American Akita

Representatives of this breed, definitely, cause positive emotions - the dogs are beautiful, harmoniously built and self-confident. But future owners of the American Akita should know - these handsome men are very uneasy character and they absorbed the temperament of their Japanese relatives. Therefore, do not choose a pet, based on their appearance - it is better to weigh your own capabilities.


History of the origin of the breed     

muzzle of the American Akita

American Akita is a descendant of dogs from Japan and English Molossian breeds. According to some sources, these dogs belong to the oldest dogs, images of which were found on products dating back to the era before our era. But the breed itself is relatively new, its appearance is associated with the discovery of Japanese ports in 1854. Then the country began to massly attend foreigners, and local indigenous dogs spread throughout the world.

Once in the States, akita immediately attracted the attention of breeders, who started breeding, and after improving the qualities of the breed. The Second World War proved to be a critical period for the number of aboriginal Akita. Most of the dogs were destroyed, but a small number left the US borders - they were considered American dogs with Japanese descent.

Then the blood of larger and more powerful dogs was added to the breed, bullmastiffs , English mastiffs and other molasses were used in the work. Subsequently, the homeland began to restore the breed, was imposed a restriction on the color of the coat in favor of traditional colors. But the Americans made a bet on the breeding of larger dogs with spotted wool, which differed from the exterior of the Japanese Akita Inu .

Description of breed American Akita

Yes, Japanese and American Akita are relatives and have some identical features of appearance, but Americans have larger dimensions and a variety of shades of wool. In addition, the head of Akita from America has a shape similar to an obtuse triangle, it is larger and wider than that of its Japanese counterpart. Dogs have an even pronounced transition from the frontal area to the muzzle.

These are fairly large dogs with wide bones, the growth of males reaches 72 cm, the bitches - 5 cm less. Weight yat American Akitas 65-70 kg, while the mass of Japanese does not exceed 45 kg. The standard describes the breed in this way:

  • The eyes of this dog are small in size, with a rosy iris. The nose of the nose is black, but white dogs are allowed to have brown pigmentation.
  • The ears are small, in a standing position and have a slight inclination forward.
  • The neck is strong, with developed muscles.
  • The limbs are massive, strong, parallel, ending in large paws with fleshy pillows. The tail curls in a ring, covered with fluffy hair.

The coat is straight, thick, with abundant undercoat, in the region of the head and limbs, it is somewhat shorter. The length of the coat is allowed, but as for the colors, they can be any. If the individual is spotty, the spots must necessarily have clear boundaries and uniform coloration. Coat colors and undercoat can, but do not necessarily match.

In addition to the American Akita with ordinary wool, a long-haired variety was accidentally obtained, it is also called a Akita longi. These representatives have an elongated coat that forms "pants" on the limbs and a more plentiful covering on the paws, ears and tail. Long-haired akita is now considered the result of a genetic malfunction and the probability of such a puppy coming from parents with ordinary hair always exists.


Once the Japanese Akitas were used to hunt large animals, they guarded the palaces and acted as bodyguards. Naturally, the "Americans" inherited some character traits and innate instincts.

American Akitas are independent dogs with psychological stability. Experts warn that if the choice of the first pet in life is to be made, then it is not worth giving it in favor of Akita - the representatives of this breed need an experienced owner with a strong hand.

amazing akita akita

Breed of dogs american akita photo

Such a pet will not tolerate negligence in his address and rudeness. You should always remain calm and leadership. In addition, Akita needs the attention of the owner, communication needs it, like air. Akita can be called a peace-loving dog, which barks extremely rarely. If the dog gives a voice, then something really happened. The dog indifferently treats strangers and sincerely adheres to those with whom it often occurs.

If the owners are waiting for the guests, then the pet will also meet them culturally, but if someone invades the dwelling, when the owners are not at home, then he will not get well. It is not recommended to keep a dog of this breed with other pets, since the akita can manifest aggression towards them. To walk a pet is better on a leash, as it can show disobedience, rush around the site, scouring birds and other animals.

Akita treats small owners relatively well, especially if the puppy grew up with them. But still it is not necessary to leave the toddlers alone with the pet. And, in addition, a noisy and mobile child can be considered a threat to the owner by the dog.

The American Akita will show loyalty to the master, but only if he earns her respect. With the right approach to training and education, the dog will become a faithful four-legged companion. And if you let these processes go by themselves, it will turn into a hooligan, a little controlled dog.


It is difficult to train Akita, and without knowledge of the characteristics of the breed, it is almost impossible. Such a dog will not unconditionally perform the tasks and do the same thing 100 times. Before executing the command, the pet will analyze the situation and draw its own conclusions. If he decides that the action is useless, he will not spend his own energy, energy and time on him.

Naturally, knowing such nuances, the owner is already ready to the fact that the training will take a long time, will require a lot of patience and will test the owner's self-control. If this turns out to be problematic, then it is not worthwhile to start a US Akita as a pet, but to choose someone more accommodating.

The best form for learning Akita is gaming, and besides this, the owner should learn to understand his pet. The pet does not like monotonous training, which includes the same type of exercises. The dog will quickly lose interest and refuse to participate in such an event. As soon as he is bored, it is worthwhile to distract him with a toy or give a delicious.

