Bernese Mountain Dog

Initially upholstered side by side with a man, sharing duties with him and taking food out of hand, the Bernese Mountain Dog from the shepherd dog gradually turned into an excellent companion. But at the same time his formidable appearance was preserved, which at one glance gives panic fear. Such a contrast among dog fraternity is not uncommon, what exactly attracts dog breeders to this breed?


Historical information about the breed

Bernese Mountain Dog is a variety of common Swiss mountain dogs. The researchers managed to find out that the history of the breed goes back centuries, and there is evidence that it existed more than 2000 years ago.

Bernese Mountain Dog

However, in our time it remains a mystery who became the ancestor of the Bernese Mountain Dog. According to one version, he is a Tibetan mastiff , from which originated a group of Molossians and shepherd dogs from the mountains. On the other - this breed is the result of natural selection and multiple crosses of different breeds.

Unlike the origin, the dogs' destiny does not cause doubts - these are originally guardian shepherd dogs. Initially, all the giant dogs that were used to graze sheep on the Swiss slopes were called huts, and later they flock to get the name, depending on the terrain. So the breed was formed, the representatives of which lived and labored near Bern.

A long period of Bernese Mountain Dogs was used only as watchmen, but the dogs placed their masters in other dignities, not only physical, but also mental. Strength and endurance allowed them to be used for the transport of goods, they could transport carts over long distances.

Dog Bernese Mountain Dog

In the early twentieth century, dogs were able to "go out into the light", then the representative of the breed was at an exhibition of world scale. Naturally, such a powerful handsome man was immediately noticed and appreciated. This was the starting point in the development and improvement of the breed. In the future, to improve the quality of some indicators, they were crossed with no less gigantic and beautiful Newfoundlands.

Description of breed Bernese Mountain Dog

This type of zenennhund has some similarities with other species, but is characterized by a longer and thicker coat. Dogs are large in size: the growth of males at the withers is 64-70 cm, the bitches are not much smaller - 58-66 cm. The standards do not include the body weight of animals, the weight of males from 35 to 55 kg, females from 35 to 45 kg.

The constitution of Bernese zenennhundov strong, but they can not be called chunky. All parts of the body are proportional. If you look under the thick undercoat, you can find a developed muscular corset. Dogs differ in strength and unreal stamina.

According to the generally accepted standard, they have the following structure:

  • The tail of this breed is luxurious - long and completely covered with long hair, at the end it is narrower.
  • The head is located on a strong neck, the muzzle has smooth features, without sharp transitions. The lips of the zenennhunds are densely closed, there is no salivation.
  • Eyes small, almond shaped and dark brown iris. Dogs are very careful, expressive look.
  • Ears hanging, triangular, when the animal is alert or something interests it, they rise slightly. If you take into account all the characteristics, it is thought that the dogs from Bern are very intelligent and balanced animals.
  • Wool is the pride of the Bernese Mountain Dog, the rest of the breed can not boast of this. It has one layer, a bright natural shine. There are representatives with straight hair, with soft waves or very light "disheveled." According to experts, it is half-long, slightly shorter in the area of ​​the head, muzzle and part of the limbs.

Color Bernese Mountain Dog

Color in dogs of this breed is one - three - color . The main color is black, on its background are symmetrical spots with clear boundaries - reddish-rusty hue and white. Reddish should be in the area of ​​the superciliary arches, on the sternum, under the tail and on the limbs.

Color Bernese Mountain Dog

Due to the long crossing of different breeds, sometimes puppies with a different color appear on the light. But they do not meet the standard requirements, so they are not suitable for breeding and for the exhibition career. But this does not prevent them from being wonderful favorites of the family.

The character of the Bernese zenennhund

Today, this breed is gaining momentum, which is more associated with the nature of its representatives, rather than their bright appearance or fashion trends. Any breed standard pays more attention to this aspect, and responsible breeders prefer breeding good-natured dogs, rather than aggressive ones.

According to the description of many owners, the dog from Burns is gigantic and very patient. Pets are very attached to their owners, they differ in devotion and understand the person perfectly. Despite the fact that they choose only one member of the family as their master, they communicate perfectly with the rest of the members. And their cat's habits - to settle on the lap of the owner, just touches, especially since this "kitten" weighs half of the "centner".

The character of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog - Photo

Being attached to their family, the dog does not refuse to communicate with other people (a rare quality for large breeds), this is due to their past driving life, when they drove the goods to noisy and fussy market areas. Having received the correct socialization, dogs behave politely with strangers. Without proper upbringing , dogs can be nervous and timid in society with strangers, but they are very rarely aggressive.

