American Pit Bull Terrier

American pit bull terrier, or abbreviated pit bull, is one of the most controversial breeds in the world. Few dogs cause such disputes about whether they have a right to exist or not. All the owners were divided into two camps - some are sure that the representatives of this breed are safe creatures, while others believe that pitbulls are real machines for killing and they have no place in the world of people. And what happens in reality, what are these dogs?


The historical origin of the American pit bulls

American Pit Bull Terrier

Despite its name, there was a breed not in America. The first pitbull terriers resided on the territory of such countries as England, Holland, Spain, Italy, Ireland. But most of all representatives of this breed were interested in American breeders, and I must say, have done a tremendous job in the development and improvement of pit bulls.

The era of modern times was marked by a great love of people for dog fights, and as fighters were the pit bull terriers. In addition, they were successfully used as guards and hunters for large game. Studies have shown that already in the XVI century there were dogs, outwardly reminiscent of modern pitbulls.

Representatives of the breed came from very bellicose thoroughbred dogs - the English Bulldog and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who were used to hunt bears and bulls in the medieval arena. So, naturally, fighting qualities and American pit bull terriers are laid in blood. Naturally, while fighting was allowed, the breed was at the peak of popularity.

Such use of dogs could not but affect their reputation among ordinary people. When they were mentioned, the image of a dog with wild eyes and a bloody muzzle rose before his eyes. Of course, this adversely affected the distribution of the breed after it was officially banned from carrying out animal fights.

The History of the American Pit Bull

Puppy American pit bull terrier on the photo

There was a strong opinion that if the pit bull is not used for its intended purpose, it becomes dangerous to humans. The media intensively developed this idea, publishing many examples of accidents in which the culprit was a dog of this breed.

American citizens sought a ban on the breed, going out to protest in the streets. Before such a cardinal decision it did not come to pass, and breeders found a middle ground in the development of pit bull terriers in new conditions. The basis for further breeding of thoroughbred pitbulls includes two main criteria - the desire to win and friendly attitude to people.

The World Cynological Federation has not yet recognized this breed, its standards have been developed and approved by the UKC (the oldest large club of dog breeders). Until now, in many European countries, this breed is banned.

Descriptive characteristics

Description of the pitbull

Despite the fact that American pitbull terriers have not received recognition in the main cynological organization, there are certain standards, according to which the assessment of the breed's representatives takes place.

With a kind of pit bull - the personification of strength and excellent health. Torso in a sporty fit, with the naked eye can be seen developed musculature. Requirements for the breed, do not allow weight, dogs should be lean with visualization of the costal bones.

The general external features characteristic of all dogs-pitbulls include:

  • Color at the pitbull can be the most diverse, except for marble and albino.
  • The coat is smooth, short, glossy, without undercoat.
  • The head in dogs of this breed has large sizes and a wedge shape.
  • The muzzle is voluminous, the pits have powerful strong jaws and developed musculature in the cheek region.
  • Ears landing is high. Their cupping occurs solely at the request of the owners.
  • The eyes of the pitbull terriers are small, widely spaced, almond-shaped. Color according to the standard is allowed by anyone, only not blue.
  • The thorax in dogs is wide, has depth.
  • The nose of the nose can be of any color, in harmony with the color of the coat.
  • The dog stands on strong, muscular paws , with wide hips .
  • The tail is of medium length, thick in the base and gradually tapering towards the end.
  • The dog should weigh from 15.9 kg to 37.2 kg, females from 13.6 to 22.7.
  • The height at the withers in males is 40-42 cm, females 37-40 cm.

The nature of pitbull terriers

The nature of the pit bulls

In the photo, the breed of dogs American Pit Bull Terrier

Possessing not exactly peace-loving ancestors and having their own fighting history, the pit bull terriers were known as evil fighting dogs, not suitable for other purposes. Is it really so?

