Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a breed bred on the basis of the most ancient mastiff-like dogs that have lived in Turkey for more than one millennium. This is a purely working animal, intended for human service, and such a pet cannot sit idle. Taking a similar dog into a house, a person acquires not only an assistant, but also a great burden of responsibility. The dog is not suitable for beginners and needs a special approach.


Breed origin

At home, the breeds of these dogs are called Anatolian Karabash, which translates as blackheads. Its roots go back deep in the centuries, it is believed that the ancestors of these dogs appeared 6,000 years ago in an area that today is occupied by modern Turkey. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Read Article

The development of the breed took place naturally, the animals had to adapt themselves to the harsh mountain conditions. Anatolian Shepherd is a descendant of the most ancient breeds - kangals, akbash.

In the 70s, American breeders became interested in these dogs. They were actively engaged in the development of the breed, developing a standard and taking care of good heredity. They began to cross Turkish kangals with representatives of other breeds, and the result was the appearance of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

At home, these dogs are perceived as mestizos - a mixture of kangal and akbash, that is, here they have not found their recognition. But thanks to this work, the whole world has learned about Turkish dogs, and today many dog ​​breeders have the opportunity to receive such an extraordinary pet.

Description of breed Anatolian Shepherd

Much of the appearance of these dogs is taken from their ancestors - the ancient giant mastiffs who lived in the Middle East. Anatolian Shepherd dog can grow up to 75-78 cm at the withers, and its weight varies from 50 to 69 kg. Bitches a little more compact, their height usually does not exceed 76.2 cm, and weight - 59 kg.

Representatives of the breed are strong, powerful animals, heavyweights, with a bold, but at the same time confident and calm character. They are proportionally composed, have a colorful appearance, from which breathes strength and confidence.

The dimensions of the animal do not in any way speak of the clumsiness or slowness of such individuals. Sheep-dogs from Turkey are easy to move, have fast movements and lightning-fast reaction.

The standard offers the following description of purebreds:

  1. The head is rather large, with a wide, flat skull and a moderate separation groove. The skull should not violate the overall proportionality of the addition.
  2. The muzzle is in the shape of a square, with black lips and powerful jaws. Shepherd dogs have strong, strong teeth that form the correct bite of the “scissors” type.
  3. Nose - lobe well defined, pigmented with brown or black color.
  4. The eyes are small, slightly spaced, almond-shaped, set deep, with a brown or golden amber iris. Looking keen, attentive, serious, it is immediately clear that with this guard jokes are bad.
  5. Ears - medium, have the appearance of hanging triangles. Anatolian Sheepdog breed description
  6. The neck is well developed, powerful, as an arch, has a small suspension.
  7. The body is a rectangular format, all proportions are preserved. The chest is deep, the line of the abdomen is a little tucked up. The neck passes into a well muscled back and sloping croup.
  8. Tail - located high, long, folded into a ring, well pubescent.
  9. Limbs - powerful, straight, muscular, hind more strong, better muscled; paws are oval, fingers are well curved, claws are pigmented with black color.

Coat quality and possible colors

The “Anatolian” hair can be short - 2.5 cm in length, or elongated - about 10.15 cm. The texture of the guard hair is flat, not wavy or twisted. Dogs have a dense, thick undercoat.

In the neck, the coat is thicker, the fur fits snugly to the skin, in the area of ​​the ears, tail, and extremities, slight feathering is allowed. Too short coat without undercoat leads to disqualification of the animal.

Coloring can be any, but individuals with the following coat color are more common:

  • white; White anatolian shepherd
  • hepatic;
  • brindle;
  • blue with a deer tone;
  • reddish-deer;
  • white with biscuit.

But more preferable is the wool of the pitch with a tan or fawn shade with a dark mask on the face and ears.

Character of Turkish Karabash

Once the ancestors of the “Anatolians” were successfully used to hunt large animals, including lions. In addition, they coped well with the protection and protection of the sheep, as if a dog sleeping among the herd could jump up and attack the attacker in seconds.

The breed is working, which means that its representatives have all the necessary traits for the activity. They have especially pronounced protective instincts and increased territoriality, which have been developed from the ancestors of the sheepdogs for centuries.

Such a pet quickly becomes attached to family members, gets acquainted with the property and livestock entrusted to it. He is infinitely loyal, will protect the house and property until the last breath, but he is not used to violently showing his love and joy.

The dog is suspicious of strangers, he does not like it when they approach him and try to contact. If guests make the dog uneasy, it can physically block their movements, preventing them from approaching the house and the owners. Anatolian Shepherd in the winter

It is not recommended to annoy the Anatolian Shepherd, for strangers like this can end in tears. The dog can not only express his dissatisfaction with his voice and threatening posture, but he can also bite the troublemaker. Day and night, the family can be calm - the watchfulness of the four-legged guard will not allow strangers to penetrate the local area.

The pet has not forgotten about its shepherd past and perceives the household as its flock - closely follows movements. She pays special attention to children, but considers them not as their owners, but as “sheep” requiring supervision. Shepherd dogs with children need to be watched - nevertheless, these are large animals that can injure a child due to their own size.

It is not recommended to keep Karabash with other large dogs, the dog will constantly show its leadership qualities, especially if you have two males of this breed. But smaller individuals and even cats will not cause aggression in a dog, naturally, if the shepherd is properly raised.

Representatives of this breed are brave and watchful guards, therefore it is recommended to use them for their intended purpose.

