American toy fox terrier

American fox terrier or abbreviated - amertoy, a decorative breed, derived in the US, has its own original history of origin and features. Due to competent breeding work, its representatives do not have the majority of health problems inherent in dwarf dogs, and possess a mass of positive qualities. Today, unfortunately, it is not often possible to meet dogs of this breed - miniature bastards, snooty and at the same time surprisingly charming.


Origin of the breed

The idea of ​​creating a breed of miniature dogs was influenced by the wide circulation of circus traveling corpses that ridden the States and entertained the audience with original, entertaining performances. These tiny, active pets had to help their artistic owners and rid them of unpleasant neighbors - rodents. American fox terrier on a walk

The breed appeared in the 30s of the 20th century, when interest in various dissident works was steadily growing. As a basis, breeders took the best representatives of two breeds - smooth-haired fox terriers and chihuahua. Due to the use of quality individuals, the resulting offspring produced no serious defects.

In addition, these little dogs were excellent assistants to hunters, who planted these crumbs in a bag and carried with them. The dogs were fast and agile, so the small animal was successfully pursued. The breed has existed for a long time, but has never received international recognition. But in 2003 it was approved by an authoritative American club of dog breeders.

Description of the breed American fox terrier

Amertoy - a small, harmoniously folded dog, weighing from 1.5 to 3 kg, but its height does not exceed 20 cm at the withers. A special sign of the representatives of this breed are the ears - in adult individuals they are large, thin, resemble a leaf of a tree or bat ears. Another nuance - in the Amertoy by nature a small tail. The general description of the Fox Terriers is as follows:

  1. The head is small in size, elegantly set, without rudeness, slightly wedge-shaped, with dry cheekbones. Muzzle elongated, with tight lips, there is a pronounced narrowing to the nose. Jaws are strong, form a regular, scissor bite.
  2. The eyes are medium, slightly almond-shaped, shiny, with a dark iris - maybe from a dark brown to brown hue. Look smart, lively, interested.
  3. The ears are high, standing, with pointed tips, triangular.
  4. The neck with an elegant curve, dry, muscular, the suspension is absent, smoothly passes into the shoulders. Harmoniously combined with the head.
  5. The body of the amertoids is provided with relief muscles, beginning from the ribs, and narrowing towards the waist. The back is straight, smooth, the croup is round, a thorax of decent depth, with developed musculature, the anterior part is well developed. The abdominal line is well-toned. The American that fox terrier lies
  6. The tail is high, with birth shortened.
  7. In the representatives of this breed, the limbs are slender, elegant, straight and stand parallel to each other. They have well-defined angles of articulation and developed, prominent hips.
  8. Paws are oval in shape, with arched toes clamped into a tight ball, well developed paw pads and strong, black claws. Required procedure to remove the dewclaws.

Wool and colors

American fox terriers have a short, shiny, close fitting fleece reminiscent of satin, it completely covers the animal's body. The ostevoy hair in the shoulder and neck area is slightly longer than in other areas.

Skin in dogs is thin, elastic. If it is too thin, hangs, is devoid of elasticity, and the coat is dull, without gloss, then this is attributed to shortcomings. A wretch with a wave is a vile thing. The predominant color on the body is white, but its head should not be more than half.

The best colors are as follows:

  1. White with spots of black and tan color . Black hair predominates in the head region. The auricles are black outside, inside there is a black, narrow edging. The presence of tan spots in the area of ​​cheekbones, jaws, eyebrows. Some individuals have a white protruding head on their head, it can also go edging the muzzle behind the nose. Its availability is not mandatory. The standard allows the presence of white marks on the bottom of the muzzle. White with spots of black and tan color
  2. White with black . White coat on the body should be predominant, regardless of whether the dog has a stain or not. The spots emphasize the whiteness of the rest of the coat, make the dog more bright, elegant. Dogs with pure black marks without tan marks or a brownish admixture, or with small tan marks and brown spots connected to a black spot are more appreciated.
  3. White with a deep red . Wool of the red tone is predominant in the head region. On the outer side they are covered with a red woolly covering, with the inner have a narrow red border. In the area of ​​cheekbones, jaws and above the eyes, patches of dark or light tone, but should stand out on the main background. Some dogs have a protrusion, it can continue in the form of a cunt behind the lobe of the nose. There are small white spots in the area of ​​the lower jaw. A broad protrusion extending to the eye region is referred to as shortcomings. The same category includes spots on the limbs, located below the wrist or hock. White with dark red

Colors that do not meet the existing requirements, and the presence of other shades of the coat, are pedigree defects. In white and dark-red color red hair should be a rich shade, with an admixture of chocolate or brown hue.

Nature of the breed

Toy-fox terrier is a funny, clever dog who remains cheerful and cheerful throughout his life. With him, there is no time to be bored, especially since the pet will not cease to amaze with its amusing tricks and tricks.

Despite its modest size, Amertoy is a very brave, bold dog, endlessly devoted to the family, not without pride and vigilance. In the family she is nice and friendly, gets along well with the children. But the relationship with the kids can be problematic - that will not tolerate bullying and neglect. Feeling discomfort or pain, he is likely to snarl.

To outsiders is wary, with disbelief. But within the same breed there are individuals with different characters: some dogs are stubborn and impulsive, others are complaisant and calm.

From the terriers to amertoyam passed a special passion for digging holes, loud and barking bark. They just love to explore the new terrain - long and perseveringly, catching all the flavors. No moving small object will not be left without attention. In summer, the dog can carry with excitement for butterflies and other insects, in autumn - for fallen leaves.