The Bernese zenennhund can be a security guard, as it is enough of his thundering barking and roaring that the attacker changes his plans. However, there is no aggression in these manifestations and with certain knowledge of dog psychology, robbers can still enter the territory.

But if the territory of the mountain guard does not matter, then under the threat of life or health of one of the members of the family, the behavior of the giant changes radically. It is almost impossible to stop the rage that has fallen upon the offender.

These dogs are great for a family with children, even nursing. Dogs are patronizing to babies and part of parental concerns are easily taken over. They patiently endure all the pranks, never take revenge, and their huge dimensions do not interfere with being very neat and soft.

Berne find a common language with other domestic pets, even dogs. They even like the society of their relatives. They do not seek to dominate, divide the territory or manifest aggression because of food. The latter quality is often used by smaller, but somewhat impudent domestic animals - cats. From their insolence the dog can be taken aback, but more often it is retired far away. This tolerance is related to the purpose of the breed and the lack of instincts of the hunter.

The character of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Photo of the breed of dogs Bernese Mountain Dog

All this applies to socialized dogs. If the dog was not brought up, or mistakes were made in the educational process, the males of the Bernese zenennhund can exhibit uncharacteristic qualities - aggression towards the males.

Naturally, the size of the Bernese Mountain Dog can already conceal a danger for small animals, so it is important to raise a pet.

Representatives of this breed are very intelligent and calmly refer to training . Their desire to please the owner makes this process easy and enjoyable. The main thing is to systematize classes and act competently. In interaction, it is important that the team gives the leader of the family, otherwise the dogs perform the task, but with less enthusiasm.

However, if you compare other breeds, still the sennenhunds are more accommodating. They do not tolerate rudeness in their address and always respond to encouragement, whether it's yummy, stroking or simply affectionate word. A positive attitude will give better results than a drill.

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What care is required

Berna is equipped with a developed undercoat that protects them from both low and high temperatures. Breeders strongly recommend trying to protect the dog from scorching sun rays and overloads during this period, but they are by nature characterized by stamina. To sleep dogs like on a snow nastah and seldom spend time in a box.

Care for the Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppies Bernese Mountain Dog in the photo

An excellent place for their maintenance is the enclosure. And the warming of the booth is only necessary if the animal is sitting on a chain. In this case, and the walking should be more frequent and prolonged. Once every day for at least two hours.

On the leash the dog will feel normal if the chain will allow you to move around at least 10 square meters.

The apartment mountain dog requires a two-time walk. As for the puppies, then everything depends on the age. All walks should be accompanied by active jogging and games.

How to feed a Bernese Mountain Dog

Possessing large sizes and excellent appetite, dogs will require a decent amount of food. If you take the percentage of products with natural feeding, it looks like this:

  • 70% - meat products, including by-products;
  • 15% - cereals (in the form of porridges cooked on water);
  • 5% - boiled and raw vegetables, fruits;
  • 10% - fermented milk products.

In the diet, you can include low-fat marine fish, but not more often than once a week. It is also recommended to give a raw chicken egg no more than 1-2 in 7 days. You should provide the pet with fresh drinking water in unlimited quantities. This is especially important in hot days.

Like other large dogs, Berna needs food containing cartilaginous tissue, it helps strengthen the ligaments. Meat is better to give a rough, sinewy. It is obligatory to give a scar, not only that his pets adore him, since he also positively influences the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

As for feeding a ready-made diet, you should choose a menu with a low fat content for large breeds. This is due to the fact that Bernese Mountain Dogs may suffer from excessive body weight. Vitamin complexes should not be given alone, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian beforehand.

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Photo of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Beautiful Bernese Mountain DogFamily Bernese Mountain DogFemale and Bernese Mountain Dog cableBernese Mountain Dog in winterTerrible Bernese Mountain DogBernese Mountain Dog on the veranda

Video Bernese Mountain Dog

Cost of puppies

If there is a desire to purchase this giant handsome, it is worthwhile to know that a purebred puppy in a family without a further exhibition career and breeding will cost 20000-25000 rubles. The price of Bernese Mountain Dog for breeding and successful participation in exhibitions varies from 35,000 to 40,000 rubles.

When purchasing a puppy, the owners must be warned - the Bernese zenennhund has a very long period of childhood - up to 2.5 years. Therefore, some pranks can be safely written off for age.

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