Border Collie

If you ask the owners of these dogs to describe their pets, then the majority will answer that they are the smartest dogs in the world. And they will be not far from the truth, since the border collie really absorbed all the best qualities of a pet. Studies have struck - intelligence Border Collie is at the level of a child of 3 years! Dogs are active, intelligent and extremely attractive, no wonder that at present interest in this breed has increased significantly.


How did the breed

At present, the origin of these dogs has not been fully clarified, but according to the most common version they first appeared on the border of two states - England and Scotland, which was the reason for the name of the breed. Most scientists believe that their ancestors were the working dogs of the Vikings, who at that time often invaded Scotland. The dogs of the Normans, leaving the ships, ran away, fell on the slopes of the mountains, where they became pets of local farmers. Here the process of their crossing with shepherd dogs - shepherd dogs took place.

Border Collie

The first mention of the breed dates back to 1570. Throughout the development and development of the breed, dogs have changed more than one name - from the working collie to the farm Englishman.

The place of residence of the English farmers was not quite comfortable - the highlands with many cliffs and cliffs, so people needed experienced helpers for grazing. Shepherds required intelligence and quick wits to drive herds along the most winding paths and narrow roads. Before entrusting the herd, the dogs passed a real obstacle course along the most difficult routes. The one who was the first to overcome difficulties turned into not only the herd guard, but also the main producer of offspring, passing on the best qualities.

Processes for standardization of the breed began to be carried out only since 1915. At the same time, it was possible to learn that the origin of dogs goes back centuries, and that such dogs existed as early as 5-6 centuries BC. Why the breed was unknown for a long time is not entirely clear, but scientists believe that the owners of smart and efficient dogs did not want to share their "valuable personnel".

Border collie dog

Developing their qualities, dogs have expanded the field of activity, performing, in addition to the guard, also other functions. They turned out great guide dogs for blind people, rescuers, guards. As a working breed, Border Collie for a long time did not participate in competitions and exhibitions. But in 1976, the breed received the official recognition of the English Club of dog lovers and admission to the competition.

Working and intelligent dogs have been noticed in other countries, and today it is easy to meet pets of this breed in various parts of the world.

Border Collie Breed Description

The average height of purebred dogs is 54 cm at the withers, body weight - 21 kg. The Border Collies live to 16, which is not enough for dogs of such dimensions. They have a rather elegant proportional constitution.

The main features of pedigree dogs are:

  • The head of the elongated border collie. The color of the nose lobe depends on the suit of the dog and can be black, gray or brown.
  • The eyes are small, oval, with a hazel-colored iris, but in a marble collie it can be light.
  • The ears are small, widely spaced, have the shape of a triangle and are in a standing state.
  • Scissor bite , small-sized teeth, white. Lips with black pigmentation, have a tight fit to the jaw.
  • The neck is average in length, equipped with developed muscles.
  • The paws of the border collie with long, slender hips, parallel to each other.
  • The body is muscular, slightly elongated. The sternum is wide, the ribs are convex, barrel-shaped.
  • The tail of the collie is chic - it has the shape of a saber and is covered with thick, long hair. In a calm state, it hangs down, while it twists during movement, reaching the hock.

The dog moves very easily and gracefully. When she quickly runs, it becomes imperceptible, at which point her paws are off the ground. There is a feeling that she is sneaking at the speed of speed.

There are two types of breed - the long-haired border collie and the short-haired. The top coat is thick, harsh, but the bottom coat is soft and silky. Representatives of the breed with a long fur coat have a pronounced rich mane and tail, like a fox.

Border collie colors

Wool color can be very diverse, but there is one condition - white wool should not dominate. The most common dogs are:

  • black color; Black border collie
  • marble; Marble Border Collie
  • brown; Brown border collie

The nature of the breed

The character of the border collie is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. No, they are not dirty and not aggressive, but thanks to their uncommon intellectual abilities they are quick-witted cunning. This, of course, somewhat complicates the process of education . After all, the dog literally “scans” the owner, looking for weaknesses, and uses them to not do what she doesn’t want to do. If you do not respond to provocations and show firmness, then such habits pass with time, the dog quickly realizes that the focus has failed.