Dogs of this breed can be quite snooty, entering into conflicts with other, even very large brethren. Amertoys have all the qualities inherent in good watchmen - pronounced territoriality, sonorous, loud barking and alertness.

Like most representatives of ornamental rocks, these people like to be in the center of attention, they need to caress and communicate. Therefore, if a person does not have free time to spend with a four-footed friend, then it is not worthwhile to acquire a puppy of the American fox terrier.

Not getting a daily portion of communication and attention, the dog becomes sad, in addition, begins to create a lot of problems. When the amerdoy has the opportunity to run, play, he turns into a quiet pet, who only needs to nestle at the owner's feet and peacefully doze.

Dogs of this breed can get along well with other pets, be they a cat or a dog. But for foreign animals the entrance to its territory will be closed, the dog will vigilantly guard it and drive away all those who try to invade.

Small animals and birds the dog will consider as a potential prey. So, if the house has a canary or a parrot, a hamster or a guinea pig, then put them at risk by planting a puppy amertoy, not worth it.

Care and health

Dogs of American fox terrier breed do not require complex care, they can even be called unpretentious pets. Their short, smooth coat can be combed 1-2 times a month using a suitable brush. Eyes and teeth should be inspected periodically for diseases and contaminants.

But the auricles should be wiped weekly with a cotton swab impregnated with a special antibacterial lotion. With regular, long walks, natural grinding of the claws of the pet occurs. In other cases, they are pruned using a claw. American that fox terrier on a beautiful background

Specialists urge owners of such dogs to be more vigilant in the spring, when various parasites become active - withers, fleas, ticks, etc. "Due to" small sizes, it is not difficult to "collect" them from grass and land. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular treatment of the animal with insecticidal agents. For the same period, you can put on a favorite anti-block collar, which will make the protection even more reliable.


These little dogs like to be next to the owner, and any interaction gives them pleasure. And this must be used for fruitful education and upbringing.

That fox terrier is very intelligent, inquisitive and intelligent, they absorb new knowledge like sponges and easily learn the commands. Important aspects are early socialization and obedience courses, which this, sometimes self-willed, doggies will only benefit.

To entrust training to the basic commands it is possible even for the grown up child or the dog-dog-beginner. Of course, the teacher must be persistent, firm, but must be fair. It is also very important for the owner to show that he is the leader in the family, and his authority is indisputable. Then and that will understand, that here the place of the leader is occupied and does not begin to apply.

With amertoy, if necessary, you can take specialized training courses. For example, these dogs are often used as assistants for people with disabilities - physical, mental disabilities, deaf.


Among the decorative rocks of the fox terrier are distinguished by strong health. Their average life expectancy is 15 years. But this applies only to offspring, obtained from healthy parents with good genetics. With disorderly breeding, very often puppies are born with different genetic abnormalities.

The slender limbs of the Amertoys can be called their most vulnerable place. Quite often these pupies are diagnosed with dislocations of kneecaps. In neglected cases, this pathology can cause lameness or deformational changes in the structure of the skeleton. In addition, common pathologies are the following:

  • Perthes syndrome - necrotic changes in the head of the femur;
  • dermatological diseases (scabies, dermatitis, demodecosis, etc.);
  • allergic manifestations;
  • von Willebrand syndrome (hereditary blood disease);
  • congenital form of hypothyroidism.


Like all fox terriers, the amerty have an excellent appetite and are almost omnivorous. But the owners should carefully monitor what their pet eats, as these dogs are prone to the manifestation of food allergies. With natural feeding it is desirable to exclude beets and millet, which are strong allergens. White with black

Food should be given to the pet in small portions, taking into account the lifestyle of the dog. Lazy doggies should eat less to rule out possible obesity. Active volumes of food should be increased.

Most often, owners tend to the option of feeding a pet with production feeds. Modern high-quality diets contain all the necessary elements, they are easy to dose. It is enough to give food to the dog twice a day - in the morning and evening hours.

To avoid the difficulties that arise when selecting a suitable food, you can ask the breeder what he feeds the puppies. If the owner wants to transfer the dog to rations of another brand, then it should be done gradually.

Pet Content

Compact and unpretentious - that's how the owners of their amerthoys characterize. If the family lives in a small apartment, then there must be a place for a small four-legged friend.

Do not think that this person can be accustomed to the tray and not be led to the street, as many representatives of dwarfish breeds. In the veins of the Toes, the boiling blood of the terriers is flowing, making them so active, mobile and cheerful.

In good weather, the walks can be lengthy, until the dog himself asks, to take him home. If the window is bad weather, the pet should be clothed in clothes and still go for a walk.

Photo of American fox terrier American toy fox terrier handsomeAmerican toy fox terrier on a blue backgroundAmerican fox terrier in the forestAmerican fox terrier walksAn American that fox terrier is worthAn American that fox terrier is jumping

A video about the American that fox-terrier

Buying a puppy

Deciding to purchase a puppy of the American breed that fox terrier, do not rush. It is important to choose an experienced breeder or nursery who specialize in breeding two or three breeds, but no more. Only with proper breeding is it possible to get puppies without genetic disorders.

Puppies of this breed are not cheap, at least you have to pay 15,000 rubles. On the average, the offspring that conforms to the standard and is admitted to breeding are worth about 40,000-5,000 rubles.

In Moscow, there are 2 nurseries in which you can buy an amertoy:

  • Alma da Stael, Moscow http://almadesteol.com/
  • Halacho Happy Day, Moscow https://galachohappyday.jimdo.com/

Amertoys are small fox terriers, possessing self-esteem, courage and devotion. They are not pampered, sensitive individuals, so treat such a pet as a normal dog, with respect and seriousness.

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