Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd, or in a different way Aussie is a beautiful and rare breed in Russia, which every year attracts more and more admirers. Its become, a proportional and bright exterior, expressive eyes can not leave anyone indifferent. What are the goals for these attractive and intelligent dogs, and did they really come from Australia?


Historical reference

Despite the name of the breed, the dogs were taken to the United States in the 19th century. Used for this purpose, some breeds of sheepdogs - collies and Pyrenean, which were brought by settlers from the territories of France and Spain.

Australian Shepherd

The name itself is associated with one of the ancestors of the breed - the Baskak shepherd dog, which just arrived in the States from the Australian continent. Local farmers appreciated their unsurpassed qualities, and the idea was born to breed their breed with similar, but improved characteristics.

After a painstaking work, a new breed appeared - the Australian Shepherd. The peak of its popularity was in the post-war years. It was then in the United States there was a real boom of equestrian competitions, exhibitions and rodeo. Sheepdogs were used for entertainment of visitors during breaks at mass events. Easily trained dogs could easily attract people and surprise with their skills.

Today the breed is quite common in the US, however, and the prices for puppies are quite high. But the true connoisseurs of the breed, this nuance is unlikely to stop.

At home, many still use Australian Shepherds in agriculture and grazing. Outside the country, it is more likely to serve as a companion dog.

Only by the beginning of the XXI century the breed deserved recognition as an international cynological federation and was categorized as shepherd and cattle dogs.

Descriptive characteristics of the breed

Aussie definitely has an outstanding appearance, which distinguishes these dogs among other breeds. Representatives acquired their finished modern look only at the beginning of the 20th century, at the same time an exact description of the Australian Shepherd breed was made and the necessary standards were determined. According to the generally accepted standard, the pet looks like this:

  • The pet has a large head with a shortened muzzle, which is crowned with semi-standing ears of triangular shape and medium length.
  • The nose of the Australian Shepherd depends on the color of the coat and is black or red.
  • The eyes have an interesting almond-shaped cut and are distinguished by a variety of colors. Iris may be brown, greenish, blue, have marbling or blotches. Often there are representatives of the breed with different eyes.
  • Wool at Aussie is stiff, can be straight or wavy, has an average length. The density of the wool coat is moderate, the density of the undercoat directly depends on the climatic conditions. In the area of ​​the head and ears, the front paws are shorter.
  • Wool can be of different colors , in most cases it is a combination of several color stains. The most common are the following colors with the obligatory presence of marble - blue, red, black.
  • Distinctive property of the breed is the dock tail .

Australian Shepherd is a medium sized breed. Their growth at the withers varies in the range of 45-60 cm, and weight can range from 15 to 35 kg. As in other breeds, the size of the dog depends on its belonging to the floor - the bitches are much smaller than the males.

The amazing nature of this breed

The main qualities of pedigree pets can be called hard work and responsibility. They have a gentle temper, friendliness and a desire to always please the owner. They need long walks with the owner, they need attention of the person.

Character of the Australian Shepherd

They have increased activity, therefore, their content is not recommended in a confined space. To show their qualities and feel good, the Australian Shepherd needs freedom and space.

Fans of the breed are impressed by their dedication and loyalty. In addition, the Australian shepherds have a developed intellect, allowing them to grasp everything new on the fly. This definitely facilitates the training process. Yes, and pets like to learn, they are pleased to perform commands and various tasks.

Australian Aussie Shepherd is great as a family dog. They get along well with children, being nannies with protective functions and companions for games.

Nature has made sure that the pets of this breed are excellent guards. And they, knowing their territory, can show aggression while protecting it. If you do not teach your pet the right behavior, such instincts can significantly complicate the life of the owners. Although most dogs are friendly enough to all people, they are often alarmed when outsiders appear. Excessive aggressiveness, or, conversely, cowardice, are considered anomalous behavioral deviations in the breed.

Possessing excessive energy, without sufficient walking and intensive loads, thoroughbred puppies can load and start hooliganizing or manifesting their negative qualities. Therefore, it is worth paying more attention to the animal, in addition to walking, training, downloading various tasks, whether it is guarding the house, grazing or running after the owner's bike. Only in this way the Australian Shepherd will be able to waste energy on a peaceful course. By the way, shepherd's instincts in the dogs of the Australian Shepherd are very strong.

Such characteristics definitely indicate that this pet is not suitable for everyone. Fans of a relaxing holiday, the homebody should not start such an active dog.

Representatives of this breed are successfully used as service dogs, guide dogs, assistants to people with disabilities. Often, sheep dogs participate in the work of police and rescuers, and in the northern regions they often perform the duties of sled dogs.

Care Rules for Australian Shepherd

If we talk about the rules of feeding, then Australian pets need a balanced diet. And it is more possible when feeding a pet natural food.

In the diet , without fail, the following products must be present:

  • low-fat meat, various by-products;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • dairy;
  • various cereals;
  • fruits, berries, vegetables.

You can alternate foods, mix or allocate certain days for a particular dish. Among the prohibitions is pork, raw eggs, bread, flour, sausage and confectionery, smoked meat. You can replace the natural food with dry food, but only taking into account age characteristics and weight category, and it is necessary to provide access to clean water. Adult pet enough two-time food, which is desirable to exercise regularly, at the same time.

Funny character of the Australian Shepherd

In the photo, the breed of dogs is Australian Shepherd

Caring for a dog of this breed will require a lot of time, because the Australian Shepherd needs long walks, regular training , active games. Contain them best in the enclosure with the possibility of free movement. It is strongly recommended not to plant the Australian Shepherd dog on a chain.

If there is no possibility of suburban maintenance, the pet can be taken out to a dacha, a kitchen garden, a country house in the warm season, as it can not feel quite comfortable in an apartment. A pedigree should take at least 2.5-3 hours a day.

Hygienic procedures include regular combing of wool - in normal times it should be done daily, during moulting several times a day. Frequent bathing is not recommended, it is enough once in 2-3 months, clipping of claws is carried out as necessary, and wiping the ears should be done 1-2 times a week.

Watching the health of the dog, you need to pay close attention to the organs of vision and kidneys. Most of the representatives of this breed, and most often dogs with red color, do not tolerate scorching sun rays very well, so the best conditions for walking are being in the shade.

Australian Shepherd Video:

Photo of the Australian Shepherd

We present to your attention the wonderful photos of the Australian Shepherd.

Beautiful Australian ShepherdAustralian Shepherd with a ballAustralian Shepherd Dogs TogetherAustralian Shepherd near the treeAustralian Shepherd on the rocksAustralian Shepherd in the Woods

Cost and purchase of thoroughbred Australian puppies

If after acquaintance with the breed there was a desire to buy yourself the same four-footed friend, it is necessary to know that in the territory of the Russian Federation there are only about one hundred Australian Shepherds. That's why not everyone can buy this wonderful breed. Of course, it is recommended to purchase a pet from those dogs that have already proven themselves.

The price can also scare away potential buyers, it, depending on the titles and performance of manufacturers, varies around 25-55 thousand rubles. However, if the owner does not plan exhibition events and breeding, it is possible to purchase a "rejected" puppy much cheaper.

Buying an Australian Shepherd puppy, the owner acquires a reliable protector, a devoted friend, a good friend.

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