In addition to such tricks, there are no complaints about these pets. They are distinguished by curiosity, so will follow the owner on the heels. At the same time they delicately keep aside, without causing irritation. If a person came home in a bad mood, the dog, feeling the mood, will not be imposed. In the rules of the collie, wait for him to be called to chat. So these dogs can not be called "sticky."

Character border collie

At home, they prefer to keep a measured observation of all households. This is reflected in the centuries-old herding experience - to watch the flock. Sometimes the dog may be trying to build younger members of the family or other animals, but without any aggression.

On the border, a border collie is an example to follow. Pet does not impose its communication with other animals, does not have a tendency to fight. He will spend the maximum time on the game and run, because this breed needs daily long walks. Otherwise, the dog may begin to frolic at home, which does not always end safely.

Read more: dog walking rules in the city .

How to raise and train a border collie

Do not think that a smart dog does not need upbringing and training. This is necessary so that living together is comfortable for both the pet and the person.

When training a border collie, the following problems may arise - a dog may pretend to be a stupid animal that does not understand what is required of it. This happens when a pet suddenly decides that doing the same thing is boring, or even bothered to work at all. The pet begins to yawn, scratch, makes the missing look, and particularly sophisticated individuals can even pretend to be sick - limp, lie down on the ground. In addition, curiosity can generate a pet escape. Such behavior should be stopped immediately, otherwise it can turn into a bad habit.

Border Collie training

Dog breed Border Collie on the photo

To prevent this from happening, it is better to train a dog of this breed in a game form. To understand what this method is, it is better to attend professional classes. The instructor will explain how to make the dog not bored during the training process.

But the pet should be raised from the very first days of its appearance in the house. The border collie puppy's curiosity will manifest itself in the form of damage to personal belongings of family members, so it is important to clearly explain that this can not be done, and as an alternative to offer the kid special toys. Save on them should not be fun should be varied in forms and materials, so as not to bore a small pet.

As a punishment for a fault, it is better to use a strict look and voice, in extreme cases - a slap with folded paper. This is enough for the dog to understand what you should not do.

How to care for border collie

When purchasing a purebred puppy, it should be borne in mind that they are not intended to live on the street. These are pets for an apartment or house. Otherwise they are unpretentious.

Long-haired collies need daily grooming - they need to be combed with a special brush . Otherwise the dog will have an unpresentable look. This is especially important if the show class pet visits exhibitions and competitions.

Caring for border collie

Photo border collie with his master

Dogs can eat both natural food and ready-made feeds . But do not offer your favorite mixed food. Ready-made rations are better to buy premium or super premium categories that meet all requirements.

When feeding with natural products, the pet's ration should be additionally enriched with healthy additives - calcium, fish oil, probiotics, oils - olive, flaxseed. They will support the vitality of the pet.

Mandatory procedures are vaccination , treatment of external and internal parasites. These are standard activities that any dog ​​needs, regardless of the presence or absence of a breed.

Photo border collie

Border collie puppies

Adorable border collie puppies in the photo

Border collie in the fieldBorder collie in autumnMuzzle border collieBeautiful border collieVery beautiful border collie

Video about border collie

Puppy price

Given the appearance of representatives of this breed, or rather their weak similarity with pedigree tribesmen, experts recommend purchasing puppies exclusively in nurseries. Since without knowledge of the breed, there is a risk to acquire at best a pet with defects, at worst a mixture, or even an ordinary mongrel. Of course, mongrels can be better pets than many dogs with regalia and titles, but such happiness can be purchased absolutely free.

There are few nurseries in Russia, so it is not always possible to buy a puppy in your town. It is worth noting that the price for a border collie is not entirely democratic. Far from everyone can afford such a quadruped friend.

You can purchase a border collie puppy from private sellers for 20,000-25,000 rubles. In the kennel puppy, without the possibility of breeding and participation in exhibitions, will cost at least 45,000 rubles. Pet, suitable for breeding, costs about 60000-70000 rubles. A representative of the breed with excellent data - the future champion and a worthy candidate for offspring, is worth at least 95000-100000 rubles.

Naturally, the love and devotion of these smartest creatures can not be bought, but they can be earned with kindness and good attitude. Border Collie is a great dog, designed for both the family and the lone owner, who needs a devoted friend.

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