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A Bobtail dog is a typical guard breed and a hunt dog that has very ancient roots. The Old English Shepherd is today again popular as a companion, show dog, guide dog. It is used in kanisteria of children with a backlog in physical and mental development, as a patient, cheerful and beautiful dog takes care of and cares for them. In a cold climate due to abundant hair covering, protecting from extreme temperatures, strength and endurance, excellent training and ability to work in a pack, are occasionally used as sled dogs.


Origin of the breed

But these lovely "fluffy bears" were not always like that. On farms in Old England, they guarded the herds and played the role of hurtovschikov. To the south of the island of the ancestors of bobtails were brought 2500 years BC. e. Rapidly spreading in the farm environment, the dogs were not popular in the gentlemen's circles, which allowed to preserve the stability of the breed, conditioned solely by the functions of dogs. Bobtail dogs for a walk

By that time, there were no major dangerous predators in England, and dogs performed guard functions only against poachers and vagabonds. As soon as they saw the shaggy grinning "monster", as the desire to reap other people's property was lost.

In the XI century. In each farmyard one could meet tailed or tailless sheep-dogs. The lack of close territorial ties led to the creation of separate types of breed. The "raw" exterior and slowness of the dogs determined their use as hurtovshchikov, which directed the movement of the herd, and the lighter, mobile ancestors of the collie controlled the safety of the herd from the sides.

Only towards the end of the XVIII century the popularity of bobtails went beyond farming, and the first Bobtail breed club was established in the Old England. Gradually, the dog acquired a more "aristocratic" appearance, which also manifested itself in dog names, to which, depending on the sex, the "Ser" or "Lady" was added.

This led to falsification and the desire of some scammers to cash in on the increased interest in the Old English Shepherd. Only a few preserved specimens had a natural bobtail. The rest of the swindlers just cut off the tail. Bobtail dog muzzle

The enthusiasm of the "pure public" with the rough beauty of bobtails contributed to their appearance not only at exhibitions of shepherd dogs, but also at dog shows. The first champions of the breed were bred in Wales and Gloucestershire, in the villages of Suffolk and Norfolk. Cinematographers know the name of Dr. Edward-Kera from South England (Norwich), who made a significant contribution to the breeding work on this breed. Gradually changed the appearance and individual traits of the character of bobtails.

Description of the breed Bobtail Dog

Bobtail dog stocky, strong, overgrown with long coarse wool with a thick undercoat. The height at the withers is 56-60 cm, weight varies from 23 to 42 kg. The dog is well built, the posterior part of the trunk slightly elevated in relation to the withers. The characteristic appearance of a bobtail, according to the generally accepted standard, includes:

  1. A wide square skull has developed enough brow ridges, a sloping frontal part, a pronounced transition to the bridge of the nose.
  2. The nose is wide, blunt with a large pigmented black mirror.
  3. Lips rather large, thick, slimy black. Bobtail dog on a beautiful background
  4. Jaws are strong, square. Scissor bite. Teeth large, white, full set.
  5. Eyes oval, widely spaced. Color varies from dark brown to pearl and blue. The size is average, the look is smart, attentive.
  6. Ears are medium-sagged, not too large, with medium hairiness, tightly pressed against the skull.
  7. The neck is muscular, high set with visible nape.
  8. The back is wide, when viewed from above, the body has a pear-shaped form with a raised sacrum and a convex loin.
  9. Chest wide, muscular, deep.
  10. Forequarters of medium length, powerful, covered with long hair. Bobtail the dog runs
  11. The hind legs also have a strong, broad bone and pronounced muscles. Hock joints are low, legs slightly straightened, corners are medium-developed.
  12. The tail is either absent from birth, or, with a longtail, it is cut to 4-5 cm.
  13. The abdomen area is medium-sized.

Rapid movements (gallop) carry out springing jumps, move at medium and low tempo in amble.


The coat covering the body of a bobtail has a beautiful color of various shades of gray with white marks. These are:

  • gray clarified;
  • blue;
  • bluish-marble;
  • blue with black.

The sizes of white areas of color may vary or there are no white spots at all.

Perhaps the color of the bobtail was influenced by the color of the dog's ancestors - white or light gray, characteristic of the South Russian Shepherd and the French Shepherd - Briard. Its color varies from black to white or "pepper and salt", deer. But in bobtails, the red and brown color are disqualifying.


The character of the Bobtail is complaisant, livable, gentle and romantic. Therefore, this is the best family dog, which is worth starting, especially if the family has children. They will always be under the vigilant care and protection of a strong and brave "nanny." Bobtail dog lies

Despite its impressive size, the Bobtail remains a "puppy" for a long time, who enjoys running, playing, fooling around. But this is far from a clown, although among the dogs of this breed there are many artists who are successfully removed or perform in the circus arena. Dogs are very responsible for their role and, if they guard the pet or the owner, they do it with dedication and with full dedication.

The owners of these cute little dogs say that a dog, born and raised in the conditions of the city, seeing sheep in nature, literally "kisses" them and immediately begins to feed them. She also comes with family members. Bobtail does not like, if on a walk they are too far from each other.

