, a pointed form of the head, strong jaws and no less weak hind legs. Wool is inherent in shaggy tans. The breed is distinguished by its powerful physique and rather attractive appearance. They are intelligent, faithful, patient, calm dogs, infinitely devoted and loving little children. In addition, they have excellent hunting instincts and qualities.

Irish Wolfhounds Irish Wolfhounds

The breed is bred specifically for chasing and fighting wolves. Distinctive features: powerful jaws, small ears. The energy reserve is impressive. Despite the formidable appearance, the Irish wolfhound can be faithful and generous. In appearance he is handsome and charming.

Previously, dogs were bred only to protect sheep. Today, pets can live in cages of private houses, become good companions and fierce defenders of their masters if necessary.

Magyar Agar Magyar Agar

These are beautiful, slender, long-legged dogs with white coarse wool and various colors: more often - brown with white spots. The main features - a thin with bends and a long tail, a small wedge shaped head, standing ears. By nature, they are distinguished by calmness and poise, vigilance and devotion, speed and excitement.

Hart Polish Hart Polish

The breed is hardy and strong, intended for hunting large animals, wolves, hares. These are fry animals of high stature and with large expressive eyes. The pets are balanced, bold, affectionate, fairly obedient.

They are characterized by a certain stiffness and restraint in relation to strangers. Dogs are easy to learn, non-aggressive, easily find a common language with their congeners, even cute cats, if they grew up with them from an early age.

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Saluki Saluki

The ancient Egyptians knew about this breed. Features - a narrow muzzle, hair-covered ears, slightly twisted at the end of the tail. In color is any. Today saluki are rare. These are fairly large smooth-haired animals with tight-fitting wool to the body and small ears. This combination looks rather harmonious.

They are also beautiful dogs with interesting body proportions. They have no undercoat, but the eyes are content expressive and black. Height - medium. The color can be any. By nature, moderate, however, gentle, but not particularly affectionate.

Taigan (the Kyrgyz greyhound) Taigan (the Kyrgyz greyhound)

This breed is specially bred for mountainous areas and chasing after rams, badgers. They are born hunters of medium height. The color is usually black with white markings and slightly curled hair.

Taigans are great companions and just favorites for their owners. But if you want to get yourself such a favorite, you should not forget about the nature of the character, because you need to socialize the dog from an early age, which is not always possible for beginners.

Whippets Whippets

Graceful and graceful breed of small sizes with a thin long head and a concave loin. Dogs are smart, kind, easy to climb. Suitable for owners - fans of entertainment and jogging for long distances. But patients and people with debilitated health are better off thinking about choosing another calmer breed of greyhounds.

Hortaya Hortaya

A dog with a dry and rather muscular physique. They are obedient, sociable dogs, unpretentious in their content and food. They can quickly adapt to the conditions of the city and long walks.

This breed has Russian roots. This is a kind and beautiful dog with expressive kind eyes. Horta in color usually white with red spots. Undercoat - curly and tightly pressed to the body.

Russian Greyhounds Russian Greyhounds

Greyhound is considered the oldest breed with small ears, slightly elongated muscles and arched back. The fur of the Russian greyhounds is truly luxurious. The breed was bred by breeders specifically for hunting wolves back in the time of the monarchy. Dogs not only drive the predator quickly, but can also become great pets.

This is a popular breed today among amateur dog breeders with a calm character and incredible excitement at the sight of prey. Graceful elegant dogs with a beautiful physique. They can not look after, admire when they see on the street, or in the park.

It is not necessary to start urban people, constantly busy and do not have time in abundance for your pet. Dogs respect adults more than adults, but they can show aggression towards children and teenagers and are skeptical about what they need to be wary of if they want to start.

As a pet dog among the breed of greyhounds, you can note miniature levretok, derived originally to hunt rabbits. In size it is a small, playful breed and does not need special care. Becomes an excellent pet for urban residents in apartments. Dogs are small in size, but quite fast.

Breeders recommend acquiring greyhounds to people who already have experience with them. In addition, it is worthwhile to look after them correctly, so that pets have an attractive, presentable appearance.

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