American Foxhound

American Foxhound is a notable representative of the hunting dog family, large, colorful, capable. His endurance can be envied, he has outstanding qualities and is so fond of hunting that he is ready to go on track at any time, even without a team. Of course, this is a fairly specific dog, focused on hunting, so, no matter how hard you try, it can not become a companion, not padded on cushions. Therefore, the pet needs a master who provides his needs, and only then the foxhound will be able to show his natural talents.


Origin of the breed

Foxhound is the oldest English breed, whose roots go back centuries. The researchers found that his ancestors are associated with Celtic tribes who penetrated western European territory and colonized Britain, Ireland. American foxhound read article

Celts are considered a pretty warlike people, but they also successfully engaged in farming and hunting, in the latter case they were assisted by large and hardy dogs. For such a long period, in connection with new types of hunting, the breed has undergone significant changes. The dogs were divided into hunters for deer, hares and foxes, the latter being the foxhounds.

The history of the American breed began in the middle of the 17th century, when Robert Brook brought several individuals of English foxhounds to the territory of North America. Breeding purebred dogs became a family affair, and for 300 years the Brooks took care of the cleanliness of the breed. Later dogs from the UK were mated with hounds from Ireland, as a result of selection, new representatives of the hunting species, lighter and swift.

Description of breed American foxhound

Unlike the heavier English ancestor, the American foxhound is tall, slender, and long-limbed. These dogs have flat, relief muscles, strong physique, a little stretched format, and a light bones. Already looking at the dog, you can determine its sexual type: the scraper is larger and more enduring than the vyzhlovka. The constitution in animals is strong, dry, and the body is covered with a tightly fitting, elastic skin.

The growth of most males varies from 55.88 to 63.5 cm, bitches are slightly smaller, their growth starts from 53.34 cm and does not exceed 60.96 cm. There is a peculiarity of show-class individuals, they are much higher than working colleagues, so the standard admits height at the withers to 71.12 cm in males and up to 66.04 in females. Naturally, in the ring such stately dogs look very impressive.

To the weight of representatives, the standard does not make any demands, however, the mass of most American foxhounds is in the range of 29-34 kg. But exhibition copies can exceed similar indicators, and representatives of a number of working lines have a more harmonious constitution and do not weigh more than 20.5 kg.

In the standard, the following description of purebreds is indicated:

  1. The head is elongated, slightly widening in the area between the ears, with a flat skull and occipital dome, of a small size. The "Americans" have some extra skin on the muzzle and cheekbones, which can gather in wrinkles, but they are not as numerous as in bloodhounds.
  2. The muzzle at the foxhound is elongated, in the form of a rectangle, with a straight, straight bridge of nose and a smooth foot. There are a few dangling lobes covering the lower jaw. Lips pigmented in black.
  3. Jaws strong, with developed full dentition, right bite, scissor-shaped. The nose of the nose is black, well developed, slightly elongated, has a variety of aromatic receptors, providing the perfect sense of smell necessary for "hunters". American foxhound on a white background
  4. Eyes are medium in size, oval in shape, with a brown or iris brown. The look in these dogs is usually sad, gives the animal an imploring expression.
  5. The ears of the American foxhounds are somewhat longer than those of their English counterparts, they are quietly hanging down the sides of the muzzle.
  6. Dogs have a long, muscular neck, elongated, well-muscled body, which is especially noticeable in the shoulder area. The withers are very well developed, they perform considerably. The chest is not lowered much, it is rather narrow, the ribs do not stick out. The back is straight, elongated, with good muscles, passes into a strong loin and slightly sloping croup. The abdominal line is strongly selected in the groin area.
  7. The tail is located at an average height, long, carried vertically, in the form of a curved saber.
  8. The limbs are not as thick as the English type. The forelegs can be said to be straight, parallel to each other, allowing the dog to develop high speed. Back straight, have elongated, relief hips. Paws round, compressed into a tight, strong lump.

Color and quality of wool

Like most hounds, the body of American Foxhounds is covered with a stiff, short, tight-fitting coat. On the ears and skull, the coat is smoother.

As for colors, the standard allows for a huge variety. Most of the specimens have wool pale, red, dark brown, white, combined with other shades. The most common is the tricolor type of wool - the main tone is white, on which the black and brown (or rusty) hue of the spot are located.


Dogs are of a balanced nature, they are not inclined to show aggression towards animals or humans. Historically, it so happened that foxhounds were more often kept by packs, so they normally feel themselves in a company with their own kind and are able to get along with a big dog family. But this has led to the fact that with people they interact less and worse than other representatives give in to the training.

This pet is tender and playful to the younger members of the family, this applies even to young children. Most dogs quickly get used to the owner and the household, and treat strangers aloof or peacefully. But in some Foxhounds outsiders can cause anxiety.

As a hunter, such a pet is immaculate, but to achieve obedience from him is quite difficult. Being independent, he can miss the team's ears. Hunting instincts in this dog are in the blood, therefore during the walking it is recommended to use a leash - the dog at any moment can carry away an extraneous smell, and he will go in search of the source, forgetting about what is happening around.

Education and training

Experts do not recommend newcomers to start a similar pet, even experienced dog breeders have to make every effort to get from foxhound obedience and unquestioning obedience. It is important that the dog respects the owner and carries out his tasks.

