Afghan hound

The Afghan greyhound is the most beautiful dog in the world, the fruit of natural selection and human endeavor. Elegant and graceful, it is not a decorative animal, but belongs to the category of hunting dogs. The breed is the oldest. There is an amazing legend that for the Afghan greyhound there was a place on Noah's Ark. This dog is not only popular with hunters, it is acquired by artists and people who are particularly active.


How did the breed come about

Archaeologists have found in Iran drawings depicting dogs that look like the Afghan hound, dated to XI in BC. After, already on the lands of Afghanistan, images of this dog were found, but later - II in BC.

Afghan hound

These finds have become a prerequisite for the name of the breed, although it is historically confirmed that this country is not the homeland of the Afghan greyhound. However, it was in it that these dogs were very appreciated and actively engaged in their breeding and maintenance of the breed.

Until now, the people of Afghanistan refer this breed to the symbols of the state. For a long time in the country there was a ban on the export and sale of greyhounds. You could receive such a pet solely as a gift.

Hunters, already at the beginning of the formation of the breed, developed in pets the most important hunting quality - speed. But, even given that the greyhounds are naturally predisposed to hunting and sporting races, it took more than one century to improve this property.

Afghan hounds participated in hunting for a wide variety of game, from hares to wolves. Their endurance and unspeakable strength was sufficient not only for persecution, but also for prolonged retention of the booty. The dogs, moreover, did an excellent job of guarding, they guarded the dwelling, cattle, and the local aristocracy had personal bodyguards.

An important difference between the breeds is that only the Afghan hounded Muslims are considered "clean", while the rest of the dogs are not appreciated by representatives of this religious denomination.

In European countries, the dogs came with British officers returning home from the borders of Afghanistan and India.

Breed Afghan hound

The 1st club of breeders was registered in 1926 in England. A little later they were recognized as dog breeders of America. Perfection of external qualities, an excellent gene pool and excellent adaptive qualities allowed the Afghans to immediately have confirmed standards.

Today, the Afghan greyhound has gained worldwide fame, primarily because of its unusual, attractive appearance, loyalty to the owner and refined manners. Perhaps, this dog more often decorates the covers of magazines.

Description of breed Afghan hound

Despite the seeming effeminacy, the Afghans are strong, hardy dogs that move smoothly and gracefully. They are large, have a long muzzle with strong jaws.

  • The pedigree representatives of the head are planted in such a way as to maximize the view of the terrain.
  • The sternum is wide enough, its depth ensures smooth functioning of the heart muscle and is easy for long and fast running.
  • The greyhounds have long, hanging ears , eyes with an almond-shaped incision, often with a dark iris, and the nose of the nose - depending on the color, black or brown. The location of the tail is somewhat understated.
  • Wool is the undoubted pride of the Afghan greyhounds. It is distinguished by its length, density and unusual silkiness. Long coat is not only on the muzzle of the animal, here the wool cover is very short. Maybe someone will surprise, but such a head of hair does not prevent the dog from developing super-fast speed. If the greyhound accelerates, the speed of its movement can reach 50 km / h.
  • According to the standard, the color of greyhounds is acceptable for anyone. It is not allowed only the presence of white spots. The maximum growth of Afghans is at the withers of 75 cm, weight - up to 37 kg. There are individuals with smaller dimensions - a height of 67 cm, and weighing only 25 kg.

The unique character of the Afghan greyhounds

Appearance in the representatives of this breed is 100% aristocratic, matching them and manners. However, the nature of them, oh, what, not easy. They are very difficult to educate, often for the complete socialization of the pet takes more than one year. And the fault of all their natural qualities - stubbornness and intimacy.

The Ethos of Afghan Greyhounds

But owners can have difficulties not only in training. Afghans are characterized by increased activity, and, given the size, they can not be left with a small child. No, they do not show aggression, but they can drop, push, offend the kid inadvertently.

Greyhounds are difficult to get used to other pets, unless their growing up together. In addition, one should not forget about their strongly developed hunting instincts. Cats, rodents, ferrets and other greyhound will only perceive as prey.

Such an overly active pet does not suit people who are often absent at home and do not drive the mobile rhythm of life.

