Beagles are representatives of the oldest breed, which hunters developed for their needs. The event happened back in those days, then the aristocracy had just begun to emerge. The early Middle Ages did not have an abundance of entertainment, so the leading position was taken by the hunt. Beagles accompanied nobles on hunting trips and were directly involved in the process. Who are the pets of this breed for a person in the modern world?


Where did the breed come from

The origin of the bigley is associated with England, although, of course, they were not the first to use dogs in the hunt. Judging by research, the ancestors of hunting dogs came to the British Isles from the Ancient States of Rome and Greece thanks to the Celtic tribes. And crossing them with local dogs and became the basis for the future appearance of bigley.


With the development of statehood and the aristocratic stratum of the population, the need arose for pets not only with hunting qualities, but also with noble external data. And the participation of the ladies in the hunting fun has made its own adjustments - the dogs must be compact. At this point, and began the active and purposeful development of breeds for hunting aristocrats.

Breeding different breeds of dogs for hunting, breeders and received the breed of the beagle, so named because of its small size. The first discovered record of them dates back to 1475.

The development of the breed continued in the 16-17 centuries, the Bigley gradually ceased to be exclusively the favorites of the nobility. At this time they could be found in large farms and even among middle-class landowners. This had a positive effect on the quality of the pedigree data of dogs, as the hunt turned exclusively into spectacular entertainment and they began to attract more glamorous pets, inferior in hunting qualities, but with more original appearance.

The owners were engaged in crossing their pet with dogs living in the same area as Bigley, so experts distinguish several types of breed. Southerners turned out to be slower and heavier, while the northern ones are distinguished by a more lean body and mobility.

Beagle breed

In the second half of the 19th century, the extinction of the breed could be traced, but its disappearance did not happen thanks to bigley admirers and the classic hare hunting. The British tried, they not only retained the breed, but also revived its former popularity.

Beagles became full participants in exhibitions and shows, and at the end of the century the first official club of this breed was formed. The breed standard was approved five years later. In parallel, there was a revival of hunting with a pack of these dogs.

Bigley all over the world today are excellent companion dogs and only in the territory of England they continue to be used in their original quality. Given their excellent sense of smell, beagles are sometimes used for serious customs service. Bigley has been on the list of the most prestigious breeds for more than a hundred years.

Beagle breed description

Appearance bigley

Photo of beagle dog

The breed standard, adopted for the first time, has been adjusted several times, therefore, in the modern assessment of dogs, data from the 1987 document is used:

  • Today the beagle is a dog with a strong build, but devoid of any rudeness. The height at the withers varies between 33-40 cm.
  • The head is long, powerful, has no folds, wrinkles. On the skull there is a mound, visible to the naked eye. The nose is black, but animals are allowed with a lighter nose, if the coat is of a light colored animal.
  • Bigley bite on type 2 "scissors", lips droop a little. The eyes of the dogs are very expressive, good-natured, it is easy to guess the pet's mood from them. The iris can be dark brown or nut hue.
  • Ears long, hanging, velvet, rounded shape. The neck is equipped with a small suspension, its length allows the animal to move along the trail of prey.
  • The body of a beagle is compact with a very straight back and rather flexible loin. The front paws are straight, they do not taper to the bottom. Back strong, thighs with developed muscles, strong hock joints.
  • The tail is very mobile, without bends. The coat is short, thick, evenly covering the entire body of the animal.

Bigley colors

The color of the coat coat in beagles is no different from the color of other hounds. According to the standard tip of the tail should be white. Color may include:

  • at the same time three shades - white, red and black, which can be arbitrarily arranged. In the case that white color prevails, the color is called “brilliant”, if the pet's back is black, then it is black; Redhead black and white beagle
  • there are also white-red representatives of the breed, the second color may be red, chestnut, lemon. In England, such dogs with bicolor are valued above the rest; White beagle
  • black and white beagles are rarely seen; Black and white beagle
  • and even more rarely whites. This is the only monochrome color that the standard allows. White beagle

Interesting nicknames for bigley girls and boys .

Character bigley

The main qualities of bigley are cheerfulness, good nature and activity. They feel great in the midst of the children's campaign, “all the paws” are in favor of any outdoor games. Enjoying the game, they are able to allow "little" comrades to do with them a variety of manipulations.

