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American bulldogs, or abbreviated as ambulances - this is a whole bunch of contradictions. Living on American lands, almost from the discovery of America, they were only recently discovered. Having veins of hot fighting blood, ambules are devoted and good-natured family dogs. Can such opposing qualities be combined in one animal, and how did it happen that a long time about the breed was not known? American Bulldog


Origin of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog, as an independent breed, has not yet been recognized in the International Cynological Federation. Although their second name is Old English bulldogs, they originate from the oldest Molossian dogs that originate in Ancient Egypt and the Assyrian kingdom.

The Middle Ages in England, as well as in other states, did not have a special humanity, and in those days dogs with a malicious character, large size and absolute fearlessness were valued. Only such animals could participate in the bloody entertainments of that time - battles with bulls.

Naturally, bull dogs, they are bulldogs, then were in demand and cost fabulous money. But the dark ages pass, baiting is prohibited. Bulldogs are in disgrace, and, in fact, lose not only their importance, but also the meaning of existence. Owners are not allowed to bring these formidable pets to the street without a chain.

But lovers of this breed did not agree with this state of affairs. They did not retreat and decided to breed a breed of bulldogs, but smaller. A new breed was born: the bulldog, the ancestor of modern small bulldogs, French and English. It was during this period in England that the breeding of real bulldogs is stopped.

And they could have completely disappeared from the face of the earth, if not for English colonization. People who migrate on the territory of new lands have not left their pets, but took them with them. Thus, the bulldogs came to America.

The origin of the American Bulldog

Of course, here and people and dogs had to tight, in the harsh conditions of wild places acted one law - survival. However, for the Old English bulldog there was found work here as a universal farm animal. The bulldogs proved successful guards of livestock and human habitation, they were used as draft animals. And the dogs immediately proved their loyalty and unpretentiousness in their care.

Possessing absolute insensitivity to pain, lack of a sense of fear, excellent endurance and instant response, they were able to become a support and protection for farmers in then still uninhabited places.

History has preserved a lot of stories about how bulldogs successfully protected extensive plantations, participated in catching runaway slaves, grazed cattle and participated in hunting. There were even talks that one bulldog can fight simultaneously with several wolves.

Being a working dog, in the maintenance of the bulldog is unpretentious, therefore special conditions anybody also did not give. At that time there was no special value in the offspring of this breed, and the owner did not particularly care about the puppies. People believed that the strongest should survive. In such harsh conditions, of the numerous litters, where there were 8-14 puppies, only 1-2 remained alive. The reason for this was that the bitches did not care much for the offspring, trying to better fulfill the requirements of the owner.

And really, the most healthy and strong puppies survived. From them the American bulldog also takes its origin, as we are accustomed to seeing it.

Description of the American Bulldog

Description of the American Bulldog

Looking at the images of "bull" dogs, who in the Middle Ages struggled with bulls, definitely comes to mind the idea that the modern ambulance took from the ancestors very much in appearance.

Today it is a strong, muscular dog with a harmonious physique. Modern bulldogs-males have an increase from 58 to 67 cm, and their weight ranges from 34 to 52 kg. Female is slightly smaller - from 53 to 64 cm and weight from 27 to 38 kg.

The main features on which the ambulance can be determined are the following:

  • The head of the American Bulldog is massive, its upper part is flat. Muzzle is decent in width and square shape. For the dog's nose is characterized by dark lobe and wide open nostrils. The bulldog's cheeks have noticeable muscles.
  • Lips have a pigmented color, but small light spots are allowed in the standard. The lower jaw of bulldogs is fairly pronounced, it is better if the dog has a tight bite.
  • The ears are planted high, they are small and in a hanging position. The chest is different in width and depth. The back of the bulldogs is straight, moderately short.
  • The tail is slightly curved, it is thick at the base, gradually narrows to the tip. During periods of excitation, the dog turns out to be lying on its back, in a quiet state lowered to the floor.
  • Paws are proportional to the trunk, strong. The forelegs are wide-spread, the rear ones are slightly approximated. Bulldogs retain an excellent balance during the movement, so their gait is fairly loose.
  • The coat of the representatives of this breed is short, to the touch soft.

The main color in ambulae is the combination of white with other colors, on a white background there can be a black or brown pattern. There are individuals white-red, white-pale, white-brindle. Much less often there are puppies with a purely white coat color.

The nature of American Bulldogs

Many townsfolk consider American bulldogs solely as a fighting breed. There is a deal of truth in it:

  • These dogs have the characteristics of fighting dogs: they practically do not feel pain, they have uncommon force and stubbornness.
  • Previously, representatives of this breed were actively used in dog fights, as well as to fight larger animals.
  • On the basis of this breed, new thoroughbred representatives for battles - American pit bull, Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier were brought out.

