English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel - a worthy representative of the family of cocks. Despite his hunting roots, this pet came to court as a favorite pet. English cockerels are a pleasant appearance, excellent manners, a dog for the soul, for the family, for friendship.

English Cocker Spaniel


Origin of English Cockers

Like most modern hunting breeds, English cocker spaniels ancestors were "ash" hunting dogs, information about which came to us since the Bronze Age. During excavation, scientists often found the remains of animals in the ashes, this was the reason for such a name, and, moreover, suggested that in ancient times people burned dogs for ritual purposes. But, naturally, such a fate did not wait for all the pets, because even then the dogs were excellent helpers for the person.

Over time, people were able to breed dogs of the same type, possessing excellent qualities of a hunter - spaniels. But then there was no division of their nationality. Some scientists believe that the first spaniels appeared on the Spanish lands, while others associate their origin with the British dogs of the Agass breed. Themselves themselves are based on this issue on the very name of the breed - "spen spain" is translated as "the one who can jump high". This quality is really possessed by dogs of breed spaniel. As for the second word, then there is no special dispute - "Cocker" (woodcock) - is translated as a woodcock, on which these dogs hunted.

The withdrawal of English spaniels falls at the beginning of the XIX century, and at the end of the century the first club of this breed was formed. This was the first step towards recognizing these dogs as a separate breed and led to their popularization around the world.

The progenitor of all representatives of the breed is the male Obo, born in the territory of England in the late 19th century. After it there was a numerous litter. And his son, Obo II, initiated the breed of American Cockers.

In 1893, the British registered a new breed, the standard of the English spaniel appeared almost in 10 years. Originally, these handsome men could be met at the exhibitions under the name of "field spaniel", later they were unofficially called cheerful cockers. The world standard of English spaniels was officially developed only during the 80s of the last century, and so far the breeding takes place according to its criteria.

On the territory of Russia, English cockers were not accepted immediately. Although they appeared here at the beginning of the XX century, but they did not cultivate them, there were very few dogs.

In the 70's, they finally paid attention to these cocks, and in the 80's their popularity has increased enormously. Pets wanted this breed not only hunters, but also ordinary lovers of these four-legged friends.

Description of dogs of this breed

Description of breed English Cocker Spaniel

American cocker spaniels have a compact body. According to the standard, its representatives must comply with the following parameters:

  • the weight of an adult dog varies between 13.5-14.5 kg;
  • height of males - 39-41 cm at the withers;
  • the height of the females is about 37-39 cm.

The shades of the wool are very different: monochrome golden, red, pure black, white, with brown wool and tan marks, liver, small color, and mixed shades.

The coat is soft, touching like a silk, long. Not curly, slightly curly, but can be straight, with a good dense undercoat. On the lower part of the trunk, the wool forms a skirt of long hair, and there is fringe on all the legs. The standard does not correspond to individuals with curly, fluffy or hard wire wool, as well as dogs without undercoat.

The appearance of dogs of this breed attracts glances and not without reason:

  • Dogs have a squat, muscular body , proportionally folded, with flexible bends.
  • The head is flat, and the muzzle has a very expressive appearance, only the large, damp eyes of which stand. Looking into them, you immediately understand that this is a very developed and intelligent being. In addition, they can assess the condition and mood of the pet: if he is cheerful and cheerful, his eyes are glowing, cheerful, with a wet wand, and in a sick and sad spaniel they go out, lose their shine.
  • Dogs have a powerful bite and strong neck .
  • The paws of the Cockers are muscular, strong, covered with a rich coat of wool.
  • The ears of this breed's dogs are truly their pride - long and wide ears that hang on thin cartilages, have a snug fit to the head, are evenly covered with wavy delicate wool. According to the standard, the base of the auricle should be level with the eyes.

Cockers are very graceful dogs, smoothly and gracefully moving, and from the side it seems that they do not touch the paws of the surface. A characteristic movement for the English spaniels - running at a slight gallop.

It should be noted that the standard requirements for this breed are very stringent.

Main Character Traits

By nature, English cockers are distinguished by playfulness, responsiveness and liveliness. These pets are very sociable, loyal and for them the best condition is to be closer to the owner.

Thanks to their good nature and friendliness, they are ideal for families with young children, and their tirelessness is an excellent quality for older children. But the Cocker can be an excellent companion for a lonely elderly person. No matter how many members there were in the family, only one person will be really close to a Cocker.

Character of the English Cocker Spaniel

In the photo, an English Cocker Spaniel

Some representatives of the breed can become so attached to their owners that they lose their independence. Proper education in puppyhood will help to avoid this problem. Another negative feature of the English spaniels can be stubbornness and a sense of ownership, the latter mainly relates to toys and pet equipment.

