Alabai. Central asian shepherd dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or Alabai - a large dog, from which he wails with strength and some power. This breed has gone through many centuries of natural selection and has received from the ancestors all the best security and fighting qualities. In addition, it is a proud and freedom-loving dog from Central Asia, which requires a certain experience from the owner. What are the characteristics of the breed and how difficult is it to keep this animal?


Origin of the breed

The descendants of the Alabai are the oldest Middle Asian breeds - the Tibetan mastiff , the shepherd dogs of nomadic tribes and the fighting Mesopotamian dogs. Scientists have found evidence that Central Asian sheep dogs already existed 2000 years ago BC. Then they were powerful animals, possessing a short muzzle and strong jaws.

Alabai. Central asian shepherd dog

Throughout the entire period of existence, the Alabans were distinguished by their excellent protective qualities. They were actively used to guard large objects and put them on guard. Their skills are indispensable for protecting livestock from predators. The dogs fearlessly entered the battle and at the same time emerged victorious. Alabai are excellent hunters, able to help in the production of a beast that far exceeds their size - a bear, a wild boar, and even an elephant.

In the 1930s, the active work of breeders over the Alabai breed began on the territory of the USSR. Towards the end of the 20th century a variety of the Central Asian sheepdog appeared - "Turkmen alabai". The breed has taken root, and to this day is considered the best guard dog.

Characteristics of the Alabai breed

Possessing a massive complexion, alabai still does not look awkward. In his body, all proportions are observed, the movements are harmonious. It has a three-dimensional musculature, but without relief, a well-developed thorax. The abdomen in dogs collected, lean. Clearly allocated lumbar department. Skin thick, elastic.

Representatives of this breed are quite high - males at the withers are from 75 cm, bitches, starting from 65 cm. In females, the body is more oblong, in comparison with males. Growth exceeding the norm is welcome if all proportions of the body and animal are preserved. Weight varies within the limits of 75-80 kg.

The external distinctive features of Alabayev are the following:

  • Alabayev has a large head of a rectangular shape, with a smooth transition from the frontal part to the muzzle, but pronounced superciliary arches externally add to it the sharpness.
  • The muzzle of the dogs of this breed is quite massive, practically has no narrowing to the nose. The jaws of Central Asians are strong, with thick lips and large teeth, covered with bright white enamel.
  • Extremities that are posterior, that are forward, straight, with developed muscles and rounded, heavy paws.
  • Alabai have a very thick coat with abundant undercoat. The breed standards allow the dogs to have a short, tightly fitting coat, and up to 10 cm long. In the latter case, it forms a mane of a mane, a fluffy tail, pants on the paws, and in the bovine area of ​​the comb.
  • The tail of the Alabai is thick, has a high landing. In most cases, puppies stop their ears and tail on the first day after they were born. This has been done since time immemorial, in order to deprive the pet of the most unprotected areas from predatory animals. But today these actions are not obligatory, since the absence or presence of the tips of the ears or tail does not influence the exhibition evaluations. Sometimes there are individuals born with a short tail.
  • Eyes of pedigree individuals are small, far-set, usually look closely and somewhat wary. The nose, with any coat color, is black.

There are several colors of the Central Asian Shepherd: black, fawn, gray, tiger and red. A marriage is considered the wool of chocolate shades and blue, as well as any combination of them.

Character traits of Alabai dogs

Nature ordered that Alabai possess great power, they are hardy, fearless and at the same time can make their own decisions. Studies have shown that these pets have very high intelligence. All these qualities in the complex make the dogs universal - they can graze cattle, guard, and also perform a protective function. In addition, at home these dogs are used for fighting.

In them, for centuries, the instinct of the pack was laid, and they quietly obey those who are above them on the hierarchical ladder. But, despite this, very freedom-loving.

The nature of Alabai

Representatives of this breed can be kept in urban conditions, and in a country house. But pet owners should be aware that the pet-pet-alabai is suffering badly, so keep it on the chain is not worth it.

These menacing dogs seem to have a complex character that requires a special approach. To protect the house was more reliable, it is worth starting two individuals at once - male and female. They will perfectly get on with each other and perfectly complement each other. Bitches have increased caution, they often bark the object of the threat while it is at a distance. At the same time they are more inclined to obedience and are excellent at coping with teams.

The hosts should be prepared for the fact that the Alabai females are cunning enough and can achieve their goals. Like the whole female sex, they "love with ears", so the dog needs to talk, iron, caring.

The males are more reckless and at the same time, in case of danger, manifest all their aggression, acting without warning. For the protection of the territory should not take a few males, because under the laws of the pack, they will sooner or later begin to struggle for leadership. War often ends in blood. Bitches will behave this way too, but their struggle is not so cruel.