For more than a decade, breeding work with the breed has been aimed at cultivating the spirit of competition in the dogs and being ready to fight, but simultaneously it was considered unacceptable to display aggression towards people.

Yes, there is some anger in the blood of such dogs, but it is directed solely at other animals. As for people, here the American pit bull terriers show friendliness and easily go on contact. They really love affection. Of course, with special zeal, it is possible to develop hatred towards a person in a dog, and it is quite easy to do it. But to embitter in this way is not difficult for a representative of almost any breed.

Among the positive qualities of the pitbulls, one can note a perceptive mind, boundless courage and self-confidence. They often show themselves in dangerous situations, for example, they save people in fires, are put under bullets, protect their families from robbers.

With participation in competitions, pit bull terriers exhibit amazing performance and endurance. Possessing a huge reserve of energy, they can play for hours, not at the same time. In addition, they adore when the owner participates in their fun.

They have no natural stubbornness, pitbulls respond with pleasure to training , performing any, even physically challenging, tasks. On the contrary, such actions are necessary for the good form and psychological condition of the pet.

Pitbull Terrier character

Pitbullter terriers have proved to be quite good as companion dogs. They treat children well, allowing them to make various pranks. But, given the strength of dogs and the speed of their reactions, it is still not necessary to leave the small children alone with such terrible animals.

Of course, this dog, like any other breed, has its own peculiarities. Pitbull terriers are far from decorative dogs and require early education . It is necessary to stop their propensity to dominate even in puppyhood. The dog must understand that the master is the master here. Of course, having such a genetic baggage and physical development, an incorrectly brought up dog can become a dangerous weapon.

It is worth knowing that the increased activity of pitbull terriers requires constant long walks, intense training. Otherwise, the dog begins to find its own, not always acceptable ways, for splashing out excess energy.

Since the times of battles and hunting, the nature of these dogs is laid on the aversion of other animals. At this point, you should pay attention, especially if there is a desire to take a pit bull, but at home there are other pets. Of course, this does not apply to all members of the breed, there are, and often, exceptions, but you need to be ready for it.

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Pit Bull Content and Necessary Care

Care for the pit bull

In the picture American pitbull terrier

Pitbull is an exclusively domestic dog that is not suitable for street maintenance. Not having an undercoat, on the street the animal will simply perish. In the apartment, or the house, there are no special problems, the main thing is to exercise regularly and take care of the dog with physical loads so that he does not spoil the boredom.

During the heat it is necessary to protect the pet from direct sunlight. Running under the scorching sun, the dog risks getting a heat stroke. Enough two-time walking , but one of them should last at least an hour. This will be enough for the dog to spend excess energy.

Care for the hair is needed, enough once or twice a week to treat it with a special brush. In most cases, pitbulls grind their claws themselves during street walks. However, if this does not happen, then it is recommended to cut them with special tweezers or claws (read how to trim the claws of the dog ). The ears should be inspected regularly, the cleaning should be carried out as soon as it gets dirty.

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Photo of the pit bulls

PitbullTwo pit bullsA beautiful photo of a pit bullPitbull on the gladeBrown pit bullBeautiful American pit bull

Video about the pit bull

The cost of pit bull terrier puppies

Before you buy a puppy of American pit bull terrier, it's worth knowing that it can not be elite, and an overpriced price is just a cunning move by the seller to get more profit. Only an adult dog, having received awards in competitions and diplomas in exhibitions, is considered elite and will cost dearly.

Very rarely in the territory of the Russian Federation you can meet Pitbull Terrier puppies with pedigrees registered in international associations. The price of such copies can reach 25,000 rubles.

If puppies with Russian pedigree are offered, then this is a deception - "RFK" has not recognized the existence of this breed. Therefore, the lion's share of puppies of pit bull terriers is sold without documents, at an affordable price of 4,000 to 12,000 rubles.

Buying a pit bull, it is important to understand that what it grows - good or aggressive, depends more on the owner and his relationship to the pet.

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