Apparently, breeders diluted bulldog blood to add to them the phlegmatic and tranquil terriers. Today the bulldog is calmness, equanimity and patience. It is very difficult to force to rush on a person for no serious reason.

More than once the bulldogs displayed true nobility, not seeking to kill the defeated enemy. This characteristic feature of dogs often did not suit organizers and spectators of bloody spectacles. But even in those distant times there were people who did not welcome such entertainment, and as a working "horse" the bulldogs completely satisfied them.

The nature of American Bulldogs

In the photo a dog and a puppy of an American bulldog

Later, many people were able to consider in the ambules not only fighting, but also other qualities. It turned out that this is not a machine for bloodthirsty spectacles, but a reliable defense. And, in addition, bulldogs are very dedicated and very fond of children.

Dogs of this breed are very smart, they do not bother the owner and closely monitor the situation in the house. When communicating with young children, they simply show the patience of an angel, enduring all possible executions.

The mind, strength and fearlessness, sometimes bordering on recklessness, allow the American bulldog to cope with various tasks, but they can make attempts to show their character. Often thoroughbred dogs are stubborn and willful. The owner of such a dog will need hardness to show more confidence and perseverance.

Bulldogs are perfectly trained , and classes can be started from an early age. From the very first days of finding a new member of the family in the house, it is necessary to stop the child's attempts to dominate and in no case to allow himself and other family members to bite, even in a fit of gambling excitement. For any bite, the puppy must be punished by shaking the scruff with an immediate reprimand. So you can tell the dog at the very beginning who is the boss in the house. When raising bulldogs, this is extremely important.

Possessing a natural hostility to strangers, the bulldog will be nervous at every reception of guests in the house. If this happens quite often, it is better to train your pet to treat the guests with respect even with a puppy. Later the pet will learn to distinguish good people from potentially dangerous.

Representatives of this breed need mandatory socialization. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a suspicious animal biting all strangers.

If we consider the attitude of American bulldogs to other animals, then, in most cases, they see them only as a hunting trophy. Of course, the exception is the situation when the dog from puppyhood lived side by side with another pet. In this case, the bulldog can even get along with the cat.

Rules of keeping the American Bulldog

Contents of the American Bulldog

American Bulldog dog breed on the photo

As already noted, American bulldogs are simple in content, but they are also waiting for care and attention from the person.

It is necessary to take care of the proper nutrition of the dog, selecting a special diet. This breed has its own peculiarity, its growth and development lasts up to 2.5-3 years, therefore in this period it is necessary to enrich the diet as much as possible.

In addition to meat, fish, cereals, dairy products and vegetables, the pet's menu should include dry food , foods containing vegetable fiber, vitamin supplements .

Puppy should be gradually accustomed to the street, starting with four half-hour walks per day. In addition, the pet with pleasure can accompany the owner during a run, outdoor activities, hiking. It is not bad to teach a bulldog to swim, it will contribute to his good physical shape.

Until the full formation of the skeleton bone, you can not wear a dog with weights. For greater mental stability, it is recommended that pets be sterilized .

Caring for the fur of an American bulldog is quite simple. If the animal gets dirty - clean up the dirt with a damp cloth and wash the feet in a small container. Dogs do not require frequent washing . During the seasonal moult they must be combed daily. Claws at the bulldogs are cut twice a month, eyes and ears must be regularly cleaned (read more about how to trim the claws of a dog ).

If the pet takes care of all the rules, then the animal will live a long (up to 17 years) life.

Photo of the American Bulldog

Muzzle of an American BulldogSad American BulldogPowerful American BulldogAmerican Bulldogs are trainedPuppy American BulldogAmerican bulldog in the forest

Video about the bulldogs

The cost of American bulldog puppies

As in other breeds, here the price depends on many factors - is there a demand for this breed, the presence or absence of a pedigree and other criteria. Today you can buy a puppy from an ambulance without a pedigree for 2500-5000 rubles.

Puppy with a pedigree, which is not intended for participation in show-exhibitions and competitions, and also not suitable for reproduction of offspring, will cost an average of 8000-12000 rubles. Breeding and exhibition American bulldogs are much appreciated, their price starts from 20,000 rubles and this is far from the limit.

Given the popularity of American bulldogs in the modern world, many unscrupulous sellers are trying to sell puppies that have some similarity with this breed. You need to be careful when buying and better to purchase a pet from large breeders and clubs.

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