Alabai character

Satisfied breed of alabai dogs on photo

Pedigree pets have a very developed instinct of reproduction, so the owner of the female must necessarily knit it, at least 3-4 times, otherwise it will not be controlled and may exhibit unreasonable aggression. Males who smell a bitch with estrus can do miracles - breaking fences, jumping over the highest barriers. To keep them you need a tall fence and chain.

Planting this "formidable weapon", the master must immediately prove his superiority. The dog must understand from the first time that the owner in the house is a person. If there are no skills for training such dogs, then it is worthwhile to seek help from a professional cynologist. A specialist can make a pet not only a workhorse, but also a companion dog, capable of getting along with all members of the family, even small and tolerant to other animals.

Alabai very easily resent and long remember the offense, so do not scold them and punish without good reason.

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Features of care for Alabai

Possessing a certain independence, Alabai do not belong to the chain dogs, and this obliges the owners to take certain actions. Without requiring special care, dogs still need to follow certain rules:

  • to make long walks;
  • play with a pet;
  • feed in a certain place, observing the time interval;
  • timely vaccination;
  • sometimes combing the hair, especially it is important in the period of abundant spring moult.

The Central Asian Shepherd has a constant need for physical activity. To throw out energy, the dog must move a lot, run. This will help long walks. In addition, to take out for a walk is necessary where the animal can be lowered from the leash without threat to the pet and others.

Alabay requires mandatory attention from the owners. If you do not communicate with him, then the pet can feel lonely, abandoned and unnecessary.

Care for Alabama

Photo of Alabai puppies

As for the content, for more comfort, the dog should have an aviary . It can be purchased in finished form, ordered or built independently. In any case, the dog will feel better, being not in a close apartment and not on a leash. It is advisable to provide a guard and a special doghouse. The pet will be able, whenever he likes, to stretch his paws, to move, or to rest under the roof of the booth. In addition, this will have a fruitful effect on the mental state of the pet, since the alabai planted on the chain becomes more unbalanced, more likely to manifest aggression, and tries all the time to free itself.

If the dog is in the enclosure, do not forget about regular walking. Only so the pet can receive the necessary load. If there are no suitable conditions for keeping a representative of this breed, then maybe it makes sense to choose a dog that does not require the installation of an enclosure?

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How to feed alabai

Before you become the owner of such a powerful dog, it is worthwhile to find out what it is necessary to feed? After all, from a healthy diet depends on health, normal development and excellent health of the pet.

There is an opinion that dogs living in natural conditions need to be fed just as they would eat, upholstered in nature. However, first of all, the nutrition of the animal must be based on two obligatory conditions - the food must be fresh, and the feeding must be done twice a day, at the same time. The regime should be set as early as puppyhood.

How to feed alabai

On the photo Alabai with the mistress

Food of toddlers and adult dogs is different. Young animals poorly digest food that contains a large number of calories. Puppies can not be given portions exceeding the norm, since this will teach the dog to eat more than it needs. This will subsequently be detrimental to the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and the whole body as a whole. And, in addition, lead to obesity.

One and a half-two-week-old puppies can be fed with warm cow's milk, with the addition of a raw chicken egg. Food for babies should have a liquid consistency. In the diet should include meat and vegetable soups, cereals, boiled shredded vegetables, cottage cheese, curdled milk, minced meat. As natural vitamin supplements, fish oil, fresh greens, beet and carrot tops are suitable.

An adult pet is fed twice: in the morning and in the evening, and with increasing exercise, pregnancy, you can feed three times a day.

The menu of the animal should include products containing as much protein as possible - milk and sour milk products, various meats, sea fish, some types of cereals - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet. In the diet, alabai can include fats of animal origin, but from vegetable fats it is better to refuse, since the organism of dogs of this breed practically does not absorb them.

Alabai need salt, so it is necessary to salt the dog's food (no more than 20 grams per day). As with other predators, the main food in the menu of these animals should be meat, it can be from domestic or wild animals. To the meat are added vegetables, cereals, bread (gray or black). Enriched food of adult pets with vitamins and microelements in the same way as babies. You can not give Alabai sharp bones and food spiced with spices.

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Photo Alabai

Look at these amazing alabai photos.

Alabai in the parkAlabai on the grassAlabai with the boyAlabai in winterAlabai in summerPuppy Alabai

Video Alabai

How much are the Central Asian Shepherd puppies

Of course, above all, the price of puppies of any breed depends on how high their popularity is and whether they are rare. Dogs with such a character and size are often taken for protection purposes, and mostly in pairs - a boy and a girl. Naturally, such an alliance brings offspring, most often unplanned. Puppies do not have pedigrees, so you can buy them inexpensively, their price fluctuates around three to five thousand rubles.

Puppies that have a pedigree will cost more - from 10 to 15 thousand rubles. If the baby is purchased from well-known breeders, is born of titled parents, then its price starts from 20,000 rubles and more. Before you buy, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, given the characteristics of the Alabai breed, suitable conditions and the unusual nature of the pet.

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