American Eskimo Spitz

American Eskimo Spitz - a fairly rare, miniature representative of the Spitz, it is also called esque. The breed is young, its representatives have an attractive appearance, luxurious white wool, but they are deprived of the "refined" other decorative dogs. The little dog is very alert and brave, vociferous and active. Who is this four-legged friend?


Origin of the breed

Originally, Spitz appeared in the Nordic countries as guard dogs. In the Middle Ages, they were widely distributed in Germany, Pomerania, Finland. Modest dimensions did not allow dogs to detain intruders, but this was not required of them. Such pets acted as "calls", raising noise during the invasion of strangers. American Eskimo Spitz read article

The Spitz fell into the territory of America together with German emigrants, the wave of which was observed at the beginning of the 20th century. The owners did not want to leave their pets and took them with them when moving to a foreign country.

To Americans, these mila had a liking, so their number grew. The Second World War negatively affected everything that had to do with Germany, so the breed was given a different name - the American Eskimo Spitz or Eski.

Documents on Spitz appeared in 1958, but so far they have not been divided into varieties. A separate, officially recognized breed of esky steel in 1995, when they were registered by the American Cynological Club.

Description of breed American Eskimo Spitz

Eski - small and medium sized dog, compact and solid. There are three breed varieties, which differ only in size:

  • mini;
  • standard;
  • That.

The breed is not recognized as an international cynological organization, so the description of representatives exists only from general data:

  1. The head is rounded, medium, with a moderately sloping forehead, smoothly passing from the nape to the neck. The bridge of the nose is straight, the muzzle is "dry", narrows to the nose, there is an adorning coat. Jaws elongated, in the form of a triangle.
  2. Lips are thin, black in color, with a mouth of decent depth, with strong, small teeth that close like a "scissors", a tongue of pink color.
  3. The nose of the nose is faceted, it protrudes slightly before the jaw, black tone.
  4. Eyes small, almond-shaped. The hue of the iris can be dark brown or black, the first color is preferable. There are spitzes with different or blue eyes, which are considered purebred, but are at risk for health. The eyelids are summed up in black.
  5. Ears in the form of a triangle, standing, with slightly rounded ends. American Eskimo Spitz description of the breed
  6. The body is strong, compact, rectangular, with a deep, broad chest and elongated ribs. The back is straight, proportionate, well muscled. The humerus is slightly wider than the croup. The pelvic region is strong, not elongated, slightly rounded along the vertebral column.
  7. The limbs are harmonious, even along the entire length, have strong articular joints. The hips are slightly elongated, with a developed muscular tissue.
  8. The tail turns into a ring or half-ring in a calm form, if straightened, then it will reach the hocks in length.

Wool and possible colors

Like other Spitz, the esky is dense, abundant wool, consisting of a long, stiff, coarse hair and a thick undercoat. In purebred dogs, it must be straight, without curl and wave. In the neck area, the fur coat forms a chic collar like the mane, on the muzzle it is more shortened.

The fur coat of purebreds should be holistic, harmonious, it should not distort in any way the proportions of the trunk. There are only a few colors: snow-white and shades of white-creamy, milky tone. Individuals with hair of other colors are discarded.


Eske is an intelligent, energetic, playful dog that is very attached to family members. She has natural watchdog qualities and is capable of serious work.

Such a pet is not a sofa dog, but a protector of the family and home. He is afraid of outsiders and will bark furiously, so that the household knows about the arrival of the guests. Sometimes esque is so addicted that you have to stop it.

Often among the representatives of the breed there are dominant individuals, therefore it is recommended to engage in the education and training of the pet as early as possible, literally from the very first moments of his appearance in the house. In addition, classes are necessary so that the dog will not be bored, since with a lack of exercise, he becomes noisy, harmful, a real destroyer.

Eske - an excellent option for families with children, only the dog will not tolerate bullying from kids or a child older. With a benevolent attitude, the pet quickly approaches the younger members of the family, can play and frolic for hours.

A similar doggie can be kept with other animals - dogs and even felines. But rodents, birds and other small animals - not the best company for Spitz - they will always be considered exclusively as a prey. American Eskimo Spitz muzzle

The pet is very curious and inquisitive, without his participation there will not be a single event in the house. In him lives the spirit of the researcher, the esque will look into every corner of the house, in every bag or closet, trying to find something new and interesting.

A dog needs attention and affection, if he feels lonely, abandoned, then you should expect trouble - the Spitz can behave unbearably, making small dirty tricks. He does it not from harmfulness, but only to attract attention.

To be in the center of attention is that they adore these cute little dogs. The young esque is a clot of irrepressible energy, the matured animal becomes calmer and more affectionate.

Education and training

The American Eskimo Spitz is able to master the most complex skills, thanks to thoughtfulness and developed intelligence. There is a lot of evidence that the doggies of this breed were active participants in circus performances. Then they traveled with circus troupes and struck enthusiastic spectators with their abilities.

But an acute mind is not always good, because "thinking" dogs become quite independent. Eske is a freethinker, so it is important to teach him to obey as soon as possible. Without proper upbringing, the dog will constantly be cunning, seeking his way in any way. As in the case of large dogs, the owner should become a leader for the pet - self-confident and incorruptible.