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Features of training Afghans

Before the stubbornness of these dogs, sometimes even professionals recede. More often than not, it is not possible to achieve complete obedience and obedience from the dog. But the fault in this is at the genetic level - hunters, developing the breed, demanded from them only one thing - to catch up with the prey, completely ignoring the educational moments. The animal did not need a sharp mind, developed thinking, so the result was achieved solely at the expense of speed.

Training of Afghan Greyhounds

For the development of complex commands and tasks for animals, the help of the dog handlers is clearly required. So do not waste time and nerves on self-study.

But to instill the basics of behavior, so that coexistence with a person does not cause discomfort on both sides, it is possible with the help of the host. But even the standard commands "To me", "Sit!", "Fu!" And others will require long and monotonous repetitions and further consolidation. You need to be prepared for the fact that in certain situations the animal can even defiantly ignore its own nickname!

Care and conditions of detention

The main care activities are the following:

The Afghan greyhound will look like an animal from glossy editions only if you give it a lot of time, spend decent amounts of money on hair care products. And after bathing, thorough drying with a hair dryer is required. To keep the freshness and purity of the wool cover longer, it is recommended to remove dirt and dust with a brush after each paddock.

As for nutrition, everything is much simpler in this matter. Borzoi needs a balanced vitaminized diet. From the dog's menu, fried, fatty, spicy foods must be completely removed. In addition, they should not give sweets, smoked products, as well as food containing artificial food additives.

The content of Afghan greyhounds

Photos - Breed of dogs Afghan hound

Despite the need of the animal in intensive work, the best housing for him is an apartment or house, where the greyhound will be constantly near the owner. In addition, her chic wool will not look so attractive after living in aviary conditions.

Historically, the Afghan greyhounds lived side by side with a man, so they need constant communication. Without a cozy home and the attention of the owners, the pet will feel discomfort.

Adult dog will necessarily choose a place for rest master's furniture. And in most cases, owners, tired of a long struggle, surrender, fixing the pet this right.

But, in spite of this fact, the dog must have his own angle. Here they go, when there is fatigue from excessive attention, the need for a long, strong sleep. The place should be comfortable, away from drafts, heating appliances and curious eyes. The couch should be of suitable size and preferably with an orthopedic base.

To the greyhound does not get bored and does not entertain herself by sharpening teeth on furniture, shoes and interior items, she needs a large number of toys.

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Health Features

For the happiness of future owners, Afghans have excellent health. Among the inclinations to the diseases are cataract, insufficient fermentation, hip dysplasia and thyroid hormone deficiency. To reduce the risks of such ailments it is necessary, when acquiring a pet, to learn about the diseases of his parents.

The greyhounds have a very low pain threshold, so even an insignificant wound can cause them great anguish. It is important to handle any skin damage in a timely manner. Representatives of this breed are extremely difficult to tolerate anesthesia, so if possible, it is better to do without this extreme measure.

Photo by Afghan greyhound

Afghan Greyhound DogAfghan Greyhound at the StoneAfghan hound near the houseAfghan hound in the parkAfghan Greyhound TrainsSnow-white Afghan hound

Video about the Afghan greyhound

Cost of puppies

The Afghan greyhound refers to the breeds of the middle price category. Buy from private sellers puppy can be for 15000-18000 rubles, with both a pedigree and without it.

If you buy in special nurseries, the price of puppies varies from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles. By the way, on the territory of Russia there are not very many nurseries engaged in breeding this breed.

Breeders with a known name of a puppy Afghan hound will cost at least 45,000-50000 rubles. A great representative of the breed, the future champion and the successor of the family can manage in 80000-100000 rubles.

But whatever the dog, he, above all, the favorite of the family, who is accepted, despite his shortcomings, and with gratitude appreciate the dignity. Difficult temper is more than compensated for by boundless devotion and love.

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  1. Think hard before you buy an Afghan. First of all, it's going away. large material costs with content.

  2. When buying an Afghan puppy, think about the fact that any dog, and the Afghan, especially, need to pay their time for bathing once a week with shampoos and balms, for active walks. to communicate with the dog. The material costs for maintenance are not greater than in any thoroughbred dog. Afghans do not eat much but qualitatively. The main desire. For me personally there is no better breed of dogs, Afghans like people, I will not trade for any other breed. Care for the coat with modern tools will not be difficult. Clothing for the mud is, the rest is all nonsense ... Better afghana - only two afghans!

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