During training the owner should be persistent and exacting, as any indulgence will be noticed, and the dog will cease to obey. The hounds have an excellent "scent" for this. In the course you can start up different methods, except for physical impact. If the dog is beaten, he will become embittered or become shy and cowardly.

Puppy requires early socialization, but not to the extent that dogs of other breeds. The craving for hunting is manifested at different ages, some earlier, others a little later. American foxhound muzzle

With special training of hunting breeds, a hunt is conducted - the hounds begin to accustom them to poultry, cattle, so that later they do not consider them as prey. If this is not done, the harm from the hunter will be greater than the benefit, and correction of this behavior of adult dogs can not be cured.

During the education of the pet, we are taught not to approach the strangers, to pay attention to extraneous sounds. Methods of training are selected individually, some hounds need a gentle, polite treatment, and from others it is impossible to achieve a result without a strict tone.

How to care for a fox hound

Representatives of this breed do not need any specific care. Their short fur coat is recommended to comb out with a massage brush every 2 weeks, and during the moult it is possible to use a silicone or rubber glove that removes dead hairs. This is enough to make the coat beautiful, with natural shine, and the skin - healthy and elastic.

Do not hunt the hounds more than once a month, but after walking in bad weather their wool should be wiped with a damp cloth, removing the contamination. To clean dirt follows and from pads of paws, washing them with water and drying.

Foxhounds are not trimmed, but they need to be clipped regularly. If they are too long, it can cause damage to the skin or cause discomfort during the movement of the animal. The dog's ears are cleaned once in 4-7 days, removing the surplus sulfur from the cotton disc, dust and dirt provoking inflammatory and infectious processes.

We should not forget about other standard events. The pet should be vaccinated according to the established schedule. After walking or working in the forest zone, the dog should be inspected for parasites. It is important in spring-summer period to treat it from fleas, ticks, withers, using special means - shampoos, drops, sprays, you can also wear a special dog collar with insecticidal action.

Once every 3-4 months, the dog is given anthelmintic drugs that relieve the animal of helminthic invasion and prevent its development. All foxhounds, regardless of country of origin, require intensive physical exertion. With them you need to walk for a long time, engage in general training, work and train for hunting.

Breeding diseases

American foxhounds - happy owners of good health, infusion of fresh blood during the selection went to them exclusively for the benefit. But, like other large dogs, they can suffer from joint dysplasia or visual organ diseases, but this is rare.

How and what to feed the American Foxhound

The hound needs a balanced diet, containing vitamin and mineral substances in the right proportion. You can provide it with the help of ready-made rations premium or super-premium class. Cheaper fodders do not have a suitable composition and can adversely affect the condition of the skin and wool cover, as well as disrupt the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the dog is allowed to give natural food - boiled meat, cut into pieces. The maximum daily norm is 250 g. Also useful ingredients are cereals, vegetables, greens. The meal time of the pet should not exceed a quarter of an hour. If the dog is full and moved away from the cup, and some of the food remains, then the remains of food should be removed. This will disaccustom him to leave the products for future use. The American foxhound sits

The food for each feeding should be fresh. In summer the products quickly deteriorate and can cause enteritis or other unpleasant and dangerous diseases in the animal. Dogs of this breed are prone to obesity, so you should adhere to the regime, do not give more food than required, do not feed with waste from your table. Overweight will affect the pet's mobility and hunting qualities.

Dog content

Ideal conditions of detention for the American Foxhound is a spacious aviary. Some owners decide to take a puppy of this breed into an apartment, but they must remember the attendant shortcomings:

  • the dog has a pretty decent size;
  • seasonal molts occur intensively;
  • the pet is not too neat and clean.

The very same foxhound will feel uncomfortable in the apartment, as he needs a more spacious room. Another nuance - the representatives of this breed are famous for their unique, lively voice, which is very appreciated in the hunting environment. Moreover, each dog has its own individual.

While working, barking can be carried for many kilometers, but in an apartment building this quality is unlikely to be appreciated. The darling will bark for joy, indignation and simply, for personal pleasure, that will necessarily spoil relations of the owner with neighbors. By the way, it is almost impossible to disaccustom them from such a habit, laid down at the genetic level.

Photo of the American Foxhound American foxhound handsomeAmerican foxhound walksAmerican foxhound on a beautiful backgroundAmerican foxhound on a white backgroundAmerican Foxhound is running aroundAmerican foxhound in nature

Video about the American Foxhound

Acquisition of an American Foxhound puppy

Buying a puppy of this breed can be accompanied by a number of problems. First of all, it will take some time to search for nurseries or private breeders with a good reputation. In fact, in Russia, American Foxhounds are considered rare. You may have to wait for the litter to appear or the baby will grow up, reserving the most suitable one.

The cost of puppies is quite high, it varies from 45,000 to 80,000 rubles. The lower price should alert - perhaps, it is a question of offspring with vices or metis. To buy a pet is more profitable in the homeland of the breed - in the USA, but transportation of the animal involves some difficulties. American foxhounds are recognized as a national treasure, and this fact is enough to get a fully justified refusal to export the dog from the country.

Nature generously endowed the American foxhound - he is fast, clever, voice-over, having found a suitable smell, he truly follows the trail. All these qualities a pet will show during work. The dog can be used in sports, where he will also show excellent results. But to start a puppy simply "for beauty" is not recommended, it can not be a simple companion, calm and inactive.

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