Eski is very easy to attract teaching, especially if you conduct classes in a game form and promptly encourage the "student". The variety of activities will warm up the interest of the pet and will facilitate the learning process. An important aspect is socialization - the pet should get acquainted with other people and animals so that in the future he does not behave aggressively towards them.

The Eskimo Spitz has an excellent sense of smell, thanks to which dogs of this breed are used for customs inspections. Such a pet needs active, long walks, classes, games. Otherwise, the dog will gain excess weight and will foul.

How to care for esque

Spitz has a luxurious, thick coat that needs regular combing. The procedure is carried out 3-4 times a week, otherwise it will collapse into clots and become much less attractive. Combing the wool cover will get rid of the dead hairs, koltunov and give it shine.

The Eskimo has sensitive skin, therefore, he is bathed no more often than 1 time in half a year, using mild detergents. Washing the dog with shampoos for people is fraught with serious dermatological problems. In this regard, it is better to consult a veterinarian, who will help to choose an effective hygiene product. The American Eskimo Spitz runs

It is important to regularly treat the dog from external parasites. Particular care must be taken in the warm seasons, carefully examining the pet's skin after walking in the forest, parks for the presence of ticks and other bloodsucking insects.

Monthly, the pet should claw claws, inspect and clean the ears from contamination, preventing the spread of infections. At the first sign of inflammation, the pet should be shown to the vet. Regular vaccination also helps to prevent and protect the Spitz from various pathologies.

Breeding diseases

American Eskimo Spitz - owners of good health, but they still have a tendency to some diseases. Often in the breed, eyes suffer, often in dogs diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy and cataract. Blue-eyed individuals with white hair are often born blind.

Because of the high sensitivity of the coat, the Eski are prone to dermatitis. In addition, hereditary disease is hip dysplasia, dogs with a similar diagnosis are removed from breeding.

When purchasing a puppy, you should carefully consider the breeder's choice, it is advisable to look at the parents' documents and make sure that they do not have any diseases - dysplasia, hypothyroidism, thrombopathy and other genetic disorders.

Diet regimen and diet

Owners can feed the pet with natural food or ready-made diets. In the first case, the basis of the diet is fresh, low-fat meat - veal, beef, if the dog does not have allergies, then chicken. Portion is calculated as follows: 25 g per kilogram of weight.

Meat can be given with buckwheat or rice porridge, stewed vegetables - zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower. Puppies are given milk and cottage cheese, in the menu of adult dogs the first product is replaced with kefir, yogurt, yogurt. American Eskimo Spitz lies

Do not give the pet food from your own table, as this is a sure way to disrupt the digestion of the animal. The list of prohibited products includes the following:

  • smoked products;
  • fried, pickled, salted dishes;
  • bakery products;
  • fatty meats and fish;
  • beans;
  • potatoes, beets;
  • porridge of millet, pearl barley, mango;
  • mushrooms and broths from them.

Spitz categorically not recommended to give bones that can damage the walls of the esophagus and spoil the tooth enamel. It is mandatory to introduce vitamins and minerals necessary for the full development of the pet.

It is simpler and more convenient to use industrial diets for feeding a dog. Their advantages include a balanced composition, accurate dosing and the ability to select it individually. But this applies only to premium and super-premium products that meet all the requirements and are made from high-quality raw materials.

Conditions of keeping a pet

Most often these snow-white handsome men are kept in a house or apartment, which, in fact, is correct. With a warm climate, they live perfectly on the street, but their wool is more often polluted and looks less neat.

Pet traditionally allocated a place, put bowls for food and water. A large territory does not require such a crumb. But walking with a dog that is on maintenance in the apartment should be more often and longer. He should receive normal physical activity and spill out the accumulated energy.

Photo of the American Eskimo Spitz American Eskimo Spitz looksAmerican Eskimo Spitz the beautiful dogAmerican Eskimo Spitz on a walkcute American Eskimo SpitzAmerican Eskimo Spitz puppyAmerican Eskimo Spitz with a puppy

Video about the American Eskimo Spitz

Buying a puppy

In Russia, there are many nurseries and breeders engaged in breeding Pomeranian Spitz, but those who work with American Eskimo Spitz, will have to look. Here the breed is quite rare.

It is desirable to find a responsible seller who can provide certificates for each of his charges. Future owners should be aware of the health of not only the puppy, but also his parents.

If you buy an esque on the market, you can not only buy a nonblooded baby, but a sick animal with genetic disorders. That in this case the buyer wins, it is only a low price, but the subsequent treatment can cost much more.

It is not recommended to take a puppy younger than 2 months of age. The chosen kid should be active, play and frolic. Already at this age the dog shows curiosity, begins to bark at strangers, showing protective qualities.

Eske grow up quite a long time, they are almost 2 years old are puppies. Therefore, during this period they fairly easily transfer the owner's change. Later in this case, there may be various kinds of difficulties, since it will be a matter of deep affection.

If you consider other breeds of Spitz, then the American Eskimo are relatively inexpensive. Buy a puppy for the soul can be for 17000-20000 rubles. Toddlers suitable for breeding cost 22,000-35,000 rubles. If you need a puppy for the subsequent participation in exhibitions, the price may increase to 50,000 rubles or more.

The American Eskimo Spitz is a stern, watchful guard, but amazingly charming. Therefore, the owner is important to remember that it is impossible to pamper the pet very much, but excessive severity will not do good. Yes, it is small, but it deserves respect.

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