They are perfectly able to interact with other dogs and people, as beagles have no dominant inclinations. This is the result of the content in the pack. And among family members they often choose their child as their master. Therefore, representatives of this breed can be purchased for children.

Character bigley

Beagle dog breed photo

They also get along well with other pets, but it is worth remembering that beagles have strong hunting instincts. Therefore, smaller animals - rabbits, rodents, cats will be considered as prey. Yes, the beagle can live with the cats, but those will have to play the role of game from time to time and run away.

Representatives of this breed are very clever and quick-witted, but their minds are more sophisticated. They do not like dressage and in every possible way shirk it. Many owners will agree with this definition of dogs - “charming insolent”, and their actions are aimed at using for their own purposes the weaknesses of the owner. Running beagle once in his bed, the owners will always have to share a bed with him. They are difficult to get used to the place, as they are actively moving everywhere and fall asleep there, “where the night will find”.

In addition to their activity, they are also distinguished by excessive curiosity, therefore, by leaving them alone, one can find a lot of surprises upon arrival. Like most hunting dogs, beagle has a habit of jerking after the alleged prey during walking. At this time, they do not see and do not hear what is happening around. This quality causes most owners to lead dogs on a leash.

In addition, they are incredible gluttons, and the saturation center for them practically does not work. The result is another bad habit — at home — a survey of a garbage can, on the street — a container. It should be avoided by all means such pet impulses from the very first day.

How to feed just

When purchasing a thoroughbred representative from a beagle, you need to remember that a beagle is a hound that needs to move a lot. Many kilometers of daily jogging are a guarantee not only for the well-being of the dog, but also for order in the house. Therefore, you should evaluate your strength and the possibility of providing such active walking.

Without the necessary physical exertion, the dog grows fat and has health problems. In addition, overweight contributes to the passion of pets to begging and even stealing food. Here you can also include the constant beagle hunger, which forces the owners to feed the dog more than the norm. If the pet often runs, but at the same time gaining weight, then you should reduce its daily portion.

How to feed just

Photo - Beagle puppies with mom

In the ration of the hound porridge should be no more than 25% of the total food. The basis of the menu is meat products and offal. It is necessary to give vegetables, but they make up only 10% of the daily requirement.

Fish can be given, but only sea in boiled form and not more than a couple of times a week. If a pet from a puppy age is used to getting dairy products, then they can continue to be given to an adult dog.

Another common type of feeding - ready-made ration. A good option for bigley, as you can more accurately dose a portion, and the balance of useful components is calculated as much as possible.

Read more: how to feed the beagle .

Beagle care and maintenance

Caring for the coat of beagle is quite standard: periodically you need to bathe your pet, comb out dead wool with a stiff brush.

A pet does not need frequent bathing , as detergents can remove the natural fatty layer, exposing the skin to pathogenic microorganisms. For just enough to take a bath 1 every 3-4 months. Naturally, if the dog has become very dirty, it is simply necessary to buy it back.

Long ears require regular brushing with special solutions. The eyes are a weak point of the breed, they need to be washed daily with antimicrobial agents. As soon as discharge from the eyes is detected, they should be immediately treated.

Photo bigley

Beagle and catBeagle dogVery beautiful beagleBigley puppiesBeagle is playedBeagle in winter

Video about bigla

Beagle puppy selection and its cost

It is much cheaper to choose a pet beagle just as a family pet, without suggesting any exhibition events or the continuation of thoroughbred. In this case, it is enough to come to the ad or visit the nursery and get the most attracted baby. The task is complicated if a beagle is acquired for hunting or for subsequent participation in exhibitions.

It is important to get reliable information and reviews about the breeder of the breed, to get acquainted not only with the puppy, but also with his parents. Dogs for shows and participation in breeding must fully comply with the standard parameters, this should also be ascertained.

Experts warn that beagle puppies become adult in color by the age of 3 months, so spots and color stains that are up to this age, often on the head, ears, and back, can disappear.

If we talk about the price of puppies just, then the average price tag is 20,000. For private individuals, a dog that has no pedigree can be bought for 7000-10000 rubles.

The representative of the breed of the show class will cost at least 30,000 rubles. Puppies of the middle category cost from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles. Naturally, the price is influenced by the fame of the breeder, the regalia of the parents of the pet and other factors.

The beagle is an excellent option for active, fun people with great patience and a good sense of humor.

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