English bulldog

English Bulldog - quite an interesting breed, which has its own characteristics. First of all, interest is the story of the transformation of a fighting dog into a decorative dog. How did this happen, what changes did the breed undergo and for whom can a bulldog be suitable as a pet?

English bulldog


The origin of dogs of this breed

Being a purely English breed, despite its harsh appearance, the Bulldogs possess some traits of a true gentleman. However, the appearance of such qualities did not happen immediately.

Originally bulldogs were used as animals for baiting. At that time, bloody spectacles were very popular, and bull baiting was one of them. Hence the name of the breed - bull (bull) and dog (dog).

When the breed originally appeared, it is not known, but it has been established that the breed originates from the oldest breed, now not preserved - the Old English Bulldog.

But there is authentic information that by the beginning of the 17th century there was a selection of bulldogs among other dogs called mastiffs. On the border of the 17th and 18th centuries, it was possible to find a mention of this breed as a hunting dog. They, along with mastiffs, are recommended for boar hunting.

Scientists are still unable to determine exactly what breeds of dogs were involved in the appearance of this breed, but the majority are inclined to believe that they were a fighting British dog, a mastiff and alano-dog-like dog.

Being dogs for fighting, the Bulldogs did not deserve respect, as a breed, as, indeed, their ancestors - the Old English Bulldogs. They were written about as stupid animals with weak reproduction and early aging. Now it is impossible to verify whether these statements were true, but when the first breed standard appeared, they all unanimously declared that the bulldogs were unjustly slandered.

Naturally, the ban on cruel entertainment in the form of baiting of animals, the law of which was issued in 1835, could not affect the fate of the Bulldogs. True, dog fights were not then forbidden, but the Bulldogs did not have the required qualities for them - speed, flexibility. Then lovers of dog fights began to look for an opportunity to breed a new kind of fighting dogs. Bulldogs crossed with terriers, as a result of which a new breed appeared - the bull terrier. At the same time, no one really cared whether the English bulldog would remain intact or not.

The standard of the breed was the first pair of English Bulldogs, consisting of Rosa and Kriba dogs. Their names were the first in the breeding book of the Kennel Club of England. In 1859, the English Bulldogs first took part in the exhibition of breeds.

Due to the fact that other types of bulldogs began to appear, differing not only in size, but they were viewed at exhibitions as one class, there was some confusion. It was then that the idea to create a bulldog club and develop a single standard. And already in 1864, such an institution appeared, its motto was the phrase "Dead Hand". Later began to organize other clubs of fans of this breed.

Today, the English Bulldog is a breed of dogs officially recognized by felinologists and has several different standards.

Breed description

Description of the breed English Bulldog

In the photo English bulldog hat

The appearance of the English Bulldog, it should be noted, extraordinary. For some, his face may seem ridiculous, but this, at first glance, good-natured dog, has a fairly strong, protruding jaw, with a number of open teeth. They can be seen even with a tightly clenched jaw.

Skin folds - this is an echo of those distant times, when the Bulldogs entered the ring. They were the ones who gave the dogs the necessary maneuverability and protected their eyes from the bloody streams that filled them.

According to the accepted standard for bulldogs the following features are characteristic:

  • Representatives of the stocky breed, have broad shoulders and a compact constitution . Their chest is rather wide and deep.
  • The head of a bulldog has a high landing, the shape of a square with a flat forehead. The muzzle is short, flattened, slightly bent upwards. Dog cheeks are round, elongated, go beyond the eye line. Between the eyes lies a distinct depression.
  • The nose of the bulldogs is large, like the nostrils themselves, has black pigmentation. A nose of a different color is considered a marriage.
  • Lips have a decent thickness and width, strongly lowered down. Ears have a high fit, they are small, in the form of a rosette.
  • The eyes have a low location, round shape and small size, they do not extend beyond the contours of the cheeks, do not sink inside and do not bulge out. The color of the iris is one - dark brown, close to black.
  • The paws are strong, have developed muscles. Moreover, the front are more powerful than the rear, they have a slightly turned inward position.
  • According to the standard, the belly of the bulldogs is tucked up and should not hang down.
  • The tail is set low, it is round, has no woolly fringe, thickened at the base and thinner at the end. His normal position is at the level of the back, but not higher.
  • The coat of the bulldogs is short, abundant and seemingly hard. However, when touched, you can make sure that the wool is soft, silky.

The color may be different, subject to uniform, pure colors, the standard allowed the following combinations:

  • all shades of red, red; Red-red Bulldog
  • brindle; English Bulldog brindle color
  • pure white; White English Bulldog
  • white with spots of acceptable color. White English Bulldog with spots

Invalid black and brown colors are considered.

Feature of the body structure of the bulldogs is the lack of proportionality. Bulldogs have a small pelvis and a rather large head. Insufficient pelvic size makes delivery difficult, so the female bulldog can only bring offspring with the participation of veterinarians and most often by cesarean section.

Of course, such a structure could not but affect the health of the dog. They are prone to many diseases, most of which are hereditary. Most of the bulldogs suffer from the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system.

Purebred pets are of medium size - the males at the withers reach 40 cm in height, their weight varies around 25 kg. Females are slightly lower and smaller.

English bulldogs can not be attributed to the long-livers, since on average they live about 10 years. But, despite all the nuances, there are a lot of people in the world who prefer this particular breed.

The main character traits of the bulldog

Bulldog character

The long journey of turning a purely fighting dog into a companion pet has affected the character of the bulldog. Today they are discreet, calm dogs, distinguished by good behavior and excessive devotion to their family.

But the latter quality definitely imposes some responsibilities on the owners. Bulldogs just need attention, so they are not suitable for overly busy people who do not have time to communicate with the pet.

It should be borne in mind that, despite its stolidity, this breed tends to dominate. A puppy should immediately, when appearing in the house, explain who is in charge here and periodically remind about it. As a rule, an adult pet remembers this very well.

Bulldogs are so attached to the family that they become equal members. That is why a family change can cause an irreparable injury to a bulldog. Possessing a surprisingly developed intellect, pets of this breed can understand at a glance what they want from them.

It is important that the bulldog can become a friend, not only for humans, but also for other pets. In addition, he can exercise exceptional patience when dealing with children or older people. But it should be borne in mind that bulldogs can not be active for days playing with the child. For these purposes, it is better to have a more mobile and tireless pet.

In terms of socialization it is very important to start raising a dog as soon as possible. Nevertheless, uncastrated males in some cases may show excessive aggression.

Many people think that the slow reaction of pets is an expression of laziness or stupidity. But this is fundamentally wrong. English Bulldogs prefer to think it over before rushing to execute the command.

Thinkers and phlegmatic bulldogs are excellent travel companions. They can travel for a long time by transport and this does not bother them at all.

How to care for a purebred pet

How to care for the English Bulldog

Puppy of English Bulldog breed in the photo

First of all, you need to take care of the condition of the dog's coat. From the age of 9 months, bulldogs begin to shed completely, therefore, to speed up this process, it is necessary to brush the hair with a special brush, thereby removing dead hair, dust and other contaminants. In addition, this procedure is the prevention of skin diseases , as well as massage, which promotes better blood flow to the skin, thereby accelerating the process of metabolism. This should be done a couple of times a week.

If the pet is calm to such a procedure, then you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner. At least, many representatives of this breed are accustomed to such cleansing.

In hot weather, the dog's skin can be slightly moistened with cool water, without using any detergents. Especially the pet will be grateful if it is done after walking. Bulldogs are prone to erosion, so you need to take care that a wet pet is not in a draft.

In the autumn-winter period, it is not recommended to bathe the English Bulldog. In the warm season, you can do this once every two or three months. Hot water is contraindicated to bulldogs, the maximum thermometer should show 36 ° C.

Do not use shampoos designed for people, only special detergents. After bathing the pet must be well wiped and dried. Walking with a wet coat can be a disease for a bulldog.

In winter, you can wipe a bulldog with snow (just making sure it is clean), it is useful for skin condition. English bulldogs have a positive attitude to swimming in the reservoirs and in the summertime you can replace home washing with such a pleasant procedure. Naturally, this should be done away from people and avoiding places intended for watering livestock.

It must be borne in mind that bulldogs are not swimmers, as their front part of the body is much heavier than the back.

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Photos of English Bulldog

English Bulldog Face English bulldog on asphaltEnglish Bulldog sharpens teethEnglish Bulldog with a hostEnglish bulldog puppyBeautiful english bulldog

English Bulldog Videos

How much is a bulldog puppy

Before you buy a bulldog, you should take a look at the peculiarities of his character and the rules of caring for him, as well as the price of a puppy. As in any breed, there are criteria that determine the cost of offspring.

A puppy without documents will cost around 2500-5000 rubles. Naturally, in this case there are no guarantees about the purity of the breed. Registration of the relevant documents, vaccination and other expenses significantly increase their price.

The price of the English Bulldog is 23,000-35,000 rubles. Puppy for exhibitions, received from the titled parents of champions, will cost much more expensive, its price starts from 40,000 and ends about 70,000 rubles. Prices in the capital are slightly higher than the average in Russia. For what price, and for what purposes to buy a puppy, the owner decides on the basis of his preferences, ambitions and opportunities.

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