What can immediately discourage any kind of hunt for learning from the Akita is the use of physical strength. Not only can she take offense, but also become angry with her master, and it will be extremely difficult to arrange her pet and restore her trust. Akita - the dog's mood, and if she does not want to practice, then it's better to take it and never insist.

Care and health

Akita - a universal dog, due to its nature and cleanliness, it can be easily maintained in the apartment conditions. It is silent, has no unpleasant smell and does not require much space. However, many owners keep the American Akita on the street, and this is also an acceptable option. Representatives of the breed have a thick fur, protecting them from scorching sun rays and severe frosts.

Of course, the apartment dog will require more frequent and longer walking than a pet that lives in the local area. But, even if the Akita is kept on the street, she needs to communicate with family members, especially the host. You can not isolate the dog, as this will cause stress .

Another nuance - the representatives of this breed are very freedom-loving and, with the slightest chance, they make shoots. Therefore, with street maintenance it is worth taking care of a strong high fence and foreseeing the probability of digging. On the grounds, the owners should keep an "alert", as these pets are quite warlike and they do not need to start a fight with their own kind.

Akita has a pronounced quality of domination, so she will get along only with those dogs that will take her as a leader. But smaller animals, including a cat, will be treated as a hunting trophy. two American Akita

Care for akita standard - her hair is not "capricious" and enough to comb out it 1-2 times a month. Like other dogs, the representatives of this breed are seasonally moulted , and at this time the number of combs can be increased. But this applies more to the pets kept in the apartment.

If the pet belongs to the show class and is a regular participant of exhibitions of various levels, you can visit the beauty salon with the dog to bring her wool in order before the event. Teeth, ears and claws also require attention. It is worthwhile to inspect them regularly and process them when necessary. Most of the claws are sewn by themselves, but if this does not happen, you should purchase a special claw-nail and trim them as they grow.

It is important to know:

What to feed the American Akita

The owners have a choice - to feed the dog with natural food or ready-made diets. In the latter case, you should choose premium and super premium food based on the size and age of the pet. For Akita, the food with fish components in the composition is quite suitable. A quality product is a full-fledged food, which does not require additional sources of vitamins and trace elements.

With a natural feeding the puppy can be given the following:

  • fat-free calcined cottage cheese;
  • sour-milk products - kefir, yogurt, yoghurt;
  • boiled egg - chicken or quail;
  • chicken or fish in a boiled form.

Akita often turn out to be fruit lovers, they can be treated with pieces of apples, pears, bananas, berries - depending on the preferences of the pet. It is important to accustom the baby to the regimen, gradually reducing the number of meals by half to 3 times, and 3 months later, to transfer to adult, 2-time feeding.

Do not overfeed the dog, and if there is food left in its bowl, then a single portion should be reduced. The diet of an adult dog can consist of the following products:

  • Meat part (700 g) - this can be veal, beef, chicken meat, turkey, horse meat. But it is better not to give pork and lamb, it is too fatty product.
  • Cereals (350g) - porridge cooked with vegetables, meat, you can season with vegetable oil and add chopped greens. Buckwheat and rice porridge are the best.
  • From 300 to 500 grams are vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products. Vegetables should be given fresh and preferred seasonal varieties containing more vitamins.

The daily portion is divided into 2 parts, as useful additives in the diet can include the following:

  • Sea dried cabbage - provides beauty and color of the coat.
  • Chicken eggs - useful for wool.
  • Low-fat species of sea fish - a source of fatty acids and trace elements - 1-2 times a week it can replace the meat part, but increasing its volume.

As for vitamin supplements, they should be given to the pet only after consulting a veterinarian.

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Photo of the American Akita american akita in the forestamerican akitaamerican akita on a beautiful background

Little American Akita

Puppy of American Akita - photo

american akita in the wateramerican akita in the field

A video about the American Akita

How much does a puppy of American Akita

On the territory of Russia, the representatives of this breed can be met quite rarely, and if the Japanese Akitas are still encountered, then the American ones are very rare. But still in the big cities there are breeding nurseries of such handsome men. The cost of puppies depends on the puppy's class:

  • To buy a puppy that does not have a pedigree, you can for 10,000-12,000 rubles. Of course, there are risks to get a non-thoroughbred animal or a puppy with vices.
  • Puppy pet-class, which is not suitable for breeding because of any deviations from the standard, but still healthy, will cost around 15,000 rubles.
  • Toddlers with both a pedigree and admission to knitting, but because of minor blemishes unable to become champions at exhibitions, stand in the area of ​​20,000-3,000 rubles.
  • If you need a highbreed dog that will become the owner of different titles, then it is worth choosing a puppy from the segment of the posterity of the show-class from the titled parents. The minimum price for such a treasure is 50,000 rubles.

The American Akita is a large, hardy dog ​​that knows its own worth and is not "sprayed" over trifles. Needless to say, that its owner should be a resolute and self-confident person. Only such a tandem - a pet - the owner, is doomed to successful interaction and will make of akin a full member of the family - a devotee and obedient.

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