The most important purpose of spaniels is associated with hunting, in this case the English Cocker is indefatigable and hardworking. It has long been used to search for and deliver (assorted) assassinated game. Active and harsh on the hunt, at home this is a kind creature, a favorite of all family members, requiring a lot of attention and affection.

With his relatives, the pet behaves very freely, but outsiders make him wary. This testifies to his excellent watchful qualities, the thief spaniel will meet with loud and piercing barking.

In addition, spaniels can be jealous, but they can not take offense. After being punished, the Cocker will forget about the incident in half an hour.

It so happened that all breeds of spaniels are distinguished by an excellent appetite and indiscriminate eating habits. Therefore, the owners must strictly control the nutrition of the pet, which is extremely difficult because of the tendency of the Cockers to beg. They use all their charm to get a tasty morsel, and the yummy for spaniels is all more or less edible.

Among the pets of this breed are rare, but there are individuals with a quiet, timid character, but in most cases these are sociable curious dogs.

Main Character Traits of English Cocker Spaniels

Dog breed English Cocker Spaniel in the photo

Unlike other breeds, the English cooks have a tendency to dominate more females than males. Due to the constant readiness to please the owner, the cookies are easy to train. Some English spaniels have one drawback - a tendency to long and barking bark.

In addition to hunting spaniel can be rightfully considered a sports dog. Individuals are very energetic, constantly in motion. They can boast an excellent sense of smell and vision, which is embedded with the hunting instincts. From the propensity to hunt for small animals and birds, the dog will not be able to wean, if possible the dog will pursue the prey to the end. If the pet is properly raised, then it will be able to get along with the cats, and sometimes even finds a common language with them.

Read about the nicknames for the cocker spaniels .

Contents of English Cocks and Care

As already mentioned, spaniel-Englishmen are very fond of eating, which means that the owners have two tasks - not to overfeed the pet and provide him with the necessary load. Otherwise, you can get an obese, lazy, sluggish animal.

Wool from a spaniel requires a special approach, regular combing, trimming , trimming . Since the very appearance of the spaniel puppy in the house, it is necessary to accustom him to patience with these procedures. He should react normally to the grooming table, patiently allow him to do the necessary manipulations with him.

In addition, the owner of the pet should also be ready for a sufficiently labor-consuming care - regular combing becomes even more frequent in the period of seasonal moults.

Maintenance and care of English cocker spaniels

Almost all spaniels have a feature - during the meal to lower the ears into a bowl, this is their anatomical feature. When feeding with dry fodder, there are no problems, but when feeding natural food, the ears are better for the pet to tie or buy a special cup, in which the top is narrowed. Otherwise, one more problem will join the combing-a daily two-time wash of the ears.

Spaniel ears also require regular inspections, since they completely hide the shell. They need to be cleaned once in 1-2 weeks, and also remove the hair near the ear canal.

Particular attention should be paid to the eyes of the pet, since English spaniels are prone to eye diseases . At the slightest deviation from the norm, you need to contact the veterinarian. Cockers live with proper care on average 13-15 years, 16-year-old dogs already belong to the category of long-livers.

If you compare the contents of the cocker spaniel with dogs of other breeds, then it can be assessed as rather complicated.

Very important articles:

Proper haircut of English cocks

Many owners of such dogs try to get a pet from the exhibition kind, cutting off the wool in the back area. But experts say that this is strictly not recommended. To achieve the desired result, you need to comb the wool coat from excess undercoat hairs, then the rest of the hair will lie flat and tight.

If at least once the guard hair is cut off, he can never lie properly, and the exhibition expert may well reduce the estimates for the wrong pet exterior.

Spaniels begin to cut very early, most breeders give puppies to new owners with a new cut. This greatly facilitates further care and trim.

Photo of English cocker spaniels

English Cocker Spaniel on the PondEnglish Cocker Spaniel at homeEnglish Cocker Spaniel in the clearingPuppies of the English Cocker SpanielEnglish cocker spaniel in the mountainsEnglish cocker spaniel resting

Video about the Cocker

How and for how much to buy a puppy

To buy a pet of this breed can be difficult if you give preference to official breeders. There are very few of them on the territory of Russia. In addition, you can contact the National Breed Club and buy a puppy in a well-established nursery. If there is a desire to make a similar four-legged friend, then in any case you can do it.

If the use of an English spaniel is intended solely for hunting, then it is better to take a bitch. They are more focused on teams.

The price of the English cocker spaniel with documents starts from 20,000 rubles, the puppy from the titled parents is much more expensive, in the region of 150,000. What puppy, for what purposes, and for what amount to buy, the owner decides for himself.

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