Akita Inu

People have always been interested in the breeds of animals that have come down to us from the depths of centuries. And the Japanese akite-inu, just is such a dog - purebred, once sacred, pet not ordinary people, but emperors. Today the breed is known due to the legendary Khatiko - the faithful dog of the breed of dogs Akita Inu. Naturally, interest in these dogs does not weaken until now, and the history of the breed attracts even more admirers.


Historical Origin

According to the evidence obtained by academic historians, the Japanese Akita Inu belongs to the oldest dog breed. In addition to genetic analysis, this is evidenced by remains, which, according to archaeological data, about 4 thousand years. In addition, dogs, similar to the Akita Inu, are depicted in the drawings of the times of antiquity.

Akita Inu

If for our hearing the name of the breed sounds somewhat exotic, then for the Japanese this is quite an ordinary combination of words - "inu" from Japanese means a dog, and "akita" - a province located on the island of Honshu. The breed in its modern form appeared here in the 17th century, and has not undergone any external changes since then.

Initially, the Akita Inu were domesticated in the families of peasants, and later were elevated in status, becoming aristocrats and even in the imperial house. And to ordinary people the pet of this breed became completely inaccessible. There was even a law that punishes the abusers of Akita Inu.

The rarity of this breed is also that it is purebred, without crossing with representatives of other breeds.

History of Akita Inu

At the beginning of the 20th century, a special society was created that preserves this breed. This also contributed to the fact that it remained pristine.

During the Second World cultivation of Akita Inu ceased, and most dogs were sent to the front. In Japan there were only a few purebred representatives of the breed, but the felinologists still managed to keep it and restore it at the same level.

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Akita Inu Description

Perhaps someone will seem to her appearance a bit rustic, but the dog is not without charm, it has a special article, and its slanted eyes shine with the mind.

If we talk in more detail about the appearance, the thoroughbred pets have a strong, proportional physique, with a heavy-boned bone and well developed musculature.

The external features include the following:

  • The head is blunt, has the shape of a triangle. The cranial box is wide, between the dog's eyes there is a barely noticeable notch that covers and part of the forehead.
  • The nose of the Akita-itu is large, black in color. Only white representatives of the breed are allowed a small pigmentation.
  • The ears in dogs are small, especially when compared to the size of the head, open and in a standing position, have a slight rounding at the very tips.
  • Eyes have a normal fit, do not protrude, a small size of a dark brown hue.
  • The dog's neck is powerful enough, short, with minimal suspension.
  • The back is straight, with a muscular lumbar spine. Thorax is wide, well developed.
  • Skin covers do not have a strong fit, it is possible to form small folds.
  • The tail of Akita Inu is commensurate with the body of a large, high, curled usually in a ring and thrown on its back. Sometimes he lies down along his back, wraps himself on most of the ring, then the tip hangs sideways.
  • The coat is thick, coarse, the average length of which is about 5 cm. It has a thick undercoat, which is softer than the basic coat.
  • Paws that are front, that the rear of the animals of this breed are characterized by capacity, the rear are slightly apart. Pads of paws resemble cat's, straight with thick crumb and protruding knuckles.

The color of a thoroughbred dog can be varied, acites white, fawn, red, tiger, piebald. To all one requirement - the color should be clean, the pattern is clear. Divorces and blurring of lines are not allowed. Sometimes the undercoat color slightly does not coincide with the underlying, but this is quite acceptable.

According to the requirements of the breed, the male should have a height at the withers within 66-71 cm, and the female - from 61 to 66 cm.

This amazing Japanese character

Being an originally Japanese breed, Akita-anu absorbed the characteristics of the eastern temperament. Restrained and calm in the presence of strangers, often displays caution, becomes good-natured and sociable in his family.

Description of Akita Inu

The Akitas are very active and cheerful, they require long walks. Dogs are very playful and even being in old age will respond to the call of the owner to frolic.

They immediately become attached to the owner and become loyal friends and companions. But this is only on condition of complete reciprocity.

In addition, representatives are independent and independent. If there are no corresponding skills, it will not be easy to train a pet. For success in this business, the master will have to persevere, and in some places demanding that the dog obey and recognize the authority of the person. Physical force in this matter does not play any role, only the strength of the spirit is important. With a serious approach, the training will bring its positive results.

Akita Inu is perfect for living in a family with young children. Of course, when the pet is in contact with the younger members of the family, it is necessary to observe him, because it is still an animal.

Dog Care

If there is a desire and an opportunity to get akita-inu, then worry about its content is not necessary - these pets are very unpretentious. They can perfectly live on the street (thick undercoat for this and is designed), and are fully adapted for staying in the apartment. If the dog is purchased for street life, then it is necessary to provide it for the winter with a warmed box.

The character of Akita Inu

Photo of breed of dogs - akita-inu

It is necessary to take into account the activity of dogs, as walking the akit needs a long time - two times a day for 2 hours, at least. Otherwise, the animal will find a more interesting occupation, and this does not bode well for the owner.

On the walking range dogs behave disciplined, rarely enter into conflicts. But they can frolic with their own kind.

It is worth taking care that the dog does not gain excess weight. And this requires a balanced diet and proper physical activity.

Akita wool does not require special care. It is enough to comb the pet 1-2 times a week, while simultaneously saving it from the coins. But during seasonal moulting, the dog will need to brush with a brush almost every day. This will allow the wool to update more quickly. In this period, you can give the animal complex vitamin supplements .

Caring for Akita Inu

Representatives of this breed can not often bathe , as frequent bathing can provoke the development of various diseases. It is enough to conduct the procedure every 4-6 months. Use special detergents, and after washing, wool must be dried.

Feeding the pet should also not cause questions, since there are no special difficulties. Like other pets, akitu-anu is not recommended to feed food from your table.

Modern dog breeders prefer to feed the pet with dry food, sometimes supplementing the diet with sour-milk products, lean meat, vegetables and broth. The pet should be provided with free access to drinking water.

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Photo of the Akita Inu

The Akita InuPuppies akita-inuAkita Inu on the beachAkita Inu in the fieldAkita Inu is playedAkita Inu in the mountains

Video akita inu

Where to buy and what is the cost of puppies Akita Inu

It is worth saying that not all can afford a puppy Akita Inu. Since the price for them is not small.

You can buy a four-legged friend in a specialized nursery (the price is set at around $ 3,000), or you can find owners of dogs of this breed at a local fair-exhibition. For this, it is often necessary to attend several events. In the second case, a puppy from active exhibition dogs can be significantly more expensive than in a nursery. If you show persistence, you can find a suitable puppy.

Another way to find a thoroughbred Akita, you can use special sites on the Internet. Here, you can get lucky with buying a puppy at a lower price.

Akitu-inu is a dream for many. Kind, friendly and intelligent dog, a godsend for any family.

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