Obedient, this huge cunning will be in case he sees in his master a strong character and quality leader. The dog is sensitive to the attitude and does not tolerate aggression, cruelty, absurdity. It is unfair to punish the dog, and he will stop obeying and obeying.

On a walk, the dog is cheerful, playful, sociable and inquisitive. At home, the raised dog is quiet, not boring, charming, calm. Absence of aggression, subtle feeling and catching the mood of a person makes a bobtail irreplaceable in canister. Bobtail doggy in the nature

With children with disabilities, he is patient, enables the child to feel his own importance, raise self-esteem, instill confidence. They walk, holding on to a great friend, ride on it. crawling, sometimes causing pain and discomfort, but the bobtail will never "express" discontent. With autistic children, he is persistent, sometimes obtrusive, helping to get out of his world, learn to be friends and interact with the environment.

All owners of Bobtails, without exception, celebrate the mind and ingenuity of the dog, its independence, independence. Like many large sheep dogs, a dog should start "education" early. In the absence of correct and timely education from a cute plush lump can grow up stubborn, cunning, uncontrollable and rude dog.

Training and training

Smart and tolerant bobtails are well suited to dressing. The main thing is to find the right tactics, to exclude "pressure". The dog takes well the verbal commands, orientates itself in intonation, quickly remembers and executes them. Bobtail doggy in the winter

They are able to remember the commands, not only based on certain habits, preferences or character traits, but also unconventional. Therefore, the show with the participation of Bobtails is a success, they are willingly shot in the movies.

Care and health

The owner of luxurious wool, the Bobtail requires the care of her, consisting in regular combing out. The dog almost does not shed, but the thick undercoat is able to stray into a dense felt. In addition, it is necessary to do trimming (forced molting). Ripened wool is plucked, the dog is given a shape, conditioned by standards. Do this procedure at least 2 times a year.

To bathe often bobtails is not recommended, so walking in a rainy slushy weather you need to protect the dog's coat with oilcloth overalls. Old English Sheepdog is an active animal, which must often be walked around. Bobtail Dog Care

The ears and eyes of the dog are prone to inflammatory diseases, so they also need care. They should be inspected regularly, wiped with special napkins, cleaned, washed with special solutions, removing accumulated dirt. If this is not done, the pathogenic microorganisms, actively multiplying, will cause the emergence of a number of infectious diseases.

Like most dogs of large breeds, the following pathologies are possible in bobtails:

  • ophthalmic (eyelid curvature, retinal atrophy, cataract, portosystemic shunt);
  • Orthopedic (hip dysplasia, bursitis, rheumatism, instability of the atlant vertebra);
  • Dermatological (demodicosis, dermatitis, including atopic);
  • immune (hemolytic anemia);
  • metabolic disorders (diabetic pathology, obesity and obesity);
  • otolaryngological (otitis media, deafness).

When choosing a puppy it is necessary to get acquainted with the pedigree and hereditary diseases, the nature of the parents and the socialization of the baby. In this case, it will be possible to avoid and prevent the development of a variety of diseases.


The rapid growth of the Bobtail puppy requires an attentive approach to the diet and the composition of the baby's diet. The menu should include:

  • low-fat meat and offal - 50%;
  • porridge - 30%;
  • vegetables, heat-treated, and fiber for better digestion - 30%;
  • fats, both vegetable and animal (fish oil, for example); Bobtail dogs are eating
  • carbohydrates (bread, crackers);
  • sour-milk products (low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, etc.).

The number of feedings decreases with age, and the portion increases significantly. As always, the owner of the dog is facing a choice than feeding the pet - "drying" or "naturalka". Of course, making a choice in favor of ready-made rations, the owner always wins. After all, there is no need to calculate how much meat, cereals or any other products will be required to guess the daily need for minerals and vitamins.

Again, products from the Super-Premium or Holistic category contain all the elements in the right amount, and, in addition, indicates the amount of each serving in accordance with the age or other characteristics of the pet. In this case, breeders are advised to combine dry and wet food or liquid food in order to compensate for the lack of liquid when fed with ready-made dry foods.

It is also necessary to provide the pet with 24-hour access to water. An active dog requires observance of the water regime - fresh water should always be in the bowl, and in a hot time it is necessary to take a bottle with water for walks.

With natural feeding, there are certain difficulties, since not only is it necessary to calculate the caloric value and daily dosage of the necessary macro- and microelements, so it takes a lot of time to prepare the food itself. Bobtail dogs running

In addition, when natural, vitamin-mineral complexes should be added to food. About what kind of food supplements are necessary for a pet, it is better to consult a veterinarian or an experienced breeder.

Today, many companies that produce dog food allow owners to use online special programs to calculate calories and make an optimal daily menu for a representative of any breed. If the owner is inexperienced, but cares about the health of his pet, then you can use the services of a calculator.

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Where to buy a Bobtail puppy

To date, the popularity of Bobtail is great. Active people who have the conditions for living a large dog, acquire Bobtails as a companion or a family dog. Under the condition of proper education, feeding, proper care, as well as a loving and caring attitude, a wonderful, healthy, loyal friend, comrade and companion will grow up from a small puppy.

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