Pet education and training

As already noted, it is not recommended to start such a serious pet with a person without experience. A dog must be raised from puppyhood - regularly and consistently. Anatolian Shepherd Dog is not devoid of independence, likes to think about tasks, but it is quite trainable.

It is important to achieve obedience and proper execution of commands from the shepherd Like all the other former "shepherds", Karabash can independently make decisions, which he will do if the master does not teach him to obey.

Ancestors of dogs for a long time did without communicating with people or other animals, so their descendants need to develop sociability. An important aspect is early socialization, which gives the pet rules for good behavior.

Karabash is smart, if the owner can prove that he is the leader, the dog will listen to him. It is not difficult for him to master the main program, which will significantly improve the interaction of the dog with the family and further training.

The Anatolian Shepherd is quite serious and not prone to “brevity” - if the dog barks, it means there is a good reason for this. Also, the pet is deprived of the tendency to damage property, but only if it is provided with any useful occupation. The dog will be happy to play with the children, guard them, carry bags and do other work.

Care and health

These large, stately animals are quite unpretentious. Twice a year, they experience a rich change of wool, and at this time it is recommended that the dog be combed out using a stiff brush.

1-2 times a week, you should inspect the ears and eyes of the dog, if necessary, they are cleaned of accumulated dust, dirt and secretions. A dog of this breed may form plaque on the teeth, in which case they will need regular cleaning. You should also give the dog large bones and dentistry treats that help avoid problems with the dentition. Anatolian Shepherd Dog beautiful photo

The period of maturation in Karabashis is quite long, in connection with this they have longer immune system than other dogs. The body can withstand infections only by 3 months of age, so it is important to vaccinate the pet in a timely manner.

In order for the dog to keep fit, it is necessary to walk with him regularly, play, and train him. You can not keep a pet in the yard around the clock, he must see the world around him.

Breed diseases

From ancestors Anatolian shepherds got good health, and they do not have most of the canine diseases that large and giant breeds suffer from. They are not afraid of temperature changes, a change of scenery or intense exercise.

But still, some individuals develop the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the organs of vision - most often it is entropion (volvulus);
  • joint pathology (associated with high animal weight and long limbs) or dysplasia caused by calcium deficiency.

If in time to put the dog vaccinations and visit the veterinarian for scheduled examinations, then virtually no problems will arise. With good care, the life expectancy of Turkish shepherds is 10-12 years.

How and what to feed a pet

Pets unpretentious in everything, including in the diet. Karabash can not be called frivolous, they will be happy to eat everything that falls into their bowl. The owner has two options - to feed the dog dry food rations or dishes made from natural products. Mixed type of feeding is not suitable for Turkish shepherds.

When acquiring a puppy, it is advisable for the owner to consult with the breeder on this issue, as an abrupt change of diet will not benefit the baby. Initially, the pet is given food 4 times a day, by year converting to two times a day. It is desirable that feeding occurs twice a day.

When choosing food, preference should be given to high quality products suitable for large, active breeds. Granules should be large and contain meat as the main ingredient. They should also include the daily rate of all minerals necessary for the normal development and maintenance of a pet's health. puppies Anatolian Shepherd

Natural feeding of such a large dog is more troublesome, the owner will have to cook porridge daily with pieces of lean meat, seasoning with greens and vegetable oil. Additionally, the dog is given vegetables, fruits, eggs, sea fish and offal in boiled form, dairy products. It is important to supplement the diet with vitamin and mineral supplements.

The following food should not fall into the pet bowl:

  • raw river fish;
  • fat meat;
  • fat;
  • fish and chicken bones;
  • sweets, pastries;
  • spicy dishes and marinades.

The portion size should be adjusted, depending on the season - in winter, the dog should get a little more food, with natural feeding it should be more high-calorie, especially in cold weather. But also it is impossible to allow the dog to overeat and gain excess body weight.

Conditions of Anatolian Shepherd

The dog of this breed is not an apartment variant, the pet will feel most comfortable in the local area, behind a safe fence. Against apartment maintenance, another fact is said - Karabashi molt very abundantly, spreading wool throughout the house.

Keep the Anatolian Shepherd on a chain is impossible, it will negatively affect the behavior - it becomes overly aggressive, uncontrollable. A pet needs a place where he could move freely. To do this, it is recommended to arrange a pet spacious enclosure.

Pet can be entree in the house, it will provide him with additional communication with the household. But most of the time, it is still better for him to be on the street. Do not worry about the fact that the pet will freeze - shepherd dogs have an excellent coat, protecting it from even the most severe frosts.

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Video about anatolian shepherd

Choosing and buying an Anatolian Shepherd puppy

The Anatolian, or Turkish, sheepdog breed cannot be called common, but in Russia there are both mono nurseries and private breeders who breed purebred dogs. In Moscow there is one nursery where you can buy a pedigree puppy - Analkaya, http://mirkangalov.ru/feedback.html.

It is not recommended to purchase a puppy from random breeders, as there are no guarantees in its health, pure breed, and most importantly - a stable psyche. If you need a pet for exhibitions, you should especially pay attention to the external data of the puppy, the more it corresponds to the characteristics, the higher the chances of his subsequent victories.

The price of puppies of this breed varies from 10,000 to 35,000 rubles, but the cost of offspring from champions can be much more expensive.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog - a dog that can be a great watchman, guard, friend. But it is not recommended to make a companion out of a pet, detracting from his working qualities and leaving him without